Friday Guys December 17

guy no. 19


guy no. 16



guy no. 15



guy no. 14



guy no. 13


guy no. 12


guy no. 11



guy no. 10



guy no. 9



guy no. 8



guy no. 7



guy no. 6



guy no. 4



guy no. 3



guy no. 2



guy no. 1


guys no. 1A



  • wow, I’m really late (got tied up with other stuff and it wasn’t as fun as it sounds :-)) but my first choice 18 is still available.

    • Jeffrey
      I missed you. I thought you got buried under a snowstorm in Buffalo and I was about to send out the RCMP – but then I thought … he might think they are there for another purpose. lol

      I hate to tell you but there’s no #18 – my numbering went haywire. However if you meant the guy at the top #19, he’s is all yours to cuddle with tonight – you’ll need the warmth. 🙂

      • I meant 16 but I didn’t closely enough. Then again, who’s really looking at the numbers? 🙂

        I’m originally from Buffalo so I’m hearty stock… A little (or a lot) of snow doesn’t really bother me. But let’s say it does so that you send down a bunch of hunky RCMP. I promise to treat them with all of the respect they deserve and I’ll return them in a better and happier place than when you send them. 🙂

  • Happy Friday Wave! Since Shemar is taken, I am gonna pretend for a moment I am NOT as old as I am…..and ask for #10 please….cause he is flippin’ adorable ;)…..Have a great weekend everyone.

    • C
      I’m getting the message that you go for the guys with muscles. Luke, your favourite has a lot of muscles, just like No. 14 who is going home with you. 🙂

  • Oh hell,2, 7 and 16 are taken…. this is what happens when I finally had a day to sleep in (which I really, really needed) and it was a Friday. Guess I’ll just have to give Wes Ramsey an emergency call from my speed dial. 😉

  • Boy, do I love Fridays!!
    #4, is yummy.

    #3, I miss seeing Wentworth every week on Prison Break.

    But I will take #7 Cam(this picture does not do him justice though)have you seen him in Burlesque? He has a great ass.

  • I think #1 is still available. But, holy cow, he’s probably young enough to be my …..ummmm, co-worker. I’m really tired today; he can re-charge my battery!


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