“I Had a Thought …. ” by Patric Michael

What does Patric Michael have in common with most gay men and straight women? The answer: They love the Friday Guys on the site and Patric tells you why HE loves the guys. I never knew …. I always thought it was the hair or the face or the six pack – never mind. 🙂 In The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-n-Furter sings about anticipation and I can understand his lyrics and their relevance to Patric’s message in this post.


During the past month or so, dear sweet Wave sent me links to her Friday guys to cheer me up (thank you sweetheart!), and as I stared and ogled all the cuteness, I realized why I liked her guys far more than most I see on the net, and a question occurred to me:

 What does United Parcel Service, the marketing department for any manufacturing company, Christmas, and the guys on Jessewave’s blog have in common?

 The answer of course is packaging!

 UPS is obvious because unless she used the proper packaging, your yearly gift of Grandma’s rum filled Christmas fruitcake is going to arrive looking like it had been run over three or four times by an eighteen wheeler, or dripping rum sauce at the corners and smelling like a brewery.

 The marketing department is obvious because without the proper packaging to entice you, no one is going to buy their brand new, gotta-have-it, spangly new product.  Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t see at least a picture of what’s inside before you brought it home.

 On the other side of the coin, Christmas is obvious because of what you cannot see.  Where’s the surprise and the joy of discovery if everything under the Christmas tree was wrapped in clear cellophane?  (Knowing that squashed, smelly, drippy package the UPS guy is holding on your doorstep was a fruitcake on the other hand….  But I digress.) 🙂

 And of course the wonderful array of “packages” every Friday on Jessewaves blog.

 When I was younger and had only just discovered the joy of man-gazing, the Internet and it’s wealth of imagery wasn’t even a figment of anyone’s imagination.  Worse yet, I went to a school that had no athletic department at all which meant all of the boys in my adolescent fantasies were endowed exactly as I was because I had no opportunity to even see another man’s junk until many years later.  Put another way, I had no idea what was in the package

 And you’ve got to know that for a gay boy newly awakened to his sexuality, finding out what was behind the bulge is possibly the single most important question of all.

 Now of course, one single query to any search engine will return a million images of cute men.  Not to mention not so cute, young, old, large small, fit or fat men.  Whatever you are into.  The point is there is very little left to speculation anymore.  Now that I am older and the novelty has worn off after seeing such a wide variety of equipment, in real life and far more in pictures, I find that sort of sad.  With the plethora of naked men pictures available to us comes a loss of curiosity, of anticipation.  Ever wonder what a cut (or uncut) cock looks like?  There are hundreds of images on the ‘net.  Ever wonder if your favorite male movie star is a “grower and not a show-er?”  Chances are there’s a picture of him in all his glory.

 In this age of instant gratification we’ve lost the opportunity to exercise that most creative part of ourselves; our imagination.  Sometimes that’s good, I admit.  Sometimes imagination can go too far and reality can be like a cold slap, but it is imagination which fuels our fantasies (and our stories) and makes looking at pictures of hot guys somehow more intimate.  More real, perhaps, which ultimately makes the men we fantasize about somehow more attainable.

 In all honesty, and I suppose I’m in the minority, I actually prefer looking at pictures of guys when they are wearing something.  Just enough to give them a bulge, a package, because like Christmas, sometimes the greatest joy is in the unwrapping.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Hey Patric,

    I can tell you you are NOT the only one who likes to let my imagination go wild now and then. That sometimes it is the mystery of it all that is intriguing and so attractive.

    I mean once you open up that Xmas package and find out what’s inside the package doesn’t the excitement you had BEFORE you tore the wrapping wane?

    I hope you are doing okay.

    • Lily
      If you check my Weekly Update post which just uploaded, you will notice that there a special project for Wishing on a Blue Star, the anthology to which all of Patric’s friends contributed stories. I hope you will join us on Friday January 21

  • Thanks, Wave! Those pictures are so sexy on your site. I love all your Friday Hot Guys, too, naked or clothed. Yum, all those muscles and beautiful eyes (what I always notice first) and if they have long hair, I’m a sucker. I found a Yahoo group that just has pics of men with long hair! Gotta love it…

  • I’ve always been partial to leaving something to the imagination in pictures, so I agree with you, Patric. And the Friday guys are great ogling material (not to mention, often inspirational)


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