With a Little Help from My Friends

Title: With a Little Help from My Friends
Author: J.P. Bowie
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (56 PDF pages)
Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

Can anything good ever come from the matchmaking efforts of friends? Drew doesn’t think so until the night he meets Cameron in this fun and entertaining story.


Drew’s friend Wendy means well, but her attempts to set him up with a new man is driving him crazy—then he meets Cameron—who drives him crazy in a very different way.

When Drew Weston’s six year relationship falls apart, his best friend Wendy is determined to find him a new love. It looks like she’s not going to succeed, until she introduces him to Cameron Murdoch, who is everything Drew admires in a man—both in looks and personality. There’s just one problem. Cameron has never been with a man before.

Drew is only too eager to ‘show him the ropes’ but in doing so finds himself falling in love with the handsome, charming man. The realisation saddens him, convinced that now Cameron is ‘out’ he will be a magnet for every red blooded gay male in the vicinity, and Drew will merely be the first in a long line of lovers.

Or will he?


Drew Weston is trying to deal with a bad break-up and his friends are determined to find his new Mr. Right. Unfortunately they’ve been coming up with men who don’t even make it to Mr. Right Now and Drew’s getting tired of being fixed up. When he meets Cameron at a friends party he is instantly drawn to him but soon realizes that Cameron is straight. Nevertheless he agrees to meet Cameron for tennis and the two quickly become friends. As they spend time together their friendship deepens and soon Cameron lets Drew know that although he’s never been with a man he’s finally ready to admit he wants to.

After a night of scorching hot sex Cameron is ready to take things to the next level but Drew is hesitant. Desperately attracted to Cameron he’s also afraid of losing his heart to him. He’s certain that now that Cameron’s come out he’ll be looking to make up for lost time and can imagine a long line of men waiting for their turn to play with sexy, gorgeous Cameron.

Cameron however is sure he wants to be with Drew but will he be able to stand up for himself or will he buckle down to the expectations others have of him? Dealing with that will make or break their fragile new relationship and it won’t be an easy thing for either Cameron or Drew to go through. Despite the story being in Drew’s first person POV the author did a nice job of showing Cameron’s feeling and struggles so that both protagonists were developed enough to really capture my attention. I particularly enjoyed the humor found throughout the story which was a nice contrast to the more emotional moments. The cast of secondary characters, headed by their respective best friends, was for the most part a nice addition to the story and especially Wendy, Drew’s friend, added to the fun tone.

Cameron does go through some emotional upheaval as he tries to be true to himself and deal with family pressure as well as his feelings for Drew. J.P. Bowie does a good job balancing all of those things so that Cameron and Drew’s situation has a realistic feel to it.. Not over the top on angst but still with enough depth of feeling to the story to make Cameron’s character sympathetic to the reader. Drew for his part is a nice guy who’s been burned by love and is trying to avoid it happening again while at the same time he’s trying to stop his friends from taking over his life. Neither man has it easy but in the end they discover it’s all been worth it.

This is an entertaining story featuring solid writing and a nice mix of characters. There are a few hot sex scenes in this book but they don’t overpower the story since there are also sweet, funny moments between Drew and Cameron. I enjoyed reading With a Little Help from My Friends and the HEA ending and cute epilogue bring the story to a satisfying conclusion.

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