Taking the Chance by Trina Lane

Title: Taking the Chance
Author: Trina Lane
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/Sports
Length: Novella (133 PDF pages)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

A sweet, if slightly predictable, story about a closeted sports star and the man who shows him that taking a chance on love is well worth it.


Living your life without love means not living a life at all.
Robert Lansing is at the top of his game in the competitive arena of mixed martial arts. He has a loving and supportive family, but no one to call his own. Justin Floyd has no family and a number of ‘friends’.

When they cross paths their engines rev and sparks fly. Love and lust unite these two men searching for that which completes them. Has the search ended or will it all backfire?


Robert Lansing is a mixed martial arts fighter looking forward to a championship season when he meets Justin Floyd, a paramedic who works part-time in a car restoration shop. As they work together on Robert’s car an attraction develops that soon neither man can deny. But Robert is deeply in the closet due to his profession and wary of anything more than a quick, anonymous encounter. Amidst the pressures of preparing for the championship fight, beginning a relationship in hiding and unexpected family issues Robert and Justin fall in love. As they struggle to find a way to balance everything going on in their lives they will come to learn that the most important things in life are love and family. It may be a painful lesson, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Taking the Chance is a sweet and fairly uncomplicated story despite the storyline. Robert and Justin are both likable men and even though I’m not a huge fan of the ‘closeted athlete’ theme I enjoyed reading the book. Overall it’s a simple, easy read and even though the potential was there for lots of conflict and angst-filled moments it never really went down that road. There are some emotional moments, especially towards the end of the story, but for the most part it’s just a feel-good story. The cast of secondary characters is varied and interesting and they all add something to the story.

Although Robert has been deeply closeted until this time as he slowly comes out everyone is supportive and wonderful about it. This aspect of the story doesn’t quite ring true nevertheless worked well within the framework of the book. It’s a shame the reader never gets to see how the protagonists would handle a truly negative reaction as that would have added an interesting layer to the story. As it is the book is sweet, quite sexy at times and has, until the end, a happy, upbeat feel to it.

My biggest problem with the story comes at the end. I don’t think it was necessary for the author to have given Justin and Robert their HEA in quite that way. I won’t spoil the ending by giving details but I’ll just say that it felt predictable, too convenient and like an easy out to take. That said it was overall an enjoyable story and fans of the author and readers looking for an uncomplicated, easy romance will enjoy Taking the Chance.



  • Great review, Lily! This,

    as he slowly comes out everyone is supportive and wonderful about it. This aspect of the story doesn’t quite ring true

    I see a lot in m/m fiction. It used to make me incredibly impatient as a reader (and then I got more tolerant as an author when I realized how hard plotting can be, ha, ha!), but it’s still slightly disappointing when I encounter it. I’m with you on wanting to see how characters would handle a realistically negative reaction.

    The mixed martial arts aspect would be a huge draw for me. How in-depth does this story get? Are there training scenes and actual matches?

    • Thanks, Val. 🙂

      I’m not looking for an awful homophobic encounter but it would have been realistic to see at least one person being a bit negative.

      There are some scenes at the gym but the big fight is only mentioned in passing.


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