Sno Ho (Summit City #1)

Title: Sno Ho (Summit City #1)
Author: Ethan Day
Publisher: Self Published
Edition: Second Edition
Buy Link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M, romantic comedy
Length: 35K words (106 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

 Summary Review:  A rollicking romantic comedy as only Ethan Day can write it, with hot men, cold snow and après-ski that would melt any cold heart.


Sno Ho combusts ski-slopes with the heat of Boone, Wade, ski lessons, and Irish coffee.  


If you have never read a book by Ethan Day you’re in for a treat. Sno Ho is set in Summit City, Colorado where Boone Daniels, our hero, has been dumped unceremoniously albeit in the lap of luxury, by his ex; apparently the entire town knew that he was being dumped before he did.

The first week of his vacation he spent the time writing one of his many unfinished novels while waiting for Philip, his boyfriend of one year, to show up as promised so they could spend the rest of their vacation together. When Philip gave him the news on the phone that his term as his current lover was over Boone was incensed, mainly because Philip implied that he was a lousy lay, but he soon recovered when he met Wade Walker, a former Olympian who set his heart aflutter. That night, after a few drinks at the local watering hole, Boone was quite happy to hit the road with Wade for a bit of the old in and out.   

Boone could not remember much of their first night together or even arriving at Wade’s place, because he never could retain anything when he drank –  he did know however that he had the most incredible sex in recent memory. Wade was in bed with him when he awoke the next morning and he sneaked out of the apartment so as not to wake the slumbering giant. Later that day when he had recovered somewhat from his night of debauchery, he prepared for his one-on-one ski instruction paid for by Philip as part of his exit package.  He showed up on the ski slopes only to find that his personal instructor was none other than Wade. From there everything went downhill rapidly for Boone who fell down every few seconds, but things definitely improved when he decided to cut his losses and party. 

 Ethan Day is definitely unique, with a writing style all his own. His characters are always three dimensional, never similar to anyone else’s in my estimation, and he imbues them with warmth and drama. His protagonists are almost always over the top and his prose is fresh and vibrant,which is what made this story such a standout. His secondary characters were well drawn as well and the dialogue was laugh out loud funny. There is so much to enjoy in this book as Boone made as much use as possible of what he considered to be Wade’s gold medal worthy equipment.

These two characters took me on a wonderful ride in this fun filled romp which I thoroughly enjoyed, as Boone and Wade experienced every sexual position known to man.

Sno Ho’s long awaited sequel, Life in Fusion, is expected to be released in late November, and Ethan claims that it will blow us all out of the water and is his best book ever. 🙂

Most definitely recommended and I can’t wait for part 2.

Sno Ho was originally released as part of the anthology Melting the Slopes.



  • 4.5 from Wave ain’t nuthin’ to sneeze at! And the number of stars doesn’t matter so much as the number of laughs. I want each reader to have lots of those. Laughs are way better than starts…or sex! Hmmm…may explain my lack of BF’s. : )

    • Okay you lost me where laughs are better than sex. Honey, comedy’s great and you’re great at it, but ain’t nuthin’ better than some mind-blowing sex.

      Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve rated anything higher than Ethan Stone’s In the Flesh. I must just have a thing for Ethans. lol

    • “Laughs are way better than starts…or sex! Hmmm…may explain my lack of BF’s.”

      Aww, Ethan baby. How about laughs and sex? That can be a lot fun too, that is as long as there’s no pointing and laughing! 😉

  • Buda forgot about the peeled grapes, apparently. Last time I peel grapes for him! ; )

    Now we’ll see how long it takes for those peeled grapes to turn into some sort of naughty comment about nuts.

  • I commented on this before work this morning, but apparently it was eaten by a hungry internet. (Although it did subscribe me, so I got to see all your sassy little comments in reverse order!) Anyway, what I said was, this is one of my favorite stories. Ever. Despite the untold pain it caused me.

    First – 4.5, Wave? Really? Tsk. Tsk.

    Second – Don’t you people have jobs?

    Third – Wave, I hope you enjoy reviewing Life in Fusion. While Lynn and TJ were wrestling in the mud, Ethan and I snuck off and he read it to me. Let me warn you, it’s a-maz-ing. Or maybe that was just the whole being read-to thing. 😉

    Fourth – 4.5, Wave? Really? *sigh*

    Fifth – Linda – Buy the stand alone. But wait until LiF is already available. Trust me. 🙂

    • Hey Buda, I wondered when you’d catch us. 🙂

      First: I agree. Ethan is always a dick, I mean DIK for me.

      Second: Yes we do, but they are so incredibly boring that we have to blog to prevent narcolepsy.

      Third: If Ethan was with you who was that washing the mud off me?

      Fourth: Sad, isn’t it?

      Fifth: Good Advice

      • Goodness me…I am one busy boy! My DIK too it would seem, LOL. I was apparently reading to Buda while washing off Tj. I never knew I was such a multi-tasker!! Maybe that’s why Buda didn’t eat my grapes…he was too busy staring at all the nuts?

    • Buda

      First – I’m a tough reviewer no matter how much I love an author. I keep telling you that I don’t review the author – just the books. 🙂 Unlike TJ who likes to give out dicks, I mean DIK’s, I wait until they peel the grapes for me.

      Second – some of us work from home. It’s called “consulting.” Whenever I have to go into an office to meet with clients they have to pay me ffrom the time I leave home and venture outdoors, so they prefer to talk to me by telephone, conference call and email. 🙂 Cheap bastards!! LOL

      Third – You’re so easy.

      Fourth – See my first point. The other two books in the anthology received 4 and 2 stars respectively so Sno Ho scored highly in Wave’s book of stars. 🙂

      Fifth: Great advice Linda.

  • Hi everybody!! Ya’ll are so damn sweet! : ) Lord knows I just HATE being fought over, lol. Hopefully the sequel will live up to the short stories rep. I don’t know if it’ll be my best book ever, but I certainly hope so. Boone and Wade deserve a fun and sexy conclusion. I think I’ve given them that. And I guess we’ll have to see how things go with LiF before we commit to another book in the series. But I wouldn’t be lying if I were to say I left the door open. : )

    • Ethan
      TJ and Lynn are beating up on me but I’ll never give in.

      Did you say there might be another book after LiF? They will be so mad because it’s still part of a series so it’s MINE. LOL

      I’m sure that LiF will be a worthy sequel to Sno Ho.

      • I have left the door open for another book, Wave. It’ll depend on whether anyone wants another book…readers and the publisher, basically. It won’t be anytime soon, though. I have a lot of other books to finish first.

        • Ethan
          Whenever you’re ready to continue this series I think all of us who love your work will wait for you. Seriously. But if I find out that your next book is the one with girl on girl action there will be hell to pay. 🙁

          • The SP sequel will be finished this coming year, Wave! It will have man on man and one or two girl on man sex scenes! :-O LOL!

            Deseree will get her own storyline, along with Alex and Davis and Tadd and Jack. You don’t have to review it…but you best at least read it! : )

    • Hi Luci
      Not only has Ethan written LiF at long last but he’ll be on the site about a week before to talk about the book – this would be similar to his post for At Piper’s Point.

      Boone is a very bad sex addict. LOL

  • I LOVE Sno Ho and in some ways, it is my most favorite-ist story from him. Like you, it’s definitely a comfort read for me. Such a wonderful mix of non-stop fun, hawt smexxin, and great character interaction. I adore Boone and Wade. I may need to re-read it today just to get a Boone fix. I can’t wait until LiF!

    • Lynn
      It doesn’t matter how much you, TJ and Buda love Sno Ho, LiF is my book to review because it’s a SEQUEL! 🙂 In addition I think you would all go all ‘fan girly’ (which I know Ethan would just love) and not be critical of the book (if indeed there was anything to be critical about). I, on the other hand, can stand above the fray and not get involved in jello or mud wrestliing matches to prove who is the bigger fan. LOL

      LiF here I come.

      • ” In addition I think you would all go all ‘fan girly’ (which I know Ethan would just love) and not be critical of the book”

        But Wave, you know how Ethan likes abuse. So you should give this book to someone who totally loves his work and will give him raves. He’ll hate that! LOL

      • Wave, I let go of LiF long ago because I know it’s yours. *grumblestupidruleaboutseriesgrumble* Okay, Lynn, deep breath and a big smile. 🙂 I absolutely could be critical if need be — remember SP? — but his books are so wonderful that it’s rarely needed. I know you will do a fab job.

        • Thank you Lynn for agreeing with the rule about sequels. I hope there are many sequels to Sno Ho. LOL If there ever is a sequel to At Piper’s Point, As you Are, SF, or Dreaming of You, those are yours. BTW re SF, that was Ethan’s first book and he had a lot to learn but boy, was he a quick study.

          Now if only TJ will let go as graciously as you did (I’ll pretend I didn’t see the profanities :)) we’ll be one happy family.

          let’s hope that Buda doesn’t see this review 🙁

          • Okay, okay! Stop brow beating me! *covers head* You can have LiF Wave. So… that means that I can have the next Josh Lanyon and Harper Fox books that aren’t sequels, right? *ducks and runs for cover*

            • Did I tell you I’ll be reading Harper’s next book soon? It’s called A Midwinter Prince.

              I understand from Ethan that he has quite the long list of books coming up next year so you’ll get your chance. 🙂
              Didn’t you review one of Josh’s books? I seem to recall a Christmas story ……….

          • Oh, yeah, forgot about that… I do appreciate the JL book though. It was… (oops, I guess I can’t give that away yet) And lots of Ethan Day is a good thing. I can never get enough Ethan Day.

        • Thanks Lynn! You can 3.5 me any day, I’d still love ya!! Anyone who offers to feed me is tops in my book, lol. One of these days I’m gonna come scrtachin’ at your door.

  • The anthology has been on my ‘to buy’ list for awhile. After your review, it sounds like I should get the solo release now instead of later. Thanks for the review.

  • Hi Wave,
    As I was telling Aunt Lynn during our Ethan Day slam down match, I love Ethan the most-est. (I won in case anyone’s curious – low center of gravity didn’t help Lynn) 😉 This is one of my absolute favorite stories ever. It’s a comfort read that I come back to over and over and it never disappoints. I love Boone and Wade and I’m really looking forward to Life In Fusion. If anyone hasn’t read this story, do so now. You will be thanking us later.

    • TJ
      Ethan emailed me last evening to offer Sno Ho as a free book on the site, which was great timing because I had already revamped the review for uploading today. 🙂

      SH is one of my comfort reads and now I will have the book on my Kindle so that I can indulge myself even more. LOL

    • You cheated, TJ. You know that I can’t resist a great piece of dark chocolate, so throwing that 1 pound box out of the ring was a low-blow and you know it. I think a rematch may be in order.

      • Yeah, I know sorry Lynn – I love a great piece too, but you gotta focus on the prize!

        Rematch? Anytime Baby. But can we do jello this time? The mud was hell to get out of all my private places. 😉

        • TJ

          Yeah, I know sorry Lynn – I love a great piece too

          Do you have to tell EVERYONE that you love a great piece ? 🙂 For those of us who don’t know that your appetites are excessive, should you be so open? LOL

          I wasn’t aware of the mud wrestling match – obviously I left the party too early.

          • Wave – what? I thought we were talking about chocolate. 🙂 I love dark chocolate!

            Yes, you missed a lot by leaving the party early, but I’m not gonna squeal. What happens at Lynn’s stays at Lynn’s!


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