Sahara Blue by Jan Irving

Title: Sahara Blue
Author: Jan Irving
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Length: Novel (225 PDF pages)
Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

Nicely written story about two seemingly different men who fall for each other not just once but twice.  Hot sex, suspense, a bit of deceit, a stalker and some really good friends… all combined to make this an engaging story.


A spin-off of Mastering Toby

Seth Hollis lives his passions online under the pseudonym “Lotus” and attracts ex-Navy SEAL Sahara Blue, who avidly follows the erotic tales of passionate submission Seth posts. While they forge a powerful connection, it’s increasingly frustrating, because both men yearn for something real. Seth’s writings have also attracted an unwanted and dangerous admirer, and when the glass window of Seth’s shop is shattered one night, fate sends Sahara Blue to his rescue.

Unaware he has actually met Lotus, Sahara takes Seth under his wing, and that same mysterious and deep attraction flares to life. But Seth’s deranged stalker won’t let up, and Seth and Sahara will have to give up their secrets and learn to trust if they’re going to keep each other safe.


Seth Hollis is a study in contradictions. His life has been shaped by his time in the foster care system and as a result he’s shy and suffers from low self-esteem. He’s young yet mature, a virgin with a highly erotic imagination and is by day a business owner and at night he’s ‘Lotus’, a blogger who shares his secret fantasies of sexual submission. When he meets Sahara Blue online he’s drawn to him and even goes so far as to find out where the other man lives even though he’s certain Sahara would never be interested in a plain guy such as him. All his assumptions are thrown out the window however when Sahara comes to his rescue one night when his shop is vandalized.

Sahara Blue, an ex-Seal who works as a bodyguard now, is instantly attracted to Seth and quickly determines to make him his all the while unaware that Seth is also Lotus, the subject of many of Sahara’s fantasies. However before they can move forward they’ll have to deal with the danger surrounding Seth as someone else is also determined to make Seth his as well. As the danger escalates they’ll need to open up to each and accept the help of  friends if they want to outwit a very determined, and deadly, stalker. In the end though they’ll discover that there’s no price too high to pay for love.

Sahara Blue is a spin-off of Mastering Toby but can be read as a standalone with no problems. I’ve not read the first book and was fine with this one although now I do wish I’d read them in order since the protagonists from that story caught my attention. The storyline, a tough masterful man swooping in to rescue and protect the innocent young man, was interesting if a bit predictable. I liked the protagonists as well as the circle of friends that gather round to help keep Seth/Lotus safe from his stalker. There is suspense and danger throughout and the author does a good job of showing that although Seth isn’t the biggest guy out there he can take care of himself, and does so quite well in fact.

There are quite a few sex scenes in Sahara Blue including a brief menage (m/m/m) towards the end. The scenes are well written and very hot but they don’t overwhelm the story. I did have a slight niggle and that was about Seth’s total lack of experience and Lotus’ extreme sexuality. I just found it a bit strange how a young man with no sexual experience could also be a very popular blogger about sexual submission to the point of having two different men falling for him. Despite that for the most part it was interesting.

As I mentioned there is a nice cast of secondary characters in this story. Jared and Toby, from Mastering Toby, along with a few of Sahara’s other friends and also Seth’s friend and employee all come together to help Seth. And when things go wrong for one of them the others all pull closer together still. The bad guy of the story, Seth’s stalker, isn’t too developed but works in the storyline.

There are some scenes that felt a bit improbable but for the most part this was an entertaining story. Sahara and Seth’s relationship does have a D/s feel to it but it’s very lite. Aside from the mention of restraints it’s mainly in the characters attitudes and so shouldn’t be a problem for those not into reading D/s stories.

Overall Sahara Blue is an enjoyable read. The writing is solid, the characters likable and plot interesting. Fans of the author and those readers looking for a romance that is sexy and has a bit of suspense also will enjoy reading this story.

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