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We all know Ethan Day and some of us love him or his writing, or both. Occasionally he graces this site with his presence and his strangely rational view of life, love and the next hot man. 🙂 So with money in hand I approached him with a proposition to write occasional posts for the site. I promised that there would be no fixed schedule because we all know you can’t pin a ‘player’ down, and he is definitely one of the hottest players around.

So with this long introduction I wish to announce that Ethan Day will be spending a bit more time with all of you who drop by this site. He promised to write something every three months or so about the state of the universe as he sees it. No money exchanged hands but I did promise a few gifts in return for him agreeing to take us to the next level (of what, I have no idea).  He murmured something about long muscular legs that never quit, soulful eyes you can lose yourself in, and plump lips that give new meaning to enticing, but somehow I don’t think he and I are on the same page – or maybe we are. 🙂

Ethan has written many memorable books. I can’t really categorize them except to say that they are very different from what’s available on the market today, and you wouldn’t find another author who could make you laugh and cry at the same time and then laugh all over again. His characters are unusual and I can’t describe them either, but they come alive on the pages of his novels in a way that I rarely see, and reflect his own unique approach to looking at men, life, and love with the improper stranger.

I would like to welcome Ethan to the site although it seems as if he has never left since he was here last. 😉 I’m sure we will have a lot of fun with him –  just as much fun as he has toying with us.

Ethan Day’s Contact Information

email: ethan@ethanday.com


website: www.ethanday.com


  • Hey Wave, Yes Ethan baby and I are indeed writing something together – it’s gonna be awesome… and I’ll definitely be stopping by more often!! I’ve had an insane quarter at work but I’m determined to make 2011 the year of writing dangerously (or at least furiously!)

    • Hi Geoff,

      When I heard that you and Ethan were working together on a project I was so happy! I can’t wait to read the amalgamation of your two amazing imaginations 🙂 . I’m sure it will be incredible, as well as the next Fathom Five (which I can’t wait to read)!

    • Geoff
      Of the two of you I don’t know who is crazier. The melding of your two minds is really scary. When is your first collaboration set to hit? I’m not sure that my heart will be able to take the power surge of adrenalin.

  • Thank you Wave for letting Ethan come over to play here. Ethan keeps me laughing till all I do is smile…LOL. And, remember people, wearing body glitter doesn’t necessarily make you look “hot”…LOL.

  • Wave, huge kudos to you for doing this. You’re going to make all the Ethanites very, very happy!

    And we’re going to have to move Ethan’s Play House — or is that Ethan’s Mad House — here as well.

    This is gonna be a riot… it already is.

    And seriously, how the hey am I supposed to get any reviews written, books read, files moved or proofing done? I’m going to descend into the world of Ethan and never get out. 😉

    • Ethan’s Barbie Dream House! I’m kickin’ that bitch out and stealing Ken…unfortunately we’ll have to get him a strap-on – thanks to that evil castrating Mattel but he’ll look so pretty hanging on my arm. : )

      • Oh the visions those words conjure.
        Y’know, sometimes I think you’re like a magician… pulling words out of the air and turning them into really awesome–and sometimes, just a teensy-weensy, um… not scary… uh, Fascinating–visuals

      • Ethan’s Barbie Dream House! I’m kickin’ that bitch out and stealing Ken…unfortunately we’ll have to get him a strap-on – thanks to that evil castrating Mattel but he’ll look so pretty hanging on my arm. : )

        Jesus. That was so Boone! 🙂

  • Well, that was absolutely freaking hysterical! I am so sorry I missed the fun last night. Wave, it was a brilliant idea to bring Ethan on – although we need to make sure he isn’t in here playing all the time when he should be writing books!!!

    “We’re not usually this crazy. I’m the sedate one and I don’t allow any funny monkey comments here.”

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to call you out on that one, babe. You’re just as crazy as the rest of them! I LOVE THIS SITE!!! So fun!

    Ethan, I’m so glad we get to hear from you on a regular basis. You crack me up! And LiF? Surpassed all my very high expectations. Its your best book yet, in my opinion. Loved it!!!!!

    • Hiya Lisa! Apart from Wave, you were the only other person to threaten life and limb if things hadn;t worked out so well for Boone and Wade, lol. Happy to see there are currently no hits out on me. : )

      • No hits Ethan – I would only maybe break your legs. You need your hands for typing!!! Wave was crying about LiF being too long, but I would have been happy with another 300 pages! Awesome! Oh, I like your new web site – are you going to update this one? LOL

        • “I like your new web site – are you going to update this one? LOL”

          LOL! Yes. Reese will actually be doing the updates about once or twice a month when I send her a list. Therefore the site will remain fresh.

          The blog is all on me though : ) But it’s really easy to use, that makes chances good I’ll keep up with it.

  • Golly, there was no way I could keep up with this thread. Although I stopped randomly and saw a message from Cole… something about monkeys’ faces!!! This is gonna be a house of fun!

  • Okay, see what I miss when I take a day off? Mass hysteria and hilarity — balls, boy bands, BUXOM, daddies, monkey business, flinging hair and big packages.

    I want into whatever you boys are doing. I can manage MEAT. Hmmmm…not sure that sounds right. 🙂 And I am expert in weighing balls, so just let me know when and where and I’ll bring my new digital scale. 😉

    • Lynn
      I’m sorry but you should know that this site is never predictable and you can’t take a whole day off.

      I did what I thought was a very “professional” post about Ethan’s new role, and then the whole thing exploded in my face. You will have to take him in hand. That doesn’t sound right – maybe Buda should take Ethan in hand. 🙂 He’s already weighing, testing, tasting and tenderly massaging some merchandise for his post. 🙂 I can’t wait for it and he’d better not disappoint me. You could have a key role doing the comparables. lol.

      I don’t know that you want to be part of a tour band called MEAT. I think you lack some basic equipment. 😉

      Clearly I have lost control over everything so I’m handing Ethan over to you guys. I have this picture in my mind of him flinging his hair from side to side. OMG.

  • “H: 🙂 wonderful news 🙂
    W: I’m not sure yet for whom. We’ll have to wait and see. :)”

    LOL We didn´t have to wait much: wonderful for everybody. I will count this as the first (MEAT) Ethan´s post (with a little help from everyone) 🙂


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