Insta-Love ™

Title:  Insta-Love™
Author: Josephine Myles
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M science fiction
Length: short story
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Summary Review: How does a man tell his lover his body parts are fake and the wonderful sex is an illusion?


When Skip wakes up next to a naked man, his first impulse is to kick the stranger out as quickly as possible, especially when the stranger wants to stay and get to know him better. It turns out that the previous night was Wildman’s first experience with a mood patch, and Skip treats his affectionate advances with cynicism, believing them to be nothing more than the aftereffects of the Insta-Love™. But attraction and mixed emotions will fool them both as they learn more about love.


Insta-Love ™  is about living in a world where nothing is real, no one is what they appear to be, and every emotion is enhanced by mood altering drugs.

Skip met the stranger the night before as he was dancing in a club with nothing on but a pair of skin tight white shorts, flashing the tattoo that covered most of his body, which was designed to attract attention under the lights. Wildman was definitely attracted and he  ended up at Skip’s place where they had wonderful, glorious, sex but now it was Sunday and Skip was anxious to be rid of his companion. However Wildman (as Skip called  him) was not ready to leave right away, so he used his charm and tried his best to persuade Skip to let him stay and have a little more fun since they had a love connection. Skip was quick to point out that Wildman’s high was due to the Insta-Love ™  patch they both wore.

When Wildman indicated that he was from a place called Gaia  Skip found that difficult to believe because the residents there had a philosophy of  everything being natural, and the thought that Wildman,who was gorgeous, looked like that without enhancements or surgery and various patches, was mind blowing. Being natural was definitely not the way of Skip’s world – he had never had sex without a patch that both he and his partner wore, but Wildman wanted him with or without any enhancements and seemed ready for a second round, the all natural way with no drugs. What’s a fake man to do?

Insta-Love™  is a very short story and if I say much more I’ll be giving away the entire plot. I will say that the story is very funny and Josephine Myles showed a great deal of imagination coming up with a plot that was unusual and fresh.  Some aspects of the story are reminiscent of the comments made by many readers about insta love in M/M books, and the author parodied this common theme in M/M romances and poked fun at something most of us hate. I thought this was an excellent story and I only wish it was a little longer so that I could see how Skip’s and Wildman’s relationship progressed without all of the different patches and fake body parts.

Great job Josephine. I’ll remember this story every time I come across insta-love in other M/M romances. 🙂


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  • Great review! I added this one to my TBR pile a few days ago. Looks like it’s rising steadily to the top. I can’t wait to read it.

  • Thank you so much for the review, Wave – I’m so happy that you enjoyed the story and engaged with the characters.

    It’s no secret that I was inspired to write this story by your references to insta-love in M/M romance – your use of that term made me think of a brand name, and fused with my longstanding love of dystopian cyberpunk, this story was born. I’m most grateful for the prompt! 😀

    I know it’s very short, but it was one of those ideas that if I took it any further would have turned into a full blown novel, and I wasn’t ready to write that yet. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a follow up one day!

    • Josephine
      I’m so glad if we helped in some small way to give birth to this story. 🙂

      I thought that both characters, especially Skip, were very appealing and Skip grew by leaps and bounds. I hope you will write a sequel some day and I look forward to your first novella or novel.

  • I really liked this short story too, Wave. The development in Skip and his growth in self confidence, even in such a short story, was delightful to read.

    Great review!

    • Thanks Jen.

      It was a delightful story and as you said, Skip’s character grew and developed by leaps and bounds, even within just a few pages. I’m looking forward to reading a novella length story from Josephine.

      • Thanks Jenre for your review on Goodreads!

        And Wave, you’ll have to wait a while for something longer, but I’ve almost finished the first draft of my first novel (M/M contemporary romance set on the canal near Bath, England). It’s going to take a while to edit, but hopefully I’ll find someone to publish it 🙂

        I’m going to start work on a sci-fi novella in the next couple of weeks.

  • Some aspects of the story are reminiscent of the comments made by many readers about insta love in M/M books, and the author parodied this common theme in M/M romances and poked fun at something most of us hate.

    I was wondering if this might be going on! Especially with the trademark symbol in the title. Sounds like a very fun story. 🙂


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