Simply Perfection (Perfect Love #4)

Title: Simply Perfection (Perfect Love #4)
Author: Trina Lane
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
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Genre: M/M/M Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Length: Novel (172 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

Nicely done story about three very different men and the relationship they form.


Book four in the Perfect Love series

Three men whose life trails converge must find a way to forge a new path together if they are to celebrate the love destined to be theirs.

Niall Roberge has patiently waited years to find the two men who are destined to hold his heart forever. He believes his prayers have been answered when he meets Dr. Matt Lincoln and Trevor Mitchell.

Matt has hungered for the closeness of a ménage relationship and is amazed at the instant connection he shares with Niall after being disappointed so many times before. Trevor has led a solitary life and is leery of entrusting his heart to two men who are capable of breaking through the protective walls he’s managed to build with a single touch.

As the three come to terms with the love building between them, they learn that someone is determined to unravel the bonds woven between their souls – a man determined to remind the three that Trevor belongs to him.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

Perfect Love


This is the fourth book in the Perfect Love series and although I’ve only read one of the previous books I didn’t have a problem following the thread of the stories. In this installment we first meet Niall, an accomplished photographer of Native American descent who’s been searching for the two men who will complete him. Raised by his grandmother and two grandfathers he’s known since a young age that his destiny lies with two men. We’re then introduced to Matt, a dedicated doctor also looking for a menage and Trevor, a hard-working crime lab tech who leads a pretty solitary life. The men are very different, from their backgrounds to their personalities and life experiences, but when they meet an almost instant connection forms. When someone begins to threaten one of them they, along with their friends, will have to work together to figure out where the danger is coming from before their triad is broken forever.

The main characters are likable and despite their differences I felt they connected well. Their interactions both with each other and their friends are interesting and I was engaged throughout the story. I liked the way the author introduced Niall, Matt and Trevor separately before they came together. It was nice to see them as individuals before they became a triad.

Although I liked this story very much I also felt that the beginning of the relationship between the three men developed too quickly. Niall and Matt had both been looking for a menage relationship but Trevor had never thought of such a thing and his quick and easy acceptance of it felt to me a bit strange at first. That said he does question it and his feelings later on as the story progressed which felt more in character for him.The soul mates/insta-love angle works better for me in a Paranormal setting but as time passed and their connection deepened it was easy to let that go and simply enjoy their relationship.

The stalker plot worked well in two ways. First, it was useful in highlighting the bond and friendship between the men and their friends. This is the part where having read all of the previous books would have been nice. Although it wasn’t too difficult to follow the thread between the stories I’m sure it would be easier having read them all. What I most liked about the stalker plot though was how Trevor dealt with it. It would have been easy to have Niall and Matt, both physically bigger and stronger than Trevor, come to the rescue of the smaller man but Ms. Lane fortunately didn’t take the easy route which made for a much more satisfying conclusion.

Overall I really enjoyed reading Simply Perfection. It’s well-written, entertaining, sexy and sweet. The story moves along at a nice pace and the action/suspense scenes flowed well. Fans of the author and this series are sure to enjoy this installment. If you’ve not read the previous stories I suggest reading them in order if possible for maximum enjoyment although I must advise that the first story is a M/F/M menage. Books two and three are M/M and book six in the series will be M/M/F.

Book two, His Perfect Partner, was previously reviewed here.



  • Lily,
    Ive read the series and enjoyed them. I had read book 2 before I realized it was part of a series. I made myself go back to read the first book. The insta love in this book was unreal but the story did well. I enjoyed how Trevor became aware of his importance in this trio.

  • Nice review and a nice book. I’ve actually read the series and the books are quite good despite the insta-love feel they have. But it seems to work well in the books so it didn’t really bother me. Although I’d like to add to your warning about the first book. It’s actually m/f/m (so no m/m in that one). Later on in the series it’s mentioned that it turned to m/m/f but readers don’t get to see that. Just so you guys know.

  • I have read #2&3 so I really want to check this one too after reading your views about the book.
    Thank you for your review 🙂


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