Cold Winters

Title: Cold Winters
Author: AKM Miles
Publisher: MLR Press
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Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Length: Novel (249 PDF pages)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily


When Mason Davenport shows up in Sheriff Cole Winters’ Deerville, Kentucky life in the sleepy rural town changes for everyone. Mason has come looking for Cole, but he didn’t come alone. There are four men who followed him from Chicago and they want to kill him before he can tell what he saw. Cold Winters is filled with romance, fear, beatings, babies, good food, friends, gorgeous countryside, evil men, and some really good sex that turns into everlasting love. Old men with funny sayings, young men who need life lessons, get them, and sweet pretty women who provide good friendship.


When Mason Davenport sees something he shouldn’t he ends up on the run for his life. From Chicago to the small Kentucky town of Deerville Mason is chased and finally caught by some very unsavory characters. Luckily he’s rescued by the very man he’d come to find, Sheriff Cole Winters. Cole is an ex-Army buddy of Mason’s brother and when they meet their lives will never be the same. As they try to find a way to catch the bad guys, help a family in need and keep order in the small town their attraction grows and soon both are hoping for more than just an easy fix to Mason’s problems. With help from an unlikely source will they get the ‘happily ever after’ they’re both looking for?

Cold Winters is a sweet, romantic, feel-good story. The protagonists are both likable, everyday men who are lonely but content, perhaps resigned is a better word for it, with their lives. There’s an instant attraction and good chemistry between them from their first meeting and as the story progresses the author does a good job developing their feelings. Despite the bulk of the story taking place in a short period of time the story doesn’t feel rushed. The sex scenes between Cole and Mason are well-written, hot and also tender and fit the protagonists well.

Aside from Cole and Mason there is a large and varied cast of secondary characters. There’s the stereotypical redneck husband and father who almost loses it all before finally figuring out what’s really important, a band of killers doing what they consider a service for the greater good and the sweet romance between a shy young deputy and the beautiful, restaurant owner with the heart of gold. These are just a few of the many characters in Cold Winters.

There’s a lot going on in this story besides Cole and Mason’s developing romance and Ms. Miles handles it all quite well. None of the subplots eclipsed the main story instead they all blend together to create an interesting story. There is one major complaint I have with the story and that was that I felt two of the characters, Dodge and Ace, were too easily redeemed. They’re first presented in a pretty bad light and so when they quickly turn into new and improved versions of themselves it feels unreal. The author did such a good job of making them unlikable in the beginning that it was hard to believe in their change.

Even with the overall sweetness of the story there is also a dark thread throughout. There are a couple of violent scenes, one of them was especially hard for me to read, and along with the narrow-minded, bigoted views of a couple of the characters made the story a bit uncomfortable to read at times. However, overall I did for the most part enjoy Cold Winters. This is a sweet, maybe a bit too sweet, story of second chances, new beginnings and the power of forgiveness. Those readers who enjoy these kinds of  stories as well as fans of the author are sure to enjoy this one.



  • So Lily
    On the one hand this is a sweet romance but on the other there are some scenes that really turn you off? I’m intrigued. Of course I’m with you about the two bad guys who become good guys too quickly – that would make me mark a book down as well. However overall you seem to have enjoyed this story. This must be the 4th book by this author that you have reviewed. lol

    • Wave, you’re right. I’ve reviewed several of her books, and read even more, and generally enjoy them. They’re well written, entertaining and very sweet/romantic. Always feel good stories.

  • Okay, Lily, you’ve done it. The blurb didn’t do much for me, but the review did, so excellent job! 🙂 The fact that some of the scenes made you uncomfortable really intrigues me. I love it when I have a visceral reaction to words on the page.


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