Fish & Chips has just been released

and can be purchased from Dreamspinner NOW. I guess they wanted to get ahead of all you people wanting to storm their website. lol.

20 signed print copies are available on a first come first served basis so if you hurry you might still get one. Good luck!


  • Finished the book just a bit ago and LOVED it. Bought my print copy last night and requested the signed version. Hope I get in. I also requested Sticks & Stones (and hope for a signed version as well, but they may all be gone) as somehow or another I missed that in print. 🙁

    • Lynn
      I put in a request yesterday for the other books (signed) and they are looking into whether they still have any left. I’ll let you know. If they don’t I might suggest that this would be a good time to have the authors sign new copies of the older books. 🙂

      • I’m sensing you might need this.

        Abigail Roux
        P.O. Box 552
        Wallburg, NC 27373-0552

        Include an envelope with return postage with that puppy and I’ll put anything you want on it.

          • Lynn
            I ordered signed copies all three books and I hope to get them next week because they were sent out priority mail. However, I forgot that DSP has a sale on until the end of this month and I could have received a 25% discount on my orders. Oh well, at least I’m getting what I want. 🙂

        • Abigail

          I’m waiting to hear back from Elizabeth re the availability of signed copies of Sticks & Stones and Cut & Run. If there are none available I’ll buy the books and have them shipped to you, but we’ll have to make other arrangements about the envelope with return postage since USPS doesn’t accept Canadian stamps. lol

          We’ll work something out as long as you have Pay Pal. 🙂

  • Hmmm 51 downloads of the epub file already. I don’t think I will get a signed copy.

    I am saving it for my train trip to Germany coming Thursday.

    • Ingrid
      How on earth do you know how many downloads there have been of any book?

      I can’t wait for my print copy although I also have an electronic one. You must tell me what you think about the story..

  • I bought both the ebook and the print book. I have the extreme honor of having my Sticks & Stones signed by both Madeleine & Abigail. I hope I’m one of the first 20, would love to have another signed book by them.

  • Thanks for the awesome heads up, Wave! Just bought my copy. I know what I’m going to be doing for the rest of tonight… 😀


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