Site Registrations Have Been Re-opened

Two weeks ago Christian and I decided to close site registrations because of spammers and delete those registrations that looked like spam. The spam registrations have now been deleted (we hope) and you can now register again.

In his zeal to get rid of spam bots Christian may have deleted a few legitimate registrations so if yours is among those we would love you to re-register, but this time please enter something on your profile so that we will know you’re a real person. You only need to enter a sentence or a few words and he will leave you alone, I swear. 🙂

Christian also changed the anti spam plug-in which I loved because it was very efficient  but it was also preventing many of you from leaving comments. He’s looking for a new plug-in to replace the temporary fix that’s now installed. Unfortunately, the spammers are back but hopefully not for long.

Thanks for your patience while we try to find a permanent solution. Also thank you for visiting and supporting the site – hot guys for everyone. 🙂


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