Saturday Gay Hotties October 9

Magnus Carlsson - Guy No. 17

Reed Kelly - guy no. 16

singer Freddie Mercury - guy no. 15

patrick wolf - guy no. 14

Olympian Mark Tewksbury - Guy No. 13

Nemesis - guys no. 12

Singer Lance Bass - Guy no. 11

Jim Verranos - Guy No. 10

Singer Ari Gold - Guy no. 8

Actor Charlie David - Guy no. 9

Actor Nick Adams - Guy No. 7

Singer Clay Aiken - Guy no. 6

Matthew Mitcham, Olympian - Guy no. 5

Singer George Michael - guy no. 4

Singer Cheyenne Jackson - Guy no. 3

John Barrowman - guy no. 2

Adam Lambert - Guy No. 1

nick adams - Guy No. 1A

Rufus Wainwright - Guy No. 1B


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • OMG!!!

    I started drooling when I saw Ari Gold’s picture. I haven’t heard of him, and thought he was going to be my favourite.

    Then I got to Charlie David! Squee time! Love Charlie.

    Then I got to Matthew Mitcham!! Double squeeing! Would you believe I’m watching him right now on TV, diving in the Commonwealth Games. Go Matty! *hearts*

    Next one up is John Barrowman. Another favourite.

    But I almost fell off my chair when I saw Alan Lambert. He’s my current number one fandom love (along with his bass player, Tommy Joe Ratliff) and I’m going to see him in concert in nine days’ time. I can’t believe I’m going to see him in the flesh. Third row on Tommy’s side. I’m not sure I’m going to survive to tell the tale.

    Loved this post to pieces, Wave. (In case you couldn’t tell. *snicker*)

    • *lol* Gaycrow, I wish you an extremely great time at the AL concert with mucho Adam/Tommy fan service. 🙂 Those two are hawt.

      I thought I’ve outgrown being a fangirl for anyone but here I am totally crazy and all. It’s so much fun. *lol* Have to wait to see him in concert til November. 🙂

        • Oh, so you’ve seen more of his concerts already, Gaycrow? It will be my first.
          Yeah, I got the impression that lots of (die-hard) fans follow him around the world. I wouldn’t mind doing that either. Wanted to go to Singapore like forever. Seeing AL there would be a good reason. 😉

    • Gaycrow
      Thank you for commenting. 🙂 I get my best ideas from comments – in this case TJ’s email about Coming Out Day on October 11 suggested a post to celebrate the occasion.

      I’m so happy that you loved this post. So many people contributed photos and others are talking about their favourite celebrities, whether they are athletes, singers, actors and I love the feeling of community as we all share the love.

      Have a wonderful time at the concert. !!!!

  • Freddy Mercury still is one of my all-time favorite voices ever. He was incredibly talented and I still mourn his loss……and “Fat Bottom Girls” is one of my all-time favorite songs. George Michael…what can you say, beautiful and such an amazing voice. Rufus Wainwright? Simply incredible. And last but not least, Adam Lambert….just *sigh* crazy talented, and I am glad we live in a time that many famous people don’t have to suppress who they are in public. I just hope I live long enough that that will apply to EVERYONE and ANYONE famous or not….Thanks Wave and great idea TJ!!!

    • Elaine, Like you, I love Freddie Mercury mostly because he made no apologies for who he was and he had a voice that will never die.

      All of the celebrities in the post meant or mean something to the person who contgributed pictures and I thnak everyone. TJ worked tirelessly to send me reams of photos as well as Buda (except his came in too late for this post but will be up later).

      We all get involved in everyday life and it’s nice to share something like this with friends on occasion.

    • Hi Kris
      Thank you for coming by and drooling. 🙂
      Looking forward to your pictures. You thought this was free? Oh no – everyone has to contribute pictures. LOL


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