Gay Best Friend (G-A-Y)

Title: Gay Best Friend
Author:  Kim Dare
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
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Genre: Contemporary M/M, BDSM lite
Length:  short story (44 PDF pages)
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Summary Review: This book would have been more enjoyable for me without some of the quirks in Carlton’s characterization. Bryce was a really great protagonist.


Book ten in the G-A-Y Series.

What’s a straight man to do when he can’t stop fantasising about dominating his gay best friend? Should he resist temptation or simply give in and enjoy?

Carlton’s not gay. He knows that, because he’s checked. Internet gay porn does nothing for him. Checking out guys who he’s pretty sure any genuinely gay man would find hot as hell doesn’t even raise a flicker of interest inside him. He wouldn’t mind being gay, but all the available evidence says he’s as straight as they come. So why the hell can’t he stop imagining himself tying up his gay best friend?

Carlton knows Bryce better than he’s ever known any other man. He’s all hard edges and even harder attitude, all sarcastic quips and uncertain temper. He might be gay, but he’s not the kind of guy who’d let another man push him around. He’s not the sort of man who’d humour someone who can’t even decide which way he swings either. And he’s sure as hell not the type to submit to anyone. Or is he?

Carlton’s got lots of questions. It’s time for him to find some answers…


Gay Best Friend was nicely written like all of Kim Dare’s books. The protagonists had been friends since childhood and their friendship had survived Bryce’s coming out to Carlton when they were teens. The guys spent all of their spare time together and it didn’t matter to Carlton that his other friends thought it was strange that his best friend was gay and made no attempt to hide it.

One night they were at the pub watching a game with a few guys from his new job who started teasing him while Bryce was getting  their drinks, and they suggested that he was also gay but afraid to admit it. They insisted that he needed to pick a team. Of course he denied being gay and said that he was comfortable with his sexuality, didn’t need to prove anything to anyone, and there was nothing wrong with his close friendship with Bryce. The teasing became worse and the other men asked Carlton if he had ever kissed Bryce and they demanded he do so to prove he wasn’t gay. When he wasn’t looking directly at them he noticed money was changing hands discreetly – their usual trick when they were betting so he decided to beat them at their own game.  When Bryce returned to the table with the drinks he kissed him, much to the horror of the other guys. He then grabbed their betting pool and shared it with Bryce who very quickly realized what was going on.

Carlton wasn’t sure if he kissed Bryce to prove he wasn’t homophobic or if he really wanted to find out what kissing him would be like. Unfortunately for Carlton, kissing Bryce renewed all the doubts he had been having lately about his sexuality, but only where it concerned his feelings for Bryce. It seemed that he had a bad case being attracted to his good friend, and he had no idea what to do about it. It wasn’t any easier for him later that evening after Bryce went home and he became even more inebriated and decided to take a walk on the wild side. He went into a gay club and watched performances with ‘submissives’ and their ‘Doms’  which in his drunken state he imagined could very well be him and Bryce so he decided to put what he had just seen into practice. Unfortunately for him, when he arrived at Bryce’s apartment much later that evening Bryce was less than welcoming.

What I liked

The characters – Bryce especially. They were both well drawn, but I liked Bryce a lot more. They seemed to have a great friendship.

The prose and dialogue, especially Bryce’s lines – he was acerbic in a fun sense, touchy, sarcastic, tough talking, yet he always indulged Carlton and his stupidity.

Carlton who took a long time to realize that Bryce was only marking time with other men until he came to his senses and figured out what he really wanted.

What I didn’t like

Having read a lot of BDSM books I’m pretty intolerant about books where the protagonists have no safe words and in Gay Best Friend, during Bryce’s and Carlton’s playing, there was no safe word. This was lite D/s play but regardless, whenever someone is restrained it’s always a good idea to have a safe word. Also, readers don’t check the credentials of authors who write BDSM books and many of them follow what they read, without doing further research, which is never a good idea.

Carlton who was supposed to be a ‘top’ or ‘Dom’ was woefully inadequate, and even at times downright silly in this role.

I didn’t like the fact that Carlton kept thinking of  Bryce as “the submissive” during the latter half of the book because it seemed so ridiculous. Suddenly his best friend Bryce had no name? He wasn’t even a real Dom, it was clear that he was play acting and who was the choreographer, the man in charge of the action – and it wasn’t Carlton.

Carlton’s visit to a gay club and conversation with the patrons was laugh out loud funny, although I don’t think it was meant to be.

When they were having sex and Bryce accused him of being closeted Carlton still tried to rationalize that he wasn’t really gay.

To summarize, this was an okay GFY book and fun if you’re into lite BDSM. Gay Best Friend would be of interest fans of this writer and someone looking for a quick read with interesting characters. Although this is part of a series each book is a standalone.



  • I started to read one recenty where the guy started referring to the Dom as “The Dominant” right from the get go, before he even knew if the was gay or straight or into the scene. Yes, same author. I’m afraid I didn’t finish it. 1) he had a name 2) just because a guy teaches martial arts doesn’t automatically make him a dom. It was “the dominant this” “the dominant that”. I guess it’s trying to make a point, but let’s wait until we find out if he IS a dominant first.

    • Tam
      It was so silly that I almost didn’t finish the book but I had to because this was for review. I’ve read my share of D/s books written by authors who practice the lifestyle and know what they’re talking about. They are first of all careful about safe words and second, they never call their partners “the submissive” or “the dominant.”

  • Sirius

    He forgets the name of the person who was his best friend since childhood?! Or did he just decide that the name submissive just suits him better?<<

    Maybe Carlton was trying to get into the role of Dom but I just found that every time he thought about Bryce in that fashion it took me out of the story. 🙁

  • He forgets the name of the person who was his best friend since childhood?! Or did he just decide that the name submissive just suits him better?

    Um, either way I am afraid it will be a cause of eye roll for me so I am hesitant to even try.

    As always thanks for the review 🙂


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