Quarterly Statistics to December 31, 2010

When I received Christian’s email about the quarterly stats, as usual there were smileys and wine everywhere. I always thought that Germans were very staid and unemotional and did not have a rollicking good time ever, but I’ve changed my opinion since I met C. 🙂 In addition to loving fun he has done a masterful job again in putting together the stats for this quarter.

Christian changed the way that the hits were recorded when we moved into the new site about 6 weeks ago by modifying some elements, including the carousels which apparently were a major issue, to more accurately reflect the number of hits (he explained this complicated process to me in detail but it’s all Greek to me). lol.  These combined changes show a decrease in the number of hits in December on the chart, but actually this is not a reduction just a more accurate way of reporting. On the other side of the equation visitors show a significant increase, so clearly this is not a reduction in real terms.

In terms of details, the hits in the last quarter went from 46,461,425 to 65,232,751 an increase of 18,771,326. The visitors went from 804,065 and topped the one million mark at 1,151,652 – an increase of 347,587 in this quarter alone. You guys really rock and I appreciate every single one of you for being so loyal. You obviously also love the content because the number of pages went from 5,481,615 to 8,790,897 an increase of 3,309,282 pages that you looked at.

While statistics are fun and show performance trends, I am more interested in the people who drop by the site and the fact that you love what we do as well as those who do the work – the guest reviewers. This is definitely a joint effort and I have to thank Aunt Lynn, Jenre and Kassa have been here the longest as well as those guest reviewers who joined us later such as Val, Tj, Lily, John, Buda, Victor, Feliz, Stacey, Nathan and last, Cole who came on board in December. They are all wonderful contributors. Of course you and I love Tam who writes those fun posts that make you spill your coffee on your keyboards. All I can say is, I don’t want to know where she gets her ideas and material and I don’t want to be in her twisted brain. 🙂 Christian our Webmaster keeps everything together and I know that at times he wishes I would lose his email, but honey that’s the price you pay for being so great at your job. 😉 Whenever Christian is not around Lynn, our other technical expert who did such an incredible job on the design of the new website, is my other “go to” person and she rocks big balls in a small body.

To all our guest bloggers, those authors who are persuaded to write blog posts by gifts of chocolate and other unmentionables, 🙂 thank you for making this site a great place for your fans to visit and talk to you. Also, I appreciate your comments on my Friday rants posts.

Thank you to Josh Lanyon and Ethan Day who have written numerous posts and who will be joining us this year in their new capacity. The welcome mat is definitely out but please don’t crush the rose petals with those big boots on your way in  – they cost a lot of money.  🙂 We appreciate all the hard work that will be going in to your posts and look forward to you being part of our ‘family’.

All of the guest reviewers do an incredible job with their reviews and I know you appreciate them. I just wish you would comment more, but that’s another post.

Enclosed below is the detailed chart for those of you who love numbers as much as Val does, and I must say I think it’s quite pretty. If you want to enlarge the chart just click on it.

We now have visitors who access the site from 169 countries, a few I have never heard of, and I hope that bloggers from some of these new countries will be brave enough to comment occasionally so that we can get to know them.

Thanks again guys for all your support – we do this for you and we appreciate your visits and comments.


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  • I’m one of the “loyal visitors” and am definitely in the 25 + visits category. Does that make me sad and pathetic? 😉 I *do* try to check in every day.

    I wonder why the U.S. makes up such a *huge* percentage of the vistors. I mean, besides the size of the country in square miles and the gazillion people it supports vs. the physically smaller countries. I’m assuming that’s the main answer but can’t be the only one. Is it?

    As I’m sure other readers have, I have my “favorite” reviewers. Which for me means that they seem to enjoy the same types of books that I do and I can “trust” them.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful site, Wave, and all the work you and the others put into it!!! 😀

    • Sherry
      We love visitors like you. No you’re neither sad nor pathetic. I hope it means that you love the content.

      The US readers love M/M that’s all. 🙂 Brits and Canadians do as well but compared to your population, ours is much smaller so the percentage seems about right. Also, most of the writers are American too and it’s like to like.

      Thank you for being such a loyal visitor Sherry.


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