You’re invited to a NYE Party!!!!

I decided this year that I would host a virtual New Year’s Eve party and invite all of our wonderful readers here at Gay Book Reviews to attend. Since I didn’t win the big lottery on Christmas Eve, I can’t afford to fly you all to Las Vegas, Hawaii, Paris or somewhere equally exotic, but I can host a virtual party you can attend from the comfort of your computer chair. I apologise for the last minute notice, but being virtual, shopping for an outfit is really not necessary.

The only condition for attendance is you must bring your fave m/m couple (or trio) from 2010 to the party with you and tell us who will be escorting you to the big event. So come on inside and I’ll tell you all about the entertainment and refreshments.

Entertainment: Since this is a virtual party and I have virtual money to pay a virtual live musical group, I have arranged for Johnnie and the boys from Jet Mykles’ Heaven Sent to play for us. You will have the chance to mingle with the adorable hotties and the special men in their life after their performance.

Dress Code: Of course since I’m a classy broad and this IS a special occasion, I ‘ll expect everyone in formal dress. Make sure your guys are dressed appropriately in tuxedos and cocktail dresses for the ladies (which in the virtual world can be worn under or over pjs and robes in front of the computer).

Cocktails: I’ve chosen a few special signature cocktails for my soirée which you can prepare at home to have during the festivities.

If you like your drinks to go down smooth and creamy, try the Cocksucking Cowboy. What is it about a man in chaps? This blend of equal parts Bailey’s, butterscotch schnapps and Southern Comfort, will have you yelling “yeeee-HAW!”

If a martini is more your style, then perhaps the Slippery Hole is for you. Equal parts lemon rum, and citron vodka that  you’d think would make you pucker. But, in fact, it’s the perfect lube for your, uh, throat.

Looking for less commitment but more lust? The One Night Stand — is a three-way that blends equal parts blueberry vodka, lychee liqueur and sour raspberry and is topped with sweet foamy Heavenly Head that you’ll want to swallow, not spit. Yummy.

And finally if you like your Sex on the Beach but without the sand in uncomfortable places, then you can try my recipe of 1 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz peach schnapps, 2 oz cranberry juice and 2 oz orange juice, topped with an umbrella or some other foofy topper will be perfect accompaniment to the evening.

Snacks: Of course a good virtual hostess doesn’t ply her virtual guests with alcohol without provide suitable snacks to acommpany them. However no Chex party mix and peanuts for my guests. No, we have delicious soft pretzel wrapped weenies and more. Have you ever had spotted dick? Me neither but I’m sure a small dose of penicillin can clear it right up. And if sweets are your preference, we have cupcakes and chocolate covered bananas. And for the big finale, at midnight we will cut the cake. Some parties have a New Year baby to ring in the New Year, but we’re going even further back, our baby is merely a little sperm getting his start in life in our penis cake pièce de résistence.

I hope that you will be able to join me at my virtual party and that you enjoy my refreshments and entertainment. Please RSVP below with your escorts for the event. I will have Oliver Duncan and Ned Surwicki from KZ Snow’s Electric Melty Tingles. They’ve got many years under their belt and can show some of the young lovers at the party that love can last long enough to make a truly happy ever after.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2011 filled with much personal and professional success.


  • A party? Love it. Now to decide who will be my escorts. Let’s see, I think I’ll bring some of Kate Steele’s wolf shifters. But deciding on just a couple is just too hard.

  • New Year’s Eve party! Is it too bad of me to bend the rules and bring a couple of old friends, Dan and Ford from Jim Grimsley’s Comfort & Joy, and a 2010 couple too? The 2010 couple I’ll try to sneak in will be David and Julian from Josh Lanyon’s The Dark Farewell. Somehow a medium (Julian) seems like a great guest for a New Year’s Eve party. Maybe he can tell us about the ghosts of New Years past and future. 😉 For sheer fun and lots of laughs (but I’d really have to encourage the THIRD couple to just gatecrash, wouldn’t I?), I’d invite Chip and Foster from Eric Arvin’s Simple Men, another 2010 pair. I’ll be looking forward to seeing Leslie’s guests, Jake and Aaron, and Sirius’s guests Jack and Sutton, especially, along with all the others.

    I know, greedy me!!!

    Tam, that Cocksucking Cowboy sounds delish, and those crazy eats should set a wildly celebratory mood for the evening. I might bring Cosmos to share, since they always seem so festive — and palate-clearing compared to the CC. LOL The pretzel wrapped weiners are especially hilarious and yummy looking.

    Now, I’m just trying to imagine if all the guests I’d like to bring would get along with each other and with everyone else’s guests too. If not, I’ll start serving martinis, with almond-stuffed olives. And, of course, champagne.

    • You are a bit greedy Cary with six guys on your arms (you do only have two you realize) but I’ll let it pass. It’s a party, the more the merrier. Looking forward to meeting your “dates”. Enough alcohol should smooth the way for relations between all the guests. One would hope. 🙂

  • It’d be great to join you if I get this time difference right. Had thought of flying in with Simon & Declan as the footy season is over but they’d already left. Then thought maybe this year might be with Kit & JX, but I promised Jonty & Orlando I would meet them for High Tea in Cambridge on my way through.
    Bringing along a Black Forest Pavlova, Kahlua in the meringue, filled with cherries soaked in brandy, chocolate mousse with Malibu, grated Lindt 80% on top of the cream (oh & two days at the gym next week…)
    From over here to over there see you in 2011

    • OMG, that dessert sounds so yummy. Thanks for offering. I’m dying to meet Jonty and Orlando. I hope Orlando won’t be too shocked by the behaviour of some of these boys attending. Maybe we can get him drunk.

  • OOOOOO party! Thank you Wave sounds like a lot of fun :-). I think I will bring Jack and Sutton from Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen, if I can convince them to go that is 🙂 They do not strike me as big party goers now, although Jack used to at least go where some of his friends hang out, so hopefully I will succeed. And Sutton will provide a live music too 🙂

    • Yay, more music. I look forward to meeting them Sirius. I’ll try and have some quiet zones for those who get a bit stressed by the crowds. We want all of our guests relaxed and happy. 🙂


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