Not Alone by Sonja Spencer

Title: Not Alone
Author: Sonja Spence
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (76 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

Nicely written GFY story with interesting characters and lots of humor.


Andy Parker moves to a small town on a lake to start over after a bad breakup. The big drawback? He’s alone with no prospects for romance. He meets Eddie Ferguson at the local grocery and strikes up an easy friendship, but the divorced man isn’t really Andy’s type. Still, a friend is a friend—and when Mr. Oblivious Eddie says “So use me,” Andy’s imagination goes wild. But will trying for more risk any chance of a friendship?


This GFY themed story is the first I’ve read by this author and I look forward to reading more of Sonja Spencer’s books in the future. Both Andy and Eddie are nice, likable and well-drawn protagonists and I enjoyed reading about their slowly developing relationship. The men meet when Andy, newly moved to a small lakeside town, goes into Eddie’s grocery store. Andy is immediately drawn to the sexy, newly divorced father of two but has to settle for friendship when Eddie can’t offer anything else.

As the time passes they become close friends and Andy’s attraction continues to grow. In the meantime Eddie starts to question his friends only stance. Looking back at his less than happy married life leads Eddie to other memories from his earlier years. Is it possible there could be more than just friendship between him and Andy in the future?

Not Alone was a nice and fairly uncomplicated read and it’s slow pace worked well. The sex scenes were hot and sweet as well. There is a lot of humor in Andy and Eddie’s friendship which really makes this an enjoyable story. It could feel a bit predictable but overall was a fun, sweet and entertaining book. Recommended.


  • I really like Sonja Spencer, I so wanted to love this story. I don’t think any Gay man would have risked so much with talk like that the first evening together. To me it set a very unreasonable theme. If this had happened months down the road,late at night after many,many drinks I would have bought it, not the first night.After saying that,I really liked Andy and I would have liked more background on both characters.Writers need to realize,we readers want to love these books, but we need to be able to believe in them. I don’t feel it deserved anymore than 2 stars,sorry.

    • No need to be sorry, Mary. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I did enjoy the story very much because of the humor and I liked both protags. I did feel that it was a bit too much for a first “date” especially when one of them was supposedly “straight” but overall I found the story quite entertaining.

  • Lily

    The whole cucumber talks would have sent most men running.

    This made me curious enough to put this book on my TBR. Sounds like a whole lot of fun going on which will take my mind away from my current book which is a lot of angst. Thanks for this Lily – I will definitely be reading Not Alone. 🙂

  • I just read this last night. 🙂 I enjoyed the playful tone between the two. Sometimes I wondered if Eddy would really be that open to the stuff Andy was showing him the first night they spent time together, but I just went with the flow and enjoyed the banter. I was kind of hoping there would be more, what happens now as it just ends when they are getting started. What about the ex-wife, the kids, how will the small town accept the straight store owner suddenly gay? Not sure the author plans on more about the couple or not but there is certainly room to explore as they become a couple and deal with all the ramifications of their relationship.

    • LOL I know what you mean, Tam. The whole cucumber talks would have sent most men running. 😀

      I also wanted more of them at the end and how Eddy’s life changed once they went public but overall it’s quite entertaining as is.


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