With Benefits

Title:  With Benefits
Author:  Jenny Urban
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary M/M/M
Length:  Nap Sized Dream (36 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Summary Review: With Benefits is on fire. This book is one very hot read that I liked …… a lot!


Ryan takes care of his friend Trevor’s house while he’s out of town, meeting Trevor’s friends and settling into his life. Then Trevor comes home to find Ryan and their friend Ethan in his bed. Ryan only has to watch Trevor and Ethan together to know they’ve been more than friends for a while. But will the three of them be willing to explore the possibilities of being friends with benefits together?


You should read With Benefits when you’re either alone or with a partner. You should not read this book on the train, bus, or any other form of public transportation, or while cooking. 🙂

When I saw the blurb I thought I would be in for a bit of mild stimulation, after all there were three guys in the story, so it stands to reason they would be getting some action. Right? Well, talk about being blown away with some of the hottest sex I have read in a long while. This is not the kind of book you over analyze when you write a review, because what’s to analyze? It’s sexy, pure and simple, but the best part? I really liked it and the three guys, Ethan, Ryan and Trevor who were on fire. I know I have said many times that books with more sex than plot don’t really turn me on. I think With Benefits made a liar out of me but, I hasten to add, only on this one occasion. 🙂

Ryan Hansen was staying in his friend Trevor’s house for 3 months while Trevor was in Europe but Trevor was coming home, and although he was looking forward to seeing him again Ryan was sorry that he would no longer have the house to himself. However grad school would be starting in a couple of weeks and being able to stay with Trevor while going to school would be great and less costly than getting his own place immediately.

Ethan Carver was the bartender in his favourite bar and he already had Ryan’s drink waiting for him when he showed up. Ryan suspected that there was something going on between Ethan and Trevor but neither one had said anything. That night Ryan was too drunk to drive so Ethan drove him to Trevor’s house and the next thing he knew they were making out in Trevor’s bed.

Trevor arrived home the next day as they were going for two, or was it three? That’s when the real fun began as the three guys got it on every which way there was. Does the word “smutty” make you think of something dirty? Well this book should be sold in a brown paper wrapper.

The dialogue was actually quite funky and very funny as only guys can be, well mostly, and they really broke me up with their ribald humour and one-up-man-ship as each tried to outdo and outlast the other. If I have one complaint it was the amount of “smirking” and “snorting” going on in such a short book which made me think of university students in residence running down the halls naked while being pursued by other guys. lol The prose wasn’t bad:

There was some sort of live wire connecting his nipples to his cock, there had to be, because Ryan felt the electric charge run straight from chest to groin.
Ethan chose that moment to do some fucking awesome thing with his tongue, and Ryan’s eyes rolled back in his head. He vaguely heard a zipper open, and then Ethan’s mouth let go with a wet popping sound and Ryan actually whimpered.

Here’s a bit of dialogue :

“But we don’t always get what we want. I think Trevor’s gonna hold you down instead.” Ethan licked again. “I’ll suck you off as long as you don’t move. Move, and it’s over.”

If you’re looking for a book with a traditional HEA or HFN ending this is not that kind of book. The guys just want to have fun in With Benefits, and did they ever! There is actually a relationship of sorts but you have to find out how it all works out by reading the book. I already re-read this book and laughed out loud all over again at the guys’ antics. I never knew there were so many ways to have sex and that three guys could be so inventive, passionate and blazing hot. For those readers who want a book with some substance and a lot of plot, I would suggest that you try another book, but if you want a story that will raise your temperature, make you laugh a lot and wish you knew guys who were this decadent, then With Benefits should be on your immediate “to buy” list.

I realized after I read With Benefits and searched for other books by this author that several months ago I had reviewed another of her books co-written with Elizabeth Silver, Winner Takes All which I’ve linked, and of course WTA also had a lot of torrid sex scenes. The funny thing is that I will soon be reviewing an M/M/M book by this writing pair which was only released a couple of days ago. Looks like I’m in for a really scorching time.

With Benefits is for the discerning 😉 reader who is looking for a fun book with three young and engaging protagonists who love sex more than food. 🙂 Definitely recommended.


  • Hmm, I’ll need to pick this one up – sounds like fun! And also sounds like I can put it in the “education” collection on my Kindle…… 😉

    • Hi Jenny
      I did have good time with this book. I never knew that there were so many ways 3 guys could have sex. 🙂 It really was a fun romp and I’m looking forward to reading Where The Heart Is.

      Thanks for giving me such a wonderful experience.

  • Good thing you mentioned that 20% coupon the other day. Another one for my TBB. I’ll have to head over for some shopping now. Sounds great! 🙂

  • This sounds good. I often keep a dozen or so short, light and sexy reads on my Kindle into to “cleanse the palate” between longer more involved novels. This one sounds like a perfect candidate. Thanks Wave.

    • You’re welcome Diane. Don’t forget – no reading on the subway or you might be embarrassed. 🙂 Let me know how you like this book please. I’m really interested in your reaction.

  • Sounds like a good read. I’ll definitely look it up. There was kind of a dearth of m/m/m for awhile there but it seems to be picking up. Not that I’m into that at all. Nooooo. 😀

    • Well Tam
      This is the third M/M/M that I’ve read in a row and With Benefits is the best and hottest so far. lol The other book by Jenny Urban and Elizabeth Silver is also M/M/M – after that I’ll probably give it a break for a little while.


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