Hungry for the Holidays Recipes

You will be delighted to learn that Josh Lanyon, ZA Maxfield, Harper Fox and LB Gregg have written a cookbook containing 20 pages of mouthwatering recipes, following their incredibly successful anthology His for the Holidays which is the No. 1 bestseller at Carina Press. The recipes are in a little book they called Hungry for the Holidays and I have enclosed a graphic of the cover below. These mouthwatering recipes are sure to please any chef or would-be chef:

and here’s the menu:



Hors D’Oeuvres



I have linked the authors’ little cookbook. Enjoy!


  • Do you know how hungry (and thirsty) I am after looking at these recipes? And I just got back from dinner at Outback!
    I will definitely be trying these out thru the Holidays, what a great idea! One can never have too many cookbooks……….
    Thanks to all the authors!!!!


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