Love Most Inconvenient 2

loveTitle: Love Most Inconvenient 2
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella (91 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: Another trio of fun and interesting love stories about falling for the inconvenient guy, that are well worth your time.

The Blurb:

Love sometimes comes along when it’s most inconvenient. In these three stories of inconvenient love, our heroes have more pressing problems than finding love.

In “The Planner,” Vincent is left trying to find someone who can coordinate events at a business he ran with his partner, a partner who has run off with a younger man. David is looking for his dream, and he’s not about to let Vincent turn him away.

In “The Boss,” Steven is trying to figure out how he is going to face his new boss the morning after he did a drunken striptease for him. Not only is the new boss a hunk, he’s not available.

In “Jupiter,” Alex is sentenced to do community service at the school that he trashed, and is drawn to a guy who represents everything he despises. Alex is about to learn more than just retribution for his crimes.

The Review:

This is the second in a series of anthology books by D.J. Manly containing three short stories, all with the same theme of inconvenient love. I reviewed (and loved) the first book which you can read here. This is a great follow up book. Let’s look at each story separately.

The Planner:

Vincent’s very successful party planning/catering business that he owns with his estranged partner Doug, is on the verge of failing. It seems that Doug has run away with another employee, a much younger man, and left Vincent to figure things out. Unfortunately, Vincent is a business man and knows nothing about planning an event. It was Doug who worked with the clients, planned the events and handled all of the dirty details.

Finding a replacement for Doug proves more challenging than Vincent thought, until David bursts into his office and knocks Vincent for a loop. David is pushy and confident and won’t take no for an answer. He’s totally irreverent, spouts lots of funny dialog and completely rankles Vincent. Vincent is all gruff and prickly on the outside, trying to be all business, while David just flirts wildly, ignores everything that he says and does as he pleases. I just loved their chemistry, the dialog, and laughed a lot while reading this. The story does get deeper into Vincent’s struggle with his ex, his feelings for David and the possibility of a new relationship, but you won’t be disappointed with the HEA that he gets. I LOVED this story.

The Boss:

What do you do when you arrive at work to meet your new boss, to shockingly discover that he’s also the guy for whom you did an impromptu striptease the previous night? Steven Hillary is about to find out when he meets his new boss Rob Taylor. Worst of all for Steve, the details of what happened the night before are all a little fuzzy. Why oh why did he drink so much?

This story was initially pretty funny as Steve struggles with his embarrassment over meeting Rob after literally throwing himself at his feet. Although like watching a train wreck, this was strangely fun to experience Steve’s predicament as he squirmed around. But the story got more serious after this initial set up, focusing on Rob’s issues and how the boys get together. These issues added a bit of complication and interest to the plot and depth to Rob’s character. If I had any issues with the story, it was that the HEA felt a bit rushed. But I still found it very enjoyable.


We meet up with Alex as he is getting his court sentence handed down for vandalizing the Jupiter school, which is an advanced institute of knowledge for the creatively gifted. This came after months of depression, and heavy drinking following the tragic death of his brother. Manny had been their mother’s best hope for a better life, and now he was dead and it was Alex’s fault. Alex had gotten involved in a local gang, after developing a crush on the leader. When Manny found out, he confronted Alex and a fight with the gang got out of hand, ending with Manny’s death. Now sentenced to 10 months community service, Alex must return to the scene of the crime – Jupiter school.

I have to say that I really liked Alex a lot. He was a good kid from a hard working, very poor, minority family living in LA. He had to fight the prejudice of other people as well as his own towards white people. His story really touched me, seeing how difficult life was and how easy it was for him to fall in with a bad crowd. I could empathize with Alex’s guilt over his brother’s death and his feeling unworthy, unlovable. That is a very common human emotion. I enjoyed seeing Alex get a second chance at life, heal his wounds and find the love that he deserves.

If you enjoyed the first Love Most Inconvenient, then you will certainly enjoy this second trio of fun and sexy stories.



    • Hi Val – It was a really good second installment of the series. If you haven’t read the first book already, I highly recommend reading that as well.

  • TJ
    This seems like yet another excellent set of stories in this series. Each one sounds like a terrific read. I’m interested in reading why Stephen’s books is “not available” 🙂

    I read the first book and I’m really looking forward to this one. Thanks for a great review. These boooks are short yet you gave them as much time as you would a novella. 🙂

    • Thanks Wave. This is another set of good shorts. I love the whole theme of falling for the “inconvenient” guy. It makes for some funny situations, which I love. For me, the first book was the best so far, but that’s not saying that this one isn’t good, just that those first stories were my personal favorites. Although they are just 3 shorts, I feel that they flow well together due to the common theme and deserve the same consideration as a novella.


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