Dinner and a Movie by Beth Wylde

Title: Dinner and a Movie
Author: Beth Wylde
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: Short Story (16 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

Date night for Dane and Jack turns out to be much more than the usual dinner and a movie in this erotic little story.

There is a very brief mention of m/f/m as well as f/f/f in this story however it does not directly involve the main characters.


Though Dane tries to hide his secret fetish from his partner, Jack discovers his husband’s voyeuristic tendencies and decides to surprise his lover with a special treat. After a nice dinner and a hot trip to an adult theater, Jack is sure Dane will want every night to include dinner and a movie.


Dane and his husband Jack have gone out for dinner and after the delicious meal and a couple of drinks Dane is feeling great. Not quite ready to end the evening he’s more than ready for whatever Jack’s plans are for the rest of their night out. But when they arrive at a rundown theater outside of town Dane’s thrown for a loop. Why would Jack choose that place to end their evening?

It seems that Jack’s figured out Dane’s secret fetish and wants to indulge him. By the end of the evening both of them are blissfully satisfied and looking forward to their next dinner and a movie night.

This is a well-written and entertaining look at an established couple out for a night of fun. The plot is simple and given the number of pages the story unfolds well. The characters are interesting and even in this short format their chemistry is evident. The scenes in the theater are erotic and intense, whether it’s the action around them, Dane telling Jack some of the details of his fetish or Jack and Dan’s super hot sex scene.

I really enjoyed Dinner and a Movie and recommended it for anyone looking to read a quick, sexy and uncomplicated story. No angst or misunderstandings, just a couple having a really good time. Recommended.


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