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On December 15 I’ll be interviewing Josh Lanyon, exactly one year since he was last interviewed on December 14, 2009. That interview was supposed to have been a celebration for the release of The Dark Tide, the final book in the Adrien English series, instead he was crying bitter tears at letting Jake and Adrien go off into the sunset together. 🙁 Since then he has tried to live without worrying about what they would get up to next. I want to find out how he’s coping with their defection. 😉

Now Josh has a new series, Holmes and Moriarty, and the second book is All She Wrote which is due to be released on December 28. (It didn’t take him long to move in with two new men did it?) 🙂

The purpose of this post is to ask you to submit questions for Josh. If you can think of something original he hasn’t been asked before (which is very hard since he’s been interviewed so many times) or something funny, that would be a bonus. His only stipulation is that I don’t subject him to questions from the guys in the hot tub. Does he not like the guys?

I look forward to your questions. I can hear him in the background mumbling something about having so much work left to do, but that’s really too bad because you did promise me an interview Josh. 🙂 I’ll be closing off the questions in a week.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Just one question (which is a standard question that I usually ask of authors, actors, etc.)

    For Josh:

    Of all the characters you’ve written, which are you most like and which did/do you like most?



  • Hi Guys

    I noticed that some of you are asking multiple questions. In order to allow other fans of this author the opportunity to ask their questions, I’m limiting the number of questions per person to 3 and even then I can’t guarantee that all of your questions will be sent to Josh.

    Thanks everyone.

    • Sorry wave, I’ll hold back! I don’t see questions as individuall, I see them as collective (I just thought you picked the ones you thought were interesting).

  • I know that you like to push yourself in your writing to take risks and write in genres that are new and different. Young adult novels are very popular right now. Have you given any thought to writing a YA story? Is this something you might consider doing in the future?

  • One more question!

    Ever thought of writing an FBI crime series with characters similar like the ones in Fair Game and with that level of crime-solving?

    It was sad that Elliot couldn’t still work with what he clearly was so very good at … and I would love to read like an m/m “criminal minds” story! 😛

  • Are you purposely trying to avoid overly sentimental moments in your books? Sometimes I feel a little bit snubbed on the emotional closure in your stories, the resolving moments comes so close to the end and then the book is just over. Is this on purpose because you don’t want your stories to turn too sentimental?

    Any chance you’ll do more fantasy like Strange Fortune? Or more paranormal stories like The Dark Farewell?

    Also, will do something like Mexican Heat again? It was a very emotionally strong book and I kind of loved it. I have read there will be no sequel (*cry*).

  • Here’s a question I don’t think he’s been asked before:

    How do you feel about fan fiction written using your characters? Have you ever read any of it?

  • OK, since I can’t ask when we will next hear from Adrien & Jake…how about…since his spec-fic has proven successful, what other genres does Josh plan/hope to write for? (autobiographies, “mainstream fic”, poetry, etc..) Josh shows such a diverse interest in his readings…….If Josh could invite 3 famous people
    through-out history to Christmas dinner, who would they be? and what would he serve?

    • RDAFan7
      You can ask about Adrien & Jake – he just doesn’t want to hear from the boyz in the hot tub who join me on interviews occasionally.

      • 🙂 good to know! It did seem rather cruel not to be able to ask about 2 of our favorite guys ever!…altho I’m happy to have Kit & JX over the Holiday…

    • Sunshine
      I don’t think he will kill you. He might swear that he’s not bringing them back even for a Christmas short, but he might be persuaded. LOL

      • Ok, I will give it my best shot!

        So… I feel that Adriens story has sort of been told. He got his man, his health, the house, a cat and a dog, a family and a job he loves and some sidekick detectiveness. When it comes to Jake, I still find myself wondering about his life and how things will go for him. To me, there are still things left in to tell in Jake’s story.

        I wanna know what it’s like for him to live without fear and without lying to everyone. I wanna know what it is like when he and Adrien are working on the same side and not against each other. I worry, because his new job feels kind of lonely. Did he have a lot of friends before coming out or were family and co-workers his social life? How is that working out now? Is his brothers still hanging out with him? How about his nieces and nephews? Will Jakes family ever accept Adrien? And Alfonso (?) … is he kind of obsesssed with Jake? And if so, why?


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