Saturday Gay Hotties – October 30

t.r. knight, Grey's anatomy

Scott Evans

rock hudson

randy harrison

matthew mitcham, Aussie olympian

mnotgomery clift, actor

jack mackenroth

freddie mercury

darren hayes

adam lambert

chad allen

gareth thomas, British Lions rugby legend

cheyenne jackson

Ronnie Kroell

allan cumming

cassidy haley

Daryl Stephens, actor

jason and demarco, ministers

jake shears

robert gant & chad allen


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Loved the Saturday Hotties posts. I’ll miss them, but very much look forward to catching up with them again next year. Hopefully there will be some new faces.

    Thanks for posting them, Wave.

  • T.R. Knight- another Minnesotan. I’m proud of my men, T.R. and Nate Berkus (who was featured last week- thank you, Wave!) 🙂

      • I really like this pic of Adam Lambert. It’s not often that I see one of him that he’s not all “made up”. I like the way he looks then, but I really like the “everyday” look also. What a cutie! Great smile!

  • This was a great idea! And such a fine selection of good looking, talented men. I am looking forward to the next year.

    Ah, Montgomery Clift! Great, great actor and soooo handsome. Of course, Freddie is THE BEST. There will never be another like him. *goes to listen some Queen*

  • Hi Guys

    This will be the last Saturday Hotties post. As you know this is the brain child of TJ to celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 11. Thanks to everyone who sent in photographs. They won’t be lost as I plan to post most of them on Fridays.

    We’ll do this again next year when more celebrities come out. Maybe by then one of my faves will be out – TJ won’t let me post his picture because technically he’s not out. 🙂

      • Zahra
        He’s a wonderful man and he’s doing a great job speaking out about bullying and shining a light on GBLT issues. The last thing I would want to do is “out” him. I think we’ve all figured out that he’s gay but it’s up to him to decide if/when to come out. In the meantime I enjoy seeing him. 🙂

    • I believe I know who you’re talking about; he’s a favorite of mine too. Would love to see an out and proud pic of him, handsome partner at his side, ’cause I’d hate to think of the poor guy being lonely. When you look like that and have the personality to back it up, however, lonely may not be an issue. Then again, I’m only speculating to whom you’re referring. Scratch this if you actually meant Kermit the Frog.

      Anyway, another great post, Wave, with some familiar faces and some I’m going to look up and learn more about.

      • Eden
        All of the gay celebrities where or not they’re out have had to contend with a lot of discrimination from straight people, intentional or otherwise. In this case I understand why this gentleman is still in the closet because we might all lose his “voice” if he does. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy him. 🙂 Kermit the Frog he’s not. LOL

    • Thank you again Wave for doing this series of posts. You did a great job and gave us a nice variety of famous faces (and bodies – thank you very much!) from the worlds of entertainment, sports and literature.

      For anyone interested there’s a website celebrating GLBT history month by posting profiles of 31 icons. Here’s the link:

      And Wave, maybe next year you’ll get your wish. 😉

      • Hi TJ
        Thanks for a great idea. We’ve all enjoyed the guys – whether they were long gone like Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury or are still with us. They demonstrate that gay men are just as talented and versatile as straight people and I wish more of us would acknowledge and embrace them.

        I did check out that website – some very interesting names on the list, even a few Canadians such as k.d. lang whose music I love.

        Maybe as you said he’ll be out next year, but it doesn’t really matter because he’s doing a great job working undercover. 🙂


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