Mariah the Christmas Moose

Title: Mariah the Christmas Moose
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Story (45 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

A sweet holiday story about a teacher and a police officer and the unusual matchmaker that brings them together.


This title is part of the 2010 Advent Calendar: Naughty or Nice

Kyle’s mother thinks he’s crazy. He’s just moved from Florida to Anchorage, Alaska for an elementary school teaching job. In December. She may not be far off base. Spooked by a “monster” outside his new house, Kyle calls for the police, only to discover that his attacker is a moose named Mariah. More visits from the moose yield more visits from the same sexy policeman, and the two men explore ways to stay warm in the frozen North.


Kyle’s just recently moved from Florida to Alaska to take a job as a teacher. Living in a place so different from home is taking a bit to get used to and when he first spots a moose in his backyard he’s sure it’s a man-eating monster of some kind. A frantic call to 911 brings super sexy policeman Russell to his house. More visits from the moose, named Mariah by the neighbors, brings more visits from Russell and soon the two men are dating and falling in love. All thanks to Santa’s newest helper, Mariah the Christmas Moose.

This short story is a sweet, easy read. No angst or problems just two men meeting and hitting it off right away. There is quite a bit of humor throughout the story and both of the main characters are likable, nice guys. While not completely in the closet Kyle is very conscious of the fact that some parents might not want him to teach their kids so he’s a bit worried about starting something with Russell. But Russell’s reassurances and the general niceness of the people he meets helps him realize that things will be alright for him. This is a short story so it’s more a brief look at the beginnings of a new, and hopefully long lasting, love.

Kyle and Russell’s first interactions are quite funny but when Russell takes Kyle on their first date it was very sweet and romantic and ended in a very sexy encounter. One of the reasons that I enjoy reading stories by Andrew Grey is for the sweet couples he creates. Once again he’s offering the reader an engaging pair of nice, everyday men falling in love. No major issues or angst-filled moments to deal with just a sweet, feel good story.

I also enjoyed the author’s descriptions of Alaska. It’s an interesting but rarely used location. Overall this was a nicely written story that is sure to please the author’s fans as well as readers looking for an uncomplicated, fun romance.


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