His for the Holidays

Title: His for the Holidays
Authors: Josh Lanyon, Harper Fox, L.B. Gregg, ZA Maxfield
Publisher: Carina Press
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novel, 493 pages
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5




Spicing Up the Season

Hope brightens a bleak Edinburgh December. A man gets a second chance with his high school crush. A decade-long game of cat and mouse comes to a passionate conclusion. And Santa Claus drives a red muscle car. Heat up your holidays with this collection of four festive tales from some of the top talent in the male/male genre.


Mistletoe at Midnight by LB Gregg – 5 stars (Jenre)

Summary Review: Get into the holiday spirit with this superb second chance at love story.

Nine Lights Over Edinburgh by Harper Fox – 5 stars (Wave)

Summary Review: A Christmas story with two unusual protagonists who are tough as nails but soft where it counts.

I Heard Him Exclaim by Z.A. Maxfield – 5 stars (Aunt Lynn)

Summary Review: A great read about two men finding each other when they need it most.

Icecapade by Josh Lanyon – 5 stars (TJ)

Summary Review: A very well written, surprisingly amusing and clever game of cat and mouse between an ex diamond thief and the FBI agent who he gave the slip to 10 years prior, after one very hot night together.



Carina’s offering of holiday stories reflects the calibre of the authors that are included in this anthology. Each story, which is reviewed separately, is distinctive and different and will provide hours of reading enjoyment during the holidays and at any time.



  • Hiya Wave! So, I had to pop back in and let all the reviewers know that I bought this, read it and absolutely loved each story! Seldom do I buy anthologies and not get at least a tiny bit disappointed in at least one story…but this was SO not the case. His for the Holidays was fantastic from beginning to end…kudos to all the authors. I loved each story for different reasons, and couldn’t have asked for more (well I could, but that’s cause I am greedy and want more from all the guys lol!) GREAT JOB Josh, ZAM, Harper and LB!

    • Hi Elaine
      Isn’t this anthology the best? Of course I love Harper’s story but all of them were equally deserving of the 5 star rating.

      Despite all the problems a couple of days ago downloading this anthology M/M readers still managed to make this book Carina’s No. 1.

  • I didn’t even receive an automated response to my email. The only way I knew link was working again was by reading it here. Thanks ya’ll. I’ve got my copy now.

    • I didn’t get any responses to my 2 emails, either. However, no charge has hit my bank account yet. I will not be attempting to download again. I will wait until it arrives at a reliable vendor–Amazon, perhaps. It may not be politic to say, but Carina is going on my NFA list.

      • Buda
        I don’t think Carina realizes what a huge customer service problem this is. Maybe initially they weren’t aware, but once customers started emailing them they should have taken immediate steps to post publicly (on their website, Twitter, Facebook etc) so that clients would know rather than being in the dark for 24 hours. Pissed off customers don’t buy your products and they spread the word. 🙁

  • Guys
    I’ve done what I can. I have written Carina again this morning and apparently the technical problem hasn’t been fixed but more important, the communication problem is the one that needs to be addressed. We can all understand technical issues sometimes cause massive failures, but there is no excuse for Carina not contacting the customers and posting something on their website as we have suggested. Obviously if I hear anything further I will post it here.


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