Title: Stud
Author: Brigit Zahara
Publisher: Extasy Books
Buy link:
Genre: M/M paranormal romance
Length: 73 pages
Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5

A guest review by Jenre

Summary Review
A decent hot read but a rather shallow plot with characters who are one dimensional.


When it comes to sex, street hooker Sasha is a guy to die for. His blow jobs are things of legend, his thing is guaranteed to make you blow. Everybody wants him. But few can afford him.

So when mysterious, magnetic and immortal Kyan offers 5K for one night, Sasha ditches semi-regular and, as it turns out, very jealous, Tanner for a night he’ll never forget.

In more ways than one.


I’m a sucker for a male whore story and the blurb and extract of this novella caught my attention. Whilst the writing was pretty good and the pacing swift, the lack of definition in the characterisation made this no more than a average read for me.

Sasha is a high class street hooker who commands a good price and caters to the rich men who cruise the streets looking for sex. He’s just about to wearily accept a regular, when a beautiful stranger, Kyan, approaches him and offers a great deal of money for Sasha’s body for one night.

The story begins well and I was drawn into the usual story of the male hooker who is getting a bit weary of his life on the streets. When Kyan brings him to his high-class penthouse and proceeds to seduce him, rather than the other way around, Sasha is amazed. It was a good start and I didn’t mind so much that there wasn’t anything unusual or fresh about it. The sex scenes were hot, and I thought the author had done a good job of showing Sasha’s slight disorientation during the sex scenes.

Once the sex is done with, I was rather disappointed when this slipped into a ‘soul-mates’ romance. Kyan has been searching the world/centuries for Sasha and has now found him. Unfortunately this took away any of the romantic tension, and this, coupled with the fact that the characters are defined in simple terms meant that my interest and enjoyment waned towards the end of the book. Sasha is a prostitute and seems only to exist in that bubble, the same with Kyan who is a vampire and that is all. There’s no real background on the characters or anything other than their basic function and role within the novel. In many ways, Tanner, the bad guy, is more of a well rounded character, with at least some background information and justification for the way he acts as he does.

I also found it a little tiresome that the characters were all so exaggerated. Tanner isn’t just jealous, he’s homicidal; Kyan isn’t just good looking, he’s the most attractive man ever; Sasha isn’t just a whore, he’s the best whore there is. Everything just seemed too over the top and therefore unrealistic. I finished the book feeling that, although the book had been entertaining, there was nothing new or exciting about the plot and that it was so unrealistic that I couldn’t engage fully with the characters.

If you’re looking for something light and sexy then this book might appeal. As I said, I found it a quick read but nothing above the ordinary, but that’s just my opinion and others may disagree.


  • I was thinking “maybe” and when checking something in my ARe library I see I already own this. LOL Must have been when I went on that buying binge. It’s sad when you don’t even know which books you own. Sigh. I’ll keep in mind what you said, but sometimes I want a fast read that doesn’t tax my brain overmuch. Maybe be just the ticket.

    • Hi Tam

      but sometimes I want a fast read that doesn’t tax my brain overmuch. Maybe be just the ticket.

      That’s exactly what this book was for me! Hope you enjoy it when you dig it out of the pile.

  • Jen
    I mentioned to you yesterday that I was looking forward to reading your review. However after you indicated that I might not be exactly panting to read Stud after your review, I skimmed it last night and this review is absolutely on the money. I, too, love this type of story but there was no tension in the relationship and the characters seemed like cardboard cut outs to me. As you said, the villain was the only character that was well drawn.

    Great job.


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