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Val Kovalin is a new M/M author whose first books were released this year. Here’s Val’s profile

I live in the western United States and like miniatures, minimalism, unusual junk, and animals of all sizes, especially reptiles. I started writing fiction in 2008 and my first gay romance novel Trinity Trespass was accepted by Loose Id and published this past August. Since then my novella Wicked Cool was published by Amber Allure.

I like humor, strong plots, and complicated characters in the books I read and hope to offer you the same.

Here’s the blurb for Val’s first book Trinity Trespass which received very good reviews:

A secret war rages throughout the southwestern USA and Mexico between demons and angels, all of whom are trying to pass for human. For Parnell, a demon living in Las Vegas, survival depends upon following orders and resisting the allure of any relationship that might bind him to another in sexual slavery.

In his competitive world, he regards other demons such as his lover Navarro as potential opponents. As for the angels, he knows them as the Enslavers whose evil nature compels them to exploit the drug trade in Mexico. When Navarro and Parnell go to the no-man’s land of New Mexico to capture a renegade angel-demon hybrid named Chavez, the three of them enter a triangle of powerful but uneasy sexual attraction.

Chavez hopes to seize psychic power on the auspicious day of Easter and use it to kill his current master. Parnell and Navarro must prevent this or face death and the return of their souls to Hell. To save himself, Parnell must decide whom to trust, whom to kill, and whether he can find the strength to give his heart to another.

Val’s newest book is Wicked Cool. The blurb:

Junk removal specialist Stu Van der Meer has been burned before in love affairs with corporate professionals who underestimate him as a blue-collar guy who’s good with his hands. When he meets property manager Brian Hawthorne, Stu knows he shouldn’t get involved with him, especially since he senses that Brian might be in serious trouble.

Stu, however, can’t ignore their immediate sexual chemistry. He also can’t deny his curiosity about Brian’s secret past, specialized knowledge, and unusual accent. Brian has something to hide, and it tests the limits of each man’s willingness to trust the other as Stu pursues the truth.

Is Brian a criminal? A victim? Is he only using Stu as a distraction from his fears? As their relationship deepens, Stu must decide what risks he will take to protect them when Brian faces a threat from the past…


Val’s new work-in-progress for Amber Allure is part of the upcoming Masquerade series of stand-alone novellas that have an overall theme of one man meets the love of his life at a masquerade ball. Her story, titled Ink Illusions, is a contemporary romance about a gay man who unexpectedly finds himself parenting somebody else’s kid. The story’s other elements include south Texas, Judaism, an ex-convict, tattoos and body art, Asatru (Norse paganism), and guinea pigs.


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  • Val, having had iguanas, lizards, snakes, and turtles as pets, I can understand the appeal of reptiles. I’ve also had pet guinea pigs and hamsters (and goats, horses, chickens, ducks, cows…) I’m also a big fan of yours. I loved Wicked Cool and hope for the editing smoke to clear soon so that I can read Trinity Trespass. New story on the horizon? Congrats!

    • Wow, thank you, Eden! That is immensely flattering to have you say you’re a fan! The admiration is mutual. 🙂 And it sounds like you’ve had even more interesting pets than I’ve had! I’ve always thought goats would be fun to keep.

  • Hi Val *waves*
    However do you come up with those mixes? Tattoos and guinea pigs, Judaism and Asatru…do you know the saying: Your mind’s like a magpie’s nest? Everytime you shake it, there’s something shiny tumbling out…

    • Hi, Feliz! I really like that magpie nest metaphor. I have so many ideas that I want to explore, and the more I research, the more the ideas pile up! The Judaism and Asatru do not surprise me too much because there’s nothing like being raised by atheists to get someone like me interested in religion. 😉 Now the guinea pigs and the tattoos, those were unexpected, ha, ha!


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