Love Most Inconvenient 3

love3Title: Love Most Inconvenient 3
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella (111 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: A great addition to the Love Most Inconvenient books, as the author takes us on a more serious journey.

The Blurb: Brody is happy to take a break from his city clinic to tend to the rehabilitation of a soccer player until he meets the man, a spoiled, stubborn superstar with attitude.

Noah, a magazine publisher, is on a mission to drag all celebrities out of the closet, until he meets Ace, the hot drummer of a top rock band, who decides enough is enough.

Yan, a vulnerable young man doing time for his older brother, finds himself in danger. In desperation, he attempts to solicit the protection of the only person tough enough to keep him alive: an ex-gang leader who expects to be paid for his services.

The Review: Here we are back for the third installment of those stories about falling for the inconvenient guy. I had reviewed the first in the series here, and the second here. Both books contained very entertaining stories, some quite funny. This third book follows in the same theme and is well written, but two of the stories take on a far more serious tone as they explore issues of outing celebrities and surviving prison. Let’s look at what DJ Manly has whipped up for us.

Man On – This story is the lightest fare in the mix. We meet physiotherapist Brody, who has been asked to work exclusively  with a new patient, a famous soccer player named Vic, to help him regain his strength and walk again. There is some really great dialog when Brody first meets Vic, as Vic is very bitter and angry about his current physical condition. I could really feel his emotions at the loss of his physical strength and mobility. Vic is downright obnoxious, and makes a lot of crude sexual comments, but our Brody is no shrinking violet. He gives it right back to Vic and shows him who’s the boss. Brody struggles with his attraction to the sexy soccer player, who is an unrepentant flirt, and needs a lot of hands on attention. Where exactly do I sign up for that job? All of this unconsummated lust was very sexy, and soon enough they are burning up the sheets. This story was well written, and had some very real emotion.

Man Closet – Noah Daniels is the publisher of a somewhat scandalous, tabloid style magazine, whose mission statement is to “out” gay celebrities for the good of the “cause” – a noble, although somewhat misguided idea. Noah had set his sites on a particular rock band, where the drummer, Ace is rumored to be gay. When a disenchanted ex of Ace’s contacts Noah to do the tell-all interview he has been dreaming about, Noah decides to confront Ace in person to get his reaction, and is shocked when Ace shows up at his hotel unannounced, madder than a wet hen and sinfully hot!

This story tackled a serious issue, that of outing closeted men, and did a good job of presenting both sides of the argument. It was very interesting to read, and entertaining as all Hell. The boys are both hotties, their attraction is explosive and the plot had a few surprises that kept it fresh. Plus there’s lots of great banter between Ace and Noah, which is very amusing to read.

Man Inside – Here we meet Yan, a young man who is so loyal to his family that he agrees to take the rap for his brother Alvaro’s crime. Yan is shocked when he gets 7 years at a maximum security unit, which houses violent criminals. Yikes! Once inside , he realizes that he will be the slut of the prison if he doesn’t get protection and quick. So he sets his sights on the roughest, toughest hombre in town, Diego. But convincing Diego to help him is not an easy task.

The description of prison life is frightening, and the author did a good job of making the reader feel the danger, and the desperation to survive. I could believe that one would do almost anything, no matter how repugnant, to avoid gang rape, or worse. This is a dark story, but wrapped deep inside is a beautiful love story trying to break out.

Overall, the series has matured from it’s humble beginnings as fun romantic comedies. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the first 2 books, because I really did, but this third book delved into deeper issues, while still managing to be entertaining and very well written.



  • TJ
    Great reviews TJ on all the stories in this series.

    I’ve been reading along with you and am looking forward to Book 3, but not to Man Inside which sounds really dark. That story would have to wait for a day when I’m not depressed. 🙂 However the other two stories sound really good as well as funny.

    Thank you for this TJ – they would still be in my TBR pile if you hadn’t rescued this series.

    • Thanks Wave. You who like books with serial killers are afraid of a little prison story? LOL Geesh! I’m very glad that I was able to bring this very entertaining series to everyone’s attention.

      • Hey Teej

        You who like books with serial killers are afraid of a little prison story? LOL Geesh<<

        We all have our Achilles heel and mine is prison and prison stories. I had a job for a few years where my staff managed a lot of construction projects in the prisons here, and I was always afraid that whenever I entered the prisons I would lose my Visitor’s ID and I would never see the light of day ever again.

        Prisons are scary places and they are meant to be, but I still can’t get over my personal unreasonable paranoia about them. 🙁

        • Well that is completely understandable Wave – you gave me the chills just thinking about it. There is a somewhat upbeat thread running throughout the story examining the extraordinary lengths that the 2 main characters go to help each other in this horrific situation. And of course there’s a developing love story. And they amazingly get an HEA!

    • Hi Feliz,
      That’s good to hear. This book gets a bit more serious and deals with some interesting issues, but it’s still entertaining. I hope you enjoy it.

      • Hi, TJ! I got all 3 books and have read them as of last night. I have to say, I think the last story, MAN INSIDE, was my favorite of them all. Thanks again for this review!

        • Hi Missy,
          Wow! That’s so great that you read all 3 books. I really loved them all, but I know what you mean about Man Inside. It was so well done. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the series, and thanks for dropping a comment to let me know how the experience was for you. We reviewers love the feedback.


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