Interview With Amy Lane

Interview With Amy Lane

As I mentioned a week ago, author Amy Lane will be interviewed on the site on November 10.

I’m writing my own questions but I was wondering if you have any for this very popular author. If you do, please leave them on the post.

I will be sending out the questions next week so I would appreciate hearing from you by Saturday, October 16. Thanks guys. 🙂


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • I have only one question. Is the sequel to Talker done and if so when does it come out? If not, write faster and make it longer too. 🙂

  • Maybe you should wait until I meet her in SF and I can give you all kinds of dirt on her. 🙂 Or does “what happens in SF, stays in SF” apply?

    As for questions, I wondered if Keeping Promise Rock was written with the intention for there to be follow-up stories or if those other characters just popped up asking for a story? I’m still hoping to see physiotherapist Jeff’s story soon.

    • Tam, is that SF as in San Francisco, or another SF? And if it is San Fran, is this a general meetup others might attend or a private get-together? I live nearby, and would love to meet y’all if that’s a possibility.

      As for interview-related questions, I’ll see if I come up with anything when I’m not quite so tired. Right now, any question I’d have would almost certainly be ridiculous. 🙂

      • Yaoi-Con is in San Francisco in two weeks, Jessica–a lot of the folks I’ve been waving to on the ‘net will be there in person (and I will be the one under the table, pretty sure that in person I’m sort of a dorky disappointment–but the rest of you will have fun, I know it!)

        (Tam? I”m 11,000 words into Jeff’s story. No worries– he’s got his day in the sun. And so far, it’s making Deacon and Crick’s little lovefest look like a beer run…)

        • Oh great Amy, thanks. I’ll need to invest in Kleenex stock. LOL

          And by under the table I though you meant “Wow, I’ll be hammered 24/7”. 😉

      • Google Yaoi-Con Jessica. I think the plan right now is for ALL of us to be out there Friday. I think it’s at the Hilton by the airport. I’m going to be doing some touristy stuff downtown and a few of us bloggers are staying downtown, but if you want to meet, e-mail me and we can try and let you know what our plans are for the day once we get there. We are kind of flying by the seat of our pants a bit at this point.


    • Tam
      If you can email me questions after you meet Amy in SF that would be great too. I know you take your computer to the bathroom with you 🙂 so that shouldn’t be a hardship. Amy probably wouldn’t mind if I send her a couple of late questions.

      • Wouldn’t mind at all about the late questions, Wave! (What I don’t know how to deal with are the easy ones folks are asking right now! Talker’s Redemption: Shorter than the first one, more intense, and due out in January:-)

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