Blind Passion

Title: Blind Passion
Author: Penny Brandon
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Length: 240 pages
Genre: LGBT paranormal
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A Guest Review by Feliz

Summary Review: A passionate, erotic, emotional love story, heavy on the romance, this book was an enjoyable piece of escapism.

The Blurb: Attraction for Adam was not a handsome face, a striking smile, or beautiful eyes, but a scent that would drive him to distraction or a voice that could make his heart beat faster. When the combination of the two walked into his life in Luke, Adam couldn’t help but want him. But how was he supposed to know if Luke felt the same attraction? He had no prior experience, no past encounters, nothing to help him. Not even his sight.

One look at Adam and Luke wanted him. Sensual, gorgeous, kind, with a strength that Luke was drawn to, Adam was everything Luke desired. Being in Adam’s arms, showing him the pleasure of a man’s body, being touched, held, and desired in return, had Luke wanting more, had him wanting what he knew he couldn’t have.

It didn’t matter to him that Adam was blind, but Adam deserved more than someone like him. Luke was a man with a broken past and falling in love with Adam was a foolish thing to do, especially because Adam would never love him back if he found out what Luke was hiding.

The Review: Adam is blind, but that doesn’t keep him from teaching English at a normal school, or living on his own, or generally leading an independent life. The only help he needs is a teacher’s assistant, which is provided by a social service. Yet, living self-sufficiently comes at a cost for Adam. As confident as he is on his own turf, he’s uncomfortable in foreign environments. This is why  he hardly ever goes out, only when his brother Michael takes him, and this is why Adam, although outstandingly good-looking, is still a virgin in his late twenties. It hasn’t bothered him much so far; although he misses sex now and then, he didn’t think it worth the bother of  someone else messing up his meticulously neat apartment. Much less did he feel the need to commit himself to anyone – until Luke walks into his life, with his enticing smell and his attractive voice.  Adam suddenly can’t think of anything else but sex with Luke anymore, but he’s afraid of making the first move since he’s convinced Luke will reject him because of his blindness. And after all, Luke’s stay with Adam is temporary.

Likewise Luke feels immediately attracted to the gorgeous blond hunk he’s been assigned to as a “babysitter”. It doesn’t affect Luke that Adam is blind; how well Adam copes with his disability only heightens Luke’s respect for him. Yet, Luke is also afraid of wording his feelings since he thinks of himself as a complete failure for his criminal record and the fact that he hasn’t even completed his apprenticeship as a mechanic. Someone as sophisticated as Adam can’t ever become serious with a lowlife like Luke, can he?

Since this is a romance, Adam very well can. One thing leads to another, and Luke is happy to agree initiating virgin Adam to the pleasures of sex. Then  Adam finds out by chance that he and Luke are linked in a deeper, not rationally explainable way. Since Adam feels already possessive and protective of Luke,  he is concerned to burden Luke down with this knowledge. To Adam’s surprise, Luke embraces the idea and takes it further, getting Adam out of his cave and providing him with new experiences.

Both men soon discover they’re seriously falling for each other. But Adam doesn’t want to push Luke, so he doesn’t say a thing, despite Luke’s carefully placed hints and innuendos. Luke feels rejected and confirmed in his apprehension that Adam can’t be serious with him. So he bolts, and now Adam realizes he has to fight for the man he has come to love.

Blind Passion was a romance in the true sense of the word. It had the classical coupling of a blind and a scarred hero who were nevertheless prevented from being mere stereotypes by the interesting paranormal element. Also, each was given enough flaws to make them believable. Despite the fact that Luke is supposed to be a criminal, and often has flashbacks of his crime, violence and death are only hinted at and barely make an appearence on-page. The actual story didn’t contain any violent scenes, and Adam’s and Luke’s public displays of affection are met with acceptance by everyone. Their conflict truely arose only from within them.
We get to know both protags very well through their thoughts as well as through their actions. Both their inner musings were quite angsty, since both are good men who care for each other, so much so that their mutual concern for the other’s peace of mind threatens to bring them apart.  I found this a slight case of Insta-Love since the men make a serious commitment after knowing each other for only a few days, but at least they didn’t exchange the magic words during their first night. The Big Misunderstanding  also raised its nasty little head, but was satisfyingly quickly nipped in the bud as both Adam and Luke were truely in love with each other and, once both had made up their mind, went about making their relationship work.

A big portion of the book consisted of sex, which, although well-written and filled with emotions and meaning, got a little old over time. This, though, was just a minor niggle of mine; others may love the story just for this. Aside from some minor slips of the pen, the writing in itself flowed easily, making Blind Passion a smooth and delightful read.

As to me, this book is very fitting for Valentine’s Day. I’d recommend it to everybody who feels like a sweet, emotional read with a beautiful, satisfying Happy End that will put a smile to your face.


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  • Hi Feliz,

    I’ve only just been told about this review. Thank you so much. I’m always amazed that people take the time to read and write about a story, and you did it justice. You actually picked out parts that I’d forgotten about. But I’m sorry to say, I’m a sucker for the hot, passionate, emotional sex, so most of my books are going to have it.

    Thanks again.


  • I thought this one sounded good when I read the blurb. I’ll definitely chedk it out and we’ll see if there is too much smexin’ or not. 😉 Sometimes I’m in the mood, sometimes not so much.

  • It´s raining – again! 🙁 I so feel like a sweet, emotional read with a beautiful, satisfying Happy End that will put a smile to my face! Thanks for the rewiew!

  • Sounds good Feliz. Something sweet can be nice too at times.

    If I may add something. What do you think of the cover? It has IMO a slightly amateurish look, unworthy of LI covers

    • Hi Ingrid,
      I didn’t care a lot for the cover, right, but the guys depicted there at least match the characters in the book. The dark -haired one even shows hints of Luke’s tattoo.


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