72 Hours

72hrsTitle: 72 Hours
Author: Clare London
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: Contemporary mystery/suspense
Length: Novel (272 PDF pages)
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5 (DIK)

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: A suspenseful spy thriller, heart-tugging romance and interesting character study all rolled up into a neat package.

The Blurb: Tanner Mackay and Niall Sutherland were once far more than just fellow intelligence agents. But then a mission went horribly wrong and everything fell apart, sending Tanner into hiding and splitting the team and their affair wide apart.

Now an unknown traitor is threatening the team, and their ex-boss is determined to reunite them before it’s too late. She finds Tanner in a run-down trailer park, bringing with her a most unwelcome refugee in need of temporary sanctuary: Niall, the man he thought he’d never have to face again. The man he’s sure feels exactly the same in return.

Trapped in a situation that’s both claustrophobic and highly dangerous, Tanner and Niall will have to revisit their past and reconsider their perceptions, their loyalties—and their desires—in order to survive, let alone forge a future together.

The Review: Tanner MacKay was not happy to see his boss Judith, along with members of her team and most of all Niall Sutherland at the front door of his trailer, his sanctuary, his hideout. He had been away from the project team for months now, ever since that fateful day when he and Niall hit rock bottom, with nothing left to say, and no salvaging their relationship. But despite his misgivings, Tanner’s feelings would have to take a back seat to providing a safe haven for Niall while the threat to the team is identified and neutralized.

The story is told in Tanner’s first person POV, through a series of alternating current day and flashback scenes. As suspenseful as the present day action is, learning about Tanner and Niall’s past, through the flashbacks, adds layers to their characters that makes the reader care about what happens to them. This  could have been written as two novels, one about how they meet and the second with this mission’s story line, but learning the whole story concurrently works very well, probably better than had the stories been split apart.

What starts out as seemingly a straight forward spy story, morphs into so much more as Tanner and Niall are forced to cohabit, and their past alarmingly rushes back at them. They fight their attraction, while also fighting the threat to their  lives and the lives of their teammates. I must say that Clare seems to really understand how men think. In one of Tanner’s flashbacks the morning after they first sleep together, after only knowing each other for 3 hours, Tanner and Niall have a brief conversation about what happened, to which Tanner replies:

“It’s the same for me. It happened, it was magnificent. I want some more. End of soul baring for today, okay?”

YES, YES, YES!! That’s how men would talk. So believable, so real, not beating the subject to death. Now that’s not to say that Tanner isn’t a man who likes to talk a bit – okay maybe a lot, especially when compared to Niall, but he still thinks and acts like a real man.

Let’s talk about BM’s, no not those BM’s, Big Misunderstandings! We all hate them, right? Well, let this talented author show you how it’s done right. Instead of a cliche, Clare weaves a fascinating web of how a relationship can fall apart over misunderstandings and miscommunications, or perhaps it’s a lack of communication. Tanner realizes he’s being illogical, making assumptions about Niall and turning a blind eye to their issues, but his reasoning makes sense:

“He‘d nearly been killed. I reminded myself of that many times a day and tried to bite my tongue… Perhaps I thought that when he was physically okay again, things would settle back down. Perhaps I was a fool. Basically, we were a time bomb, fuse set and ready to blow. Niall would have empathized with my analogy.”

You have to love these guys. Instead of being annoyed by their estrangement, we care about them, about the working out of their issues.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t compliment the wonderful prose used throughout the book, such as:

“The pain zigzagged across my chest like cheese wire though cheddar”

How imaginatively descriptive. And… Ouch! I could feel that pain. And how about this sequence:

“The only things that touched were our mouths. Hesitantly, like bashful new lovers. Lips dry with caution, yet damp with need. Lips that knew each other’s intimately, yet had forgotten the pure pleasure of the touch. It was like the taste of darkness and fear and ecstasy, all combining together with the wash of heartache and lust.”

Beautiful, just like the rest of the love scenes. And don’t despair – there be sex and it be hot!

What more can I say? This was an amazing heart pounding thriller, that once I started, I had to read through as much as I could to see what would happen. On that basis alone, it was a great book, but it is so much more. It’s also a heart wrenching love story about misunderstandings and learning how to love someone that would have also been a fantastic book on it’s own merits. Now combine the two and you get this suspenseful thriller with interesting characters and a wonderful love story to boot. Why are you still reading this review? Go now and get this book!


  • I also loved this book and highly recommend it. Very compelling characters who find their way through their issues in a very believable fashion.
    Would love to read more about them and their adventures too.
    Great review TJ.

    • Hi Dianne,
      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad that you enjoyed the book so much. I whole heartedly agree with you – very compelling characters. Thanks for commenting.

  • After reading your review, I bought the book and LOVED it. So far, Freeman was my favorite Claire’s book, but now 72 Hours share that place. I liked both Tanner and Niall very much and I wouldn’t mind reading about them again. Thank you for the review.

    • Hi LadyM,
      You’re welcome! Isn’t it a great story? I loved Tanner and Niall too and do hope there will be more books about them in the future.

  • Hey, TJ, I’m about halfway through reading 72 Hours, and I totally know what you mean. It really got ahold of me last night, and I stayed up late reading. 😉 Bravo for Clare, getting a 5-star DIK rating! I remember the specific lines you quoted — they stood out for me as well. Great review for a seriously entertaining book! Now I’m going to go keep reading through the second half. 🙂

    • Hey Val – Thank you sincerely. I had read about half of the book in one sitting and then had to stop, but just couldn’t quit thinking about the characters and their situation. When I finally got back to it again, I had to stay up and finish. That’s how this book is – it just grabs you and holds you until the end! You will be staying up late again Val – but hey, sleep is way over rated anyway!

      Oh and the quotes, I struggled with what to choose, as there were so many great passages that I could’ve quoted pages and pages!

    • Hi Lily,
      Thank you. 72 Hours is fantastic. If you’re already a fan (or even if you’re not) you will defintely enjoy Clare’s latest offering.

  • Hi TJ – and thank you *so* much for the review. I really appreciate the work and thought that’s gone into this. I especially treasure your enthusiasm about the characters and their relationship, because to me, that’s what the book is all about, and what I hope to write well.

    I did smile at the ‘understanding men’ comment which, believe me, is a HUGE compliment. But Wave dropped a hint as to where I’ve done some of my training i.e. in Testosterone City, where I live with my uninhibitedly masculine menfolk :).

    Thanks again, I’m very glad you enjoyed it as a reader as well as a reviewer (or book taster) :).

    • Hi Clare – It was my pleasure to read and review 72 Hours. I really fell in love with the characters and I was on the edge of my seat to find out what would happen.

      And you really do get men Clare, and now I know why. lol. I found Tanner and Nialls to be completely realistic and loved them together. I hope you have plans to do a sequel or five!

  • I never miss a Clare London book anyway, but now I’m doubly excited to read this one. I’ve been saving it for a treat read, and it sounds like I’m going to really enjoy it.

    • Oh I’m confident that you will enjoy 72 Hours Jaime. I admire your willpower in saving it for a treat. I’m more of an instant pleasure kind of guy. LOL

  • TJ
    I’m kicking myself because I didn’t review this one. LOL. However, you probably did a much better job than I ever could on 72 Hours and Clare will be proud.

    I think that the lack of The Big Misunderstanding in this book, which we all debated on Friday, is probably due to the fact that Clare DOES understand men – I believe her teenagers are male, so with a family that includes a husband as well, she gets how men think.

    Wonderful review TJ and this book is next on my list to read and the hell with all those others I have to review. 🙂

    • Thank you Wave – you’ll make me blush with that kind of talk! You can console yourself with the fact that now you can enjoy the book without thinking about writing a review. And what if it was just awful (as if THAT could ever happen with one of Clare’s books!). Hey – you got me to be your book tester! Am I going to have to start tasting your food next? I’d be more than happy to be your man tester too!

      Clare did a fantastic job with the characterizations in this book. I could just picture them and the whole story as a really great movie. Move over James Bond! That’s always a good indicator to me if a book is good.

      • TJ

        I’d be more than happy to be your man tester too!

        Not a damn chance! I’m not letting you near any men that I have my eyes on and would like to have my hands on as well. Keep your hands in your pockets and find your own men. LOL.

  • I’m so glad I happened upon this site! I’d seen this book on allromanceebooks.com and was really interested in it from the blurb and sample there, but was sort of unsure if I’d like it, so I put off buying it. (I’m currently out of work, so my entertainment dollars are very carefully spent.) But after reading your review, I bought the book and am very much looking forward to starting it later today. Thank you for that! 🙂

    • Welcome Jemirah! We’re happy that you found us. So sorry about your job situation, but this book is a great choice. I don’t think that my review even did it justice. You are in for a treat. I would love to hear your thoughts after you’ve finished reading.

      • Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll be sure to reply as soon as I’ve finished the book. I only got a few chapters in (being out of work doesn’t mean I’m not busy–in fact, I think I may be busier now, lol), but so far I’m really enjoying getting to know these guys. They’re really interesting men and I can’t wait to see where the story takes them. 🙂


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