Hourglass by Jane Davitt

Title: Hourglass
Author: Jane Davitt
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel (291 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

A nicely done story of  two men getting a second chance at love years after a painful goodbye.


When Ben Adler gives in and makes his young daughter’s wish come true, making a movie out of a TV show he used to produce, he knows he’s going to have big problems. One of the leads from the original is a big star now, but the other’s vanished into obscurity, leading a life far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Not to mention that Ben can still remember how the two actors’ scorching off-screen romance went up in flames.

Undeterred, Ben goes forward with the project, recruiting Ash and Lee by dangling very attractive carrots before them. The cameras start to roll, but the main action takes place off set. It’s never easy to work with an old flame, or to handle the renewed feelings that are bound to come out. As two men who could never get enough of each other deal with a rekindled attraction, they discover that when it comes to love, there’s always time for a retake.


Ten years after Ash chooses his career over his lover Lee he gets an unexpected second chance at love. Is he up to the challenge of convincing the man whose heart he broke all those years ago to forgive him and give them another shot at love?

Hourglass is a very interesting story with three pretty distinct threads running through it. The story starts with Ben, a superpower in Hollywood but just a doting Dad when it comes to his daughter Samantha. When Samantha sees the videos for an old TV show and becomes hooked on it she convinces her Dad to make a movie based on the show. Now the hard part will be to get the original cast including the stars, Ash and Lee, back together. In the years since the show ended Ash has become a well known actor and Lee has disappeared from the business.

As the story unfolds we get glimpses of the show, of Ben and Samantha and also Ash and Lee, past and present. Once the men are convinced to do the movie they see each other for the first in years and despite the pain of their last meeting the deep attraction and love between them flares to life. But this time Lee is not willing to hide his orientation for a career he’s really not interested in and Ash has to think about what he really wants in his future and what he’s willing to do for it. Ash and Lee can’t deny their love for long and quickly become lovers once more. Things are going well until a spontaneous kiss, seen by the wrong person, threatens to bring an end to things.

The near tragedy brings all the players in the story closer together and finally Ash and Lee’s love comes full circle. I really liked how their relationship is shown against the backdrop of the show that brought them together. Both men are interesting and well drawn characters although Ash was a bit difficult to like at the beginning. He came across as someone more interested in his career than in love and his ability to easily justify the pain he caused was a bit off putting. That said I enjoyed his journey from movie star to loving partner and I was quite happy by the end of the story.

As I said in the beginning this story isn’t solely about Ash and Lee. There is a good cast of secondary characters and Ben and Samantha especially are well written and fun. In fact I’d consider Ben a lead character despite not have a romantic pairing. He opens and closes the book and regularly appears throughout and his strong presence works well in the storyline.

Overall I found Hourglass to be well written and interesting. The story deals with the closeted celebrity trope and while it’s not a favorite of mine the author did a nice job with it. I did find that the action towards the end felt a bit too pat but since it moved the story forward in the end it worked out well. The cast of characters is engaging, the sex is hot and the emotional intensity between the lovers was nice to read. I’ve enjoyed reading Jane Davitt’s books in the past and was quite happy with this one as well. Recommended.

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