Gay Rom Lit Retreat October 13 – 16, 2011

To all Authors and Publishers of M/M or GLBT Romance:

The organizers of the GayRomLit Retreat would like to cordially invite you to the first, of what we hope will become an annual literary event that features Gay Romance in Literature. This is about bringing you and the reader together for an event unlike any other. From the Bourbon Orleans hotel, located in the famous French Quarter to the River Boat book signing cruise on the Creole Queen, we’ve designed and organized events and parties taking full advantage of the location while providing you with a multitude of opportunities to mix with readers, other authors, and publishers.

There will be no seminars or workshops – this is about showcasing you the authors and publishers, along with the genre we all love and continue to support. With registration for everyone set at $100 per person we want you all to understand that this is not a money making venture for any of the organizers.

All money collected will be passed along to attendees by way of food, goods, and/or services.

We hope you all will join us down in New Orleans, October 13 – 16 of 2011, to get Steamy in the Big Easy. Who Dat!?!

Your organizers,

Amanda Young – Carol Lynne – Ethan Day – JP Bowie – Lynn Lorenz

For more information or to register please follow the link below to our website which will remain open for Author and Publisher Registration until February 10th, 2011.

The official website for the 2011 GayRomLit Retreat


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  • Thinking about coming (though I don’t know if I could convince anyone to come with me!), but I went to make a hotel reservation and the room block is fully booked. The hotel told me there are still plenty of rooms and the organizers could call to increase the size of the block – until then, though, the rooms are available only at much higher rates. Any chance of doing this? (I sent an email through the website, too, but figured I’d try here as well in case the organizers are still following…)

  • Ok, so Wave has chastised me for being absent again. But this sounds like a really neat idea. I’m within in driving distance, but I need to find a good excuse to tell my dad where I’m going and what it is for. I know, the joys of the gay closeted man.

    Can we have a Wave reviewer’s party?

  • Coming to my town is the best way to host anything and this sounds like a blast! Can’t wait to meet a few of my favorite authors.

    But how do you get autographs for your ebooks?

    OH and I am more than happy to give advice on hotels and activities if people need suggestions!

    • We will have a special Yahoo Group set up for attendees that will have a database for people looking for roomies…you know…in case Lynn doesn’t take the hint : )

      • You are so bad Ethan. I’d love to room with Lynn if that’s how it worked out, she’s a lovely lady 🙂

        I’ll just have to post saying I’m looking for a single gay man to room with 😉 Just Kidding! You know, maybe…

        • LMAO! And you be sayin’ I’m bad!?! : ) I have no doubt they’ll be lining up round the block.

          Of course it’s nine months till the Retreat…and with gay men, single now may not be single later. You could end up, um…stuck in the middle? ; )

          • It’s a win-win, right? Except I’d probably be down in the bar the whole time locked out of the room. Yeesh, bad idea 🙁

        • Cole, honey, I’d LOVE to share with you, but I agree that maybe you need a nice (single) gay boy to room with, not a middle-aged woman who could wreck chances of you getting lai…er, meeting another nice (single) gay boy. 😉 Let’s talk as it gets closer. I’m sure we can work something out if that’s what we want to happen. xoxo

          • Oh Lynn, I’m all talk 😉 Seriously, I am. I really doubt I’d be “meeting” any other gay boys! I wish I was that forward sometimes, but its really not me…

  • Oh my. October, huh? I may definitely need to save my pennies and come. And I’ve never been to New Orleans. And I’d LOVE to meet and hang out with all you cool authors and fellow readers.

  • I would love to attend this and meet everyone and see and experience New Orleans for the first time. I’ve traveled quite a bit, but somehow have never gotten there. Will tentatively plan on being there.
    Will there be dancing? Hair flinging? 🙂


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