Acts of Passion by Sedonia Guillone

Title: Acts of Passion
Author: Sedonia Guillone
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Publisher: Ai Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novella (139 PDF pages)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

An entertaining story about a detective and the criminal profiler he falls for. Solid writing and an interesting plot are unfortunately marred by an abrupt, weak ending.


Jack Cade is skeptical of the new criminal profiler he’s using. Michael seems so absent-minded and too neurotic to be effective. But he is brilliant and hot and Cade finds himself falling hard and fast, both in lust and in love. The attraction is mutual, although Michael’s past demons haunt him, keeping him from getting too close. Together, they begin to unravel Michael’s emotional knots even as they close in on a killer, another brilliant, wily person whose sights are now set on Michael.


Homicide detective Jack Cade meets criminal profiler Michael Di Santo at a murder scene and as they work closely together to catch the killer a strong attraction develops between them. But Michael is apparently still hung up on his ex and Jack is wary of getting hurt again and that will make a relationship between them difficult to build and maintain. As Michael’s extensive knowledge of Japanese culture and rituals leads them closer and closer to identifying the killer, and the sexual chemistry between them ramps up, the men find themselves facing danger from an unexpected source. Will they be able to outsmart a deranged killer or will they pay the ultimate price for trying?

Acts of Passion is an interesting story which is loosely set in the ‘world’ the author created for a couple of her previous books. Michael has never really gotten over Toshi, his first love, despite the fact that it’s been over ten years since their relationship ended. While this helped in the beginning to explain a bit about Michael’s character it also made Toshi a strong presence in the story, almost too strong in my opinion, and at times I really felt bad for Jack because of that.

The identity of the killer is easy to guess when the character is first introduced but overall the mystery/suspense element worked well. I did feel like smacking Michael a bit towards the end when he falls for the killer’s machinations in a classic TSTL moment though. Another element which was interesting was Michael’s childhood and the tragedy which changed his life forever. Towards the end Michael realizes how that tragedy influenced all aspects of his life, including his relationship with Toshi, and finally it seems he’s ready to deal with those things. The romance between Michael and Jack develops quickly in just a few days time. They’re both obviously attracted to each other and once they catch the killer the stumbling blocks to a happy future are quickly resolved. Michael discovers how his past influenced his time with Toshi and why he’s held on to him all this time.

Acts of Passion is well written with an interesting murder plot and overall was an easy quick read. The ending feels very abrupt however I did enjoy the story. Fans of the author will surely enjoy it as well.

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