ZA Maxfield Reports from YAOIcon 2010 Day 3

Obviously the ladies (and I use that term with some trepidation) are having a grand ole’ time in San Francisco. Here’s ZAM’s report on Day 2  (Or is it Day 3?  I’ve lost count). 🙂


Yaoi-con Day two was truly, truly ZAM’s Big Adventure!

I started my day with Belinda McBride and breakfast, then we went shopping in the vendor room and RIGHT away, we saw Shawn from TQ and Ginn Hale, Astrid Amara, and Nikki Kimberling from Blind Eye Books. Then we rounded the corner and found the Dreamspinner Gang, Okay, here goes… Amy Lane, Mary Calmes, Ariel Tachna, Nicki Bennet, Andrew Grey, Clare London, Tessa Cardenas, Pearl Love, TC Blue, and Marie Sexton. We wandered around shopping (had to get gifties for the kids and collect swag) until we had lunch with a lot of the DSP team and some very nice people we have in common: Chris (Stumbling Over Chaos), Tracey, Tam, and Jenre!

After that, Belinda collected up Cherise Sinclair who decided to stay another night to see if we could go to The Citadel when it was OPEN, and we took a cab into the city. We shopped in Union Square, where I bought the very best smelling soap I’ve ever owned (called Snowglobe) at Lush (which you can find at

We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and headed over to a coffee house called Wicked Grounds on 8th and Folsom that was reputed to be a hang-out for folks before and after sessions at The Citadel.
While we were there, we got tea and talked to a gorgeous silver-haired man in leather pants about The Citadel. He seemed very familiar with the place, and gave us a heads up on different things, Cherise asked him about classes and he told a couple of (slightly scary) stories about equipment malfunctions… O.o

Walking in the Tenderloin district at night, from Folsom to Mission where The Citadel is, two or three streets away, is not for the faint of heart, just sayin’, but we made it okay…

The Citadel
is two floors of inventively lit (chinese ball lanterns in different colors) industrial space dedicated to the pursuit of all things BDSM, and I’m going to let Belinda fill in some of the rest of this post, mostly because it was my very first introduction to full on BDSM  “seriously play” and I’m still processing. Suffice it to say that they’d had a fundraiser that afternoon with an Alice In Wonderland theme and I definitely felt as though I’d fallen down the rabbit hole. Very kind people. Very respectful and friendly, as long as you followed the rules, which we did. I saw Boylove Addict and The Librarian from the Phade there as well, and have to ask them what they thought coming from the heartland as they do… My experience was extremely positive,

Inside the Citadel

and I came away with real respect for the words safe, sane, and consensual, because The Citadel was truly well run and very much what I hoped it would be.

And of course the plot bunnies are TOTALLY HUMPING MY LEG now.

What can I say? The funny thing was my husband’s reaction. He was so JEALOUS! He told me we have to find a BDSM club near where we live so he can see what it’s all about… More on that to follow too… 😀

There’s only one more half day, and I doubt I’ll get much done besides pack up and go home, but NEVER FEAR Wavians! I collected autographs, postcards, a little bit of swag, and a pin from Wicked Grounds and I’ll send them to Wave so she can raffle them off as a little prize-y for some very lucky reader, and thanks so much for letting me be your on the scene reporter at Yaoi-Con, Wave.


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  • For the record, I thought SF Citadel was an amazing place. It was everything I expected it to be and more. The one surprise for me was the friendliness of everyone connected to SF Citadel and SOJ (Society of Janus). They patiently answered tons of questions, provided loads of information and gave Lib and me an excellent tour of the place. I don’t know why I expected everyone to be mysterious and standoffish, but I am very glad that they were the exact opposite. 🙂 We had the opportunity to see one of the most admired Tops in SF at work. All I can say is OMFG!

  • This is in no way a criticism, but I’m not currently writing with Dreamspinner.

    I do love being included with them in this post, though. *hee* They’re some of my favorite authors, after all! And to be fair, I WAS hanging about at the DSP table rather a lot (because I have a huge crush on Andrew, and can you blame me?) LOL

    And wait. Shawn from TQ was there? How the hells did I miss her? *pouts* Been trying to meet her for years now! LOL I did meet her son Adam, though, and he was absolutely darling!


    • @Tis
      Oh, I am a poor journalist, apparently. I was thrilled to have the chance to meet you though, and I hope to have the opportunity again.

      Yes, wow. The Citadel left me a little speechless, actually but everything you say about it is true. Lovely, kind and friendly people. I was delighted to have met you there, and look forward to seeing you again. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up after…

      • Oh, I don’t know ZAM. After my less than stellar performance the few times we chatted, I might have collapsed had I seen you again. ;P Seriously, you already know that it was a great pleasure to meet you. Hopefully, I’ll see you again at some other m/m friendly event in the future.

      • Truly enjoyed meeting you, as well. 🙂 And no worries on the DSP thing. I suppose my presence at their table was somewhat misleading. I’m such a goober. *hee*

        Hope we’ll be at another event sometime, too. Had a blast talking with you.


  • It was so great to spend time with you ZAM. I gave the full rundown of all the authors I met on my site. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the truth revealed. 😉

    It was so cool to meet everyone and I had a blast just people watching, but hearing some of the panels was really interesting too and I spent far too much money. Ooops. 🙂

    We are back home now and while I don’t miss the hills of San Francisco (will my calves EVER recover?), I already miss all my blogger friends and I’m so lucky I got the chance to meet so many wonderful people all in one place.

    • Thanks Tam, me too. I’ve been icing my back down from hefting my suitcase… Why, oh, why don’t I pack LESS. I never wear everything anyway!


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