A Fated Love

Title: A Fated Love
Author: Diana DeRicci
Publisher: OmniLit /All Romance eBooks, LLC
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story 16.5K words
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Summary Review: Lee and Vince defnitely seem fated for each other, I just wish their quick romance was a bit more believable.


When you crash head-on into love, sometimes it’s hard to escape…

Shortly after Lee’s classic ‘69 Stingray becomes the victim of a hit and run, a gorgeous knight in Armani arrives with proof pointing to the identity of the guilty driver. Being new in town, the last thing Lee needs is a romantic entanglement.

Vince happened to be in the right place at the right time. He didn’t expect to be attracted to Lee. After all, he stopped looking for a lasting relationship some time ago. So what if Lee is his stepbrother’s latest hire and says he’s not interested? Vince has never been one to back down from a challenge.

Can Vince convince Lee that the risk is well worth the reward, for the both of them?

All Romance eBooks is in the epublishing business and has a new series called Perfect Strangers which includes 13 books. A Fated Love is one of several M/M books in the series.
Lee Volde had moved to Houston, Texas from Detroit 3 months prior because of a broken relationship. As he was walking toward his car one afternoon after work he was just in time to see a Cadillac speeding away, having just hit his vintage ’69 Corvette Stingray which he had lovingly restored. Angry at the hit and run driver Lee was bemoaning his fate and the amount of money he would have to pay in deductible to his insurance company for repairs to the car, when Vince Mulholland saved the day and his sanity. Vince had seen the accident and had taken several photographs of the licence plate of the car and of the hit and run driver as she was fleeing the scene. After reporting the accident to the Police Lee thanked him and left, but Vince realized who he was, the newest employee at his stepbrother Frank’s firm. When Lee drove away Vince saw his briefcase on the ground, so he arranged to deliver it in person.
Vince showed up in Lee’s office to return the briefcase and the air sizzled between them; it was hard for either man to keep his hands to himself. Neither one knew if the other was gay but Vince took a chance and requested that Lee have a drink with him at a local bar, in payment for returning his property. Thirty seven year old Vince had never been so affected by another man and could hardly wait for their date, but Lee was concerned because at thirty two he was not looking for someone new in his life, and in any event he didn’t know Vince’s sexual orientation. When they met he found out there was another complication, Vince was his boss’s stepbrother and that was a non starter for a personal relationship between them, and even if there was a chance that he was equally interested, which he was, he couldn’t afford to lose his job if things went sour. So he told Vince after they figured out their attraction, that nothing was going to happen because he really needed his job. Vince was devastated because Lee had touched a chord in him that he never thought he would experience and he couldn’t believe that a potential relationship was over before it had a chance. They barely knew each other but Vince was already thinking in terms of love and a relationship.
Vince poured out his heart to his sister-in-law and his brother about finding love and losing it almost immediately. Of course Fate could not keep Vince and Lee apart so they were both invited to a business dinner at Frank’s home, along with other executives of the company, where their attraction exploded and the heat  melted everything around them. They ended up in the bathroom because they were overcome by their feelings. I found it improbable that these two men, who weren’t teenagers, couldn’t wait. In some ways their uncontrollable attraction to each other reminded me of mated werewolves in paranormal books.
They spent the weekend together but after that wild, wonderful time filled with sex and emotion, Lee refused to have anything more to do with Vince. Would Vince accept that it was over?
There were a couple of elements in the story that I didn’t like, insta-love and over the top prose. Here’s an example of the prose
“I’ll be there by five thirty. If you’re not there by six, I’ll know why,” Vince barely whispered. Lee almost whined at the intensity arcing between them. His knees were rubbery and his heart was pounding with the force of an exploding cannon into his ribs. Sheer animal magnetism raced between them. Lee was melting in his loafers. A very slow, gentle smile rose on Vince’s delectable mouth. “You’ll be there,” he breathed. Then, almost as though he could vanish without a trace on a breeze, he did, leaving Lee standing in the middle of his office, nearly panting,
When they met in the bar Vince was in lust:
Since he’d sat down, Vince had been fighting the urge to pull him into his arms and beat his chest that Lee was his, taken; so completely off limits, anyone even thinking of  looking would be fried to a cinder.
Despite my niggles I liked the characters and the story even with the purple prose, and I would probably read other books by this author. The supporting characters, Frank and Bea,Vince’s stepbrother and sister-in-law, were fully fleshed out and they were a fun couple. As for Vince and Lee, they did seem suited but I just wished that their attraction, which turned into immediate lust and love, was given a bit longer to jell. As for the sometimes over the top prose, perhaps it’s inexperience on the part of Diana DeRicci.
A Fated Love will be of interest to M/M fans who are looking for a quick, hot read with two three dimensional characters who can’t stay away from each other. 


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  • I find myself a little on the fence about this one (shocking, I know, fence-sitter that I am).

    I’m putting it on my maybe-list, which is better than it would have been since I’d never heard about this story until your review. LOL


    • Tis
      Did you say you’re fence sitting? lol.
      You probably wouldn’t have heard about this book because the publisher is ARe and this is a brand new series.

      If it helps (damn, I’m talking to the #1 fence sitter) 🙂 I liked the characters so I couldn’t dump on the book but it did have those flaws I mentioned and it felt like a paranormal with the “fated” theme. Do let me know if you pick it up Tis. That would be the first rec. of mine where you actually bought the book. lol

    • Hi Helena
      As you know, everyone’s taste varies and you might like the other books. Although I had my problems with A Fated Love I’ve seen many 5 star reviews on the ARe site so obviously a lot of M/M readers enjoy insta love and purple prose.

      I did like a lot of the book as well as the characters, so if you want to try this series, AFL is probably a good start. I still have a couple of books to finish of the ones I bought and who knows – they may be great.

      • I know, also the authors look like good choices, but still I will check with caution (some are mf so I will skip them for sure).
        Are you going to give some clues about the other ones of the series when you finish them?

  • Great review, Wave. I was digging it until the werewolf comment. Then it all went down hill.

    Eggplants, cloth, powercats, plums, people-eaters. Those things I like purple. Not prose. Thanks for the snippets. I’ll scratch this one off the list. Maybe next time, eh?

    • If you were a werewolf you would understand all about the mating call. 🙂

      I love Prince in purple and like you, I can take it in eggplants and a few other things, but prose? Not so much. This was the best of the 3 books in this series that I have read so far. lol.


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