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In the past you, our authors, have been outstanding. This year I can’t find a word to describe your generosity – you have given and given again and we all as readers appreciate your generosity. I don’t believe that any other sub genre in the “Romance” genre has such wonderful authors as we do and we are very lucky to have you. I view our relationship with our authors as symbiotic in the best sense, and this was demonstrated by the number of books donated on Christmas Eve.

Many of you have been writing to find out who won your books and I understand that you want to get yours out to the winner(s) as soon as possible.  This is a huge project by any standard and we are working as fast as we can, given that yesterday was Christmas day and the three of us who undertook this project – Aunt Lynn, Cole and yours truly – were working under several trying circumstances which did not include the fact that we were celebrating the holidays with friends and family (who can be trying of themselves). 🙂 The response this year has been unprecedented and you can check the number of comments on the post to see how many we have to wade through. Our biggest problem this year is that many readers, despite my request in the initial post on December 24, did not leave their email addresses. This made the job 10 times harder since it took Lynn and Cole sometimes 30 minutes to track down a single winner of a book. So if you’re wondering why it’s taking us 48 hours or more (has it only been two days)? to contact you that’s the main reason. This is not an excuse but an explantion.

I will personally be responding to those authors whose books I gave out so if you were lucky enough to be within the first 50 you will be hearing from me today. Cole and Aunt Lynn will also be in touch with those authors whose books they have awarded to readers. I will also be on the site today so if you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment for me. We have to resolve a few double awards and I may be contacting you to ask you to stretch once more by giving up another book  if we made an error. I hope you will be as gracious as you have been throughout this process. I know you’re getting impatient but it’s only been 48 hours since we started – although one author who shall be nameless because I don’t want Aunt Lynn or Cole to hurt her – suggestecd that we would probably be working on giving out these books when Easter rolls around. Eeeek!! lol.

Thank you once again authors for your patience, and most of all for your generosity. M/M readers are very lucky to have you and we’re very proud of you. You are exceptional, not only as authors but also as people who wanted to give back, and you did.

Damn, I’m going to have to hide that “negative” review I wrote last night. Kidding!!!

A special “thank you” to Ethan Day and he knows why. Sorry, Ethan, but I didn’t promise not to say anything about that large cheque you sent me. ^-^ It was good of you to do that in place of the jock you were going to auction off to raise money for my favourite charity – me. 🙂


  • A big thank you from me to everyone who made this possible. To the author who were so generous and to the team who organized this. I won Out of the Closet by KevaD and I enjoyed it tremendously. As I was rather late to comment, I didn’t expect to win anything but this way I ended out reading a great book that never would have come across my attention otherwise.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • I really am in awe of all the work the giveaway was this year. That only THREE of you managed it is mind-boggling!

    If you decide to do it again next year, I really do think it should be called “the Great Christmas Book Pounce, 2011” *hee* Because those books DO get pounced, right out of the gate! LOL

    Congrats, Wave, Aunt Lynn and Cole, for pulling it off! I’m thinking YOU deserve prezzies. *nod nod*

    With that in mind, any of you three lovelies let me know if I’ve written anything you’d like to have. I’m happy to email whatever in .pdf (I know, I know, but it’s all I have) to you. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! That’s very generous of you. Also, Thank You for donating so many books to the giveaway. It is certainly generous to donate a book for a reader to win, but to donate several series’ like you did and then offer to hand out an extra book when we screwed it up was wonderful of you. I hope you have an exciting and safe New Year!

      • Meh. With 800+ comments to deal with, the least I could do was offer up a second copy. *grins* At least it wasn’t ME having to deal with all the craziness! LOL

        Hope the rest of your holiday season is as lovely as you’ve been throughout this whole thing!


    • Tis
      Now you know why I still haven’t reviewed your books. They’re coming in January. Sorry. 🙂

      Thanks for all your donations Tis, despite personal trials and tribulations mere hours before the cut off for donations. tee hee. I AM sympathetic, really. lol.

  • Wave, I have a sneaking suspicion I left the wrong email address in my post when I offered up a copy of (what did I offer?) I think it was my Christmas ebook By Any Other Name.

    The correct email address is:

    I apologize for my inability to keep track of anything, including the proper spelling of my email address. My head is bolted to my shoulders, but it isn’t helping.

  • Again to all the authors that donated books, I would like to say Thank You for your continuing generosity….and to Wave, Aunt Lynn and Cole? What a generous donation of YOUR time too…cause on the Holidays all I have the time to do is wrap and watch the 8 year old unwrap 😉

    Thanks to all of you that are here all year long to make my life SO much richer! My favorite authors, reviewers AND new friends are all in one place and I love it here! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and (upcoming) Boxing Day 🙂

  • Thanks to all the very generous authors and you guys (Wave, Aunt Lynn, Cole) for putting this together!

    A thought how the readers can also say Thanks is by going to places like Amazon or Goodreads and leave a review or place tabs for the author so their stories can reach a larger audience.

  • Once again, I have to comment on how wonderful this site is for so many reasons: Wave, Aunty Lynn, Cole (you’re awesome!), guest reviewers and all the wonderful authors who take the time not to just write such great books but who actually take the time to come on this site and participate. It’s like one big giant online family! This giveaway was so fantastic and it was definitely worth getting up at such a godawful hour on Christmas Eve because I got the books I have been wanting for a while now! Thank you, thank you, everyone here!

    • Angelica
      Thank you for saying that this site is like one big online family. When I started it that’s what my objective was and I’m very happy that this group is making such an impact.

      We appreciate all the authors but also our loyal readers who drop by every day for no reason other than to say hi and (hopefully) comment on the posts and reviews which we prepare carefully with you in mind. Although we love the authors the reviews are for the readers and if we don’t think a book is up to par we say so, not unkindly, but it’s clear from the narrative why we rated a book the way we did. I hope that more of you readers will comment on the reviews (not only on the ones that are 5 stars but the 3 stars as well) because we do this job for you.

      Happy holidays everyone and a safe New Year.

  • I want to say “THANK YOU” to all the authors, Jessewave and Aunty Lynn who generously contribute books and gift certificates to us readers and also to Jessewave, Aunty Lynn, Cole and all the helpers who graciously put this “Christmas Wish” list up and patiently taking care the readers choice/needs during Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing Day in this wonderful blog

    Without you,none of this would be possible.

  • I just wanted to thank everyone who has responded to wish Wave, Lynn, and I well. Your generosity authors, and your thanks readers, have made this a wonderful holiday. Even though it has been tons of work (and continues to be), I know that I’m glad for it and I would help do it again. Its worth it to help make your holidays special. So to you winners: Enjoy your books! And to you authors: You’ve made 2010 one of the best as I got to go along on a thousand adventures with your characters. Thank you!


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