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Justacat made an excellent suggestion that I open a thread for you, our loyal readers, to add your own top books for 2010 so that others would have access to it, in addition to the Top Ten Lists from the guest reviewers and me. So because I always listen to your suggestions 🙂 here’s your own post. All you have to do is add your comments. It will be interesting to see your recommended books that you read last year. I know it will be hard, but you have to confine yourself to last year’s reads.This way we can all go on a book buying binge together.

This thread will be left open indefinitely.


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  • Favorite MM Reads of 2010 – So many good ones (and so many I disliked :)), but here are the ones that seem to be sticking with me, for various reasons. I know I left some very good ones out. And still the list is too long!

    TOP 10 NOVELS/NOVELLAS (in alpha order)
    Deadly Nightshade (& Deadly Series) – Victor J. Banis
    Drawn Together – ZA Maxfield
    Hemovore – Jordan Castillo Price
    Rust Belt – Jessica Freely
    Simple Men – Eric Arvin
    Somebody Killed His Editor – Josh Lanyon
    Take My Picture – Giselle Ellis
    Warchild – Karin Lowachee
    Whistling in the Dark – Tamara Allen
    Zero at the Bone – Jane Seville

    Admit One – Jenna Hilary Sinclair
    Broken Dawn – Kimberly Johnson
    Collision Course – KA Mitchell
    Dash & Dingo – Catt Ford & Sean Kennedy
    Drag Queen in the Court of Death – Caro Soles
    Feral – Joely Skye
    Shades of Gray – Brooke McKinley
    Somaesthesia – Anne Somerville
    The Vampire Fred – Vaughn R. Demont
    Wicked Gentleman – Ginn Hale

    FAVORITE SHORTER PIECES 2010 (For Wave, who likes the shorts)
    Gregori’s Ghost – Sarah Black
    London Christmas – Nix Winter
    Night Sky Man – Mallory Path
    Peridot – Parhelion
    Sage – J. Rocci

    Thanks to everyone who has shared their lists. It’s fun to see the range of tastes and to see books and authors I’ve yet to discover.

  • I read a lot (approx. 3 books per day) but these were my Top 10 M/M romance books that were published in 2010

    Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton (my first M/M book ever)
    Breathe by Sloan Parker
    Finding Zach by Rowan Speedwell
    Dark Geist by Amanda Steiger (you guys should review this one)
    Resistance by LM Turner
    Slow Bloom by Anah Crow
    Life in Fusion by Ethan Day
    A Different Breed by Angel Martinez
    Aloes by Chris Quinton
    Life Over, Easy by KA Mitchell

  • (Thank you, Justacat and Wave for this great idea). I’ve already listed my Top Five that I reviewed for this site, but there were several more m/m books I read on my own in 2010 that were great reads:

    Alexander, Fyn – Precious Jade
    Amara, Astrid – Holiday Outing
    Amara, Astrid – Love Ahead Expect Delays
    Boudreau, Wren – Ice Cream on the Side
    Buchanan, James – Hard Fall
    Chapel, Janey – Get What You Need
    Dean, Vivien – the Wranglers series
    Gala, Lynn – Urban Shaman
    Lane, Amy – Keeping Promise Rock
    Parker, Elle – Like Pizza and Beer
    Price, Jordan Castillo – Petit Morts
    Price, Jordan Castillo – Sympathy
    Riley, AM – Amor en Retrogrado
    Riley, AM – Immortality is the Suck
    Riley, AM – No Rest for the Wicked
    Seville, Jane – Zero at the Bone
    Snow, KZ – Electric Melty Tingles
    Snow, KZ – Fugly
    Snow, KZ – Jude in Chains
    Snow, KZ – Mongrel – awesome book!

  • Here’s my list:

    1. Vagabond Heart by AJ Llewellyn
    2. Dark Horse by Kate Sherwood
    3. Out of the Darkness by Kate Sherwood
    4. At Piper’s Point by Ethan Day
    5. The First Real Thing by Cat Grant
    6. Resistance by L. M. Turner
    7. The Distance Between Us by L.A. Witt
    8. A to Z by Marie Sexton
    9. Double Blind by Heidi Cullinan
    10. Seeing You by Dakota Flint

  • I must have read around 250 fiction titles in 2010, all but three of these were M/M, which was a new genre for me just a year ago. I should thank Josh Lanyon and Alex Beecroft as “The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks” and “False Colors” were the the first two “M/M” titles I read (outside of internet fanfic). I of course went on to read all of Josh and Alex’s work and it was Alex who pointed me to this site 🙂

    “The Wages of Sin”, “False Colors”, Captain’s Surrender” “Shining In The Sun” – Alex Beecroft
    “Counterpoint: Dylan’s Story”, “The Phoenix” – Ruth Sims
    “Lover’s Knot” – Don Hardy
    “Life in Fusion”, “Sno Ho” – Ethan Day
    “Hidden Treasure” – V.B. Kildaire
    “A Midwinter Prince” – Harper Fox
    “All She Wrote” – Josh Lanyon
    “A Taste of Love” – Andrew Grey
    “Faith and Fidelity”,“Duty and Devotion” Tere Michaels
    “72 Hours”, “Freeman” – Clare London
    “Blacque/Bleu” – Belinda McBride
    “Angel of 13th Street” – Eden Winters
    “Downtime”, “Whistling In The Dark” – Tamara Allen
    “Not Knowing Jack” – K.A. Mitchell
    “The Trap” – Indigo Wren
    “Untamed Heart” – Ally Blue
    “Ghost Star Night” – Nicole Kimberling
    “The Christmas Throwaway” – R.J. Scott
    “The Dark Tide”/Adrien English series – Josh Lanyon
    “Fish & Chips” whole series – Roux and Urban
    “Death by Misfortune”, Amor en Retrogrado” Bill Turner series – A.M. Riley
    “Trust Me if You Dare”, “Catch Me” R&A series – LB Gregg
    “Lessons In” series – Charlie Cochran
    “Royal Navy” series – Lee Rowan
    “Love Means” series – Andrew Grey
    “Mother Earth” series – Ally Blue

  • Loved these:

    Josh Lanyon–Dark Tide, Fair Game, Critic’s Choice, Dark Farewell, DG 2: Old Poison
    ZA Maxfield–Stirring Up Trouble, Long Way Home
    Elle Parker–Like Pizza & Beer
    Catt Ford–Lily White, Red Rose
    LA Gilbert–Witness
    PA Brown–Between Darkness & Light
    Charlie Cochrane–Lesson series

  • My favourites 2010

    The One That Broke Free by T.C.Blue
    The Definitive Albert J. Sterne by Julie Bozza
    Get What You Need by Janey Chapel
    The Emperor`s Wolf by J.C.Owens
    72 Hours by Claire London
    Well Travelled by Margaret Mills&Tedy Ward
    A Russian Bear by CB Conwy


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