Ten Questions for Readers from LB Gregg


I asked a few authors to write posts this month about their concerns or issues, or just fun stuff. I emailed LB Gregg because I know her series The Men of Smithfield is very popular and she has many fans who are always delighted to hear from her. As you probably know, her newest book is Dudleytown and it was reviewed a few days ago by Jenre here.  When she accepted my invitation I wasn’t sure what she was going to write about  and she kept me guessing until the very end. 🙂  Here’s what she has to say: 


My name is LB Gregg and when I’m not busy being a mom and a wife, I write contemporary gay romantic comedies for a variety of publishers. I wasn’t always a writer—I was a dedicated reader and later, a blogger. My career as an author began in 2008 when a couple of my online buddies encouraged me to try my hand at writing.  My blog suffered, but my books sold. Today I’m celebrating the publication of my sixth book, the Halloween romantic comedy Dudleytown

 I thought it would be fun to put on my old reviewer/blogger cap and ask the readers here a few questions. 


 I had planned another totally impressive LB Gregg/Lisabea Top Ten List, but after two pumpkin martinis** on Halloween, as well as a celebratory steak AND half an apple crisp (nom), I was busting out of my jeans and a smidge behind the eight ball. 

 Actually, I pulled on some yoga pants and fell asleep at 9:30. Sorry Wave! 

Therefore I bring you—Ten Questions For Readers From LB Gregg 

1)     If you were writing a book, what man’s name have you always wanted to use? For me it was Marcus. So. Dreamy. (And sexy regency lad Marcus became Smithfield’s crazy Mark Meehan from Gobsmacked). 

 2)     How do you feel about clowns?  No reason. Just wondering. 

 3) When you’re reading a spicy romance, do your prefer the sex scenes to be long and leisurely or fast and furious? 

 4) Should an author rate/review their own work? Do you think that’s weird? 

 5) What famous movie would make for a wonderful m/m story?  I promise not to steal your answer when plotting my next book.

Name the first ebook you ever read. How long ago was that? My first was Marly’s Choice by Lora Leigh 

 7)     What book did you just finish reading? 

 8)     Chest hair. Is it a yes? What about armpit hair? Ass cleft hair? No? 

 9)     Do you think ‘dirty’ is a bad word when describing an m/m romance? People keep saying that my books are ‘dirty’, so I’m curious. 

 10) Whipped cream or mini-marshmallows on your hot chocolate?  

See how easy that was?

Post your answers in the comment section and you’ll be put in the running to win an ARC of Romano and Albright 2: Trust me If You Dare. Crazy right? I KNOW! So don’t be shy. 


**They were delicious.

LB Gregg’s contact information 

 website http://lbgregg.com/
email: noseinabook@live.com


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • 1. Edwin
    2. I have no problems with clowns, what really tickles me…is to see big brawny men run in the opposite direction of clowns.
    3. Fast and Furious
    4. It is wierd. How could the author give an unbiased review? They should/could give a scale rate but a review..no
    5. This movie is not a famous one, but I found it hilarious. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days”
    6. “A Secret Affair” — Mary Balogh
    7. Shifting Sands – K.Gardner,A Blue, W Okati, B Bryce, J Langley, J Mykes.
    8. Chest hair- I can take it or leave it, but not the hairy bushy chest hair. Armpit hair– I can take it or leave it. Im still trying to convince my husband to try it. Ass cleft hair– really? LOL, isnt a little required for dirt/sand deterrent?
    9. Yes, dirty is a bad word for m/m romance. Calling it dirty is the same as saying that it is wrong or vile. Everyone has their own opinion I read my first m/m romance back in July and I’m hooked.
    10. Neither one, they take away from the full taste of the chocolate.


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