Andrew Grey Interview

Today I’m pleased to welcome Andrew Grey to the site. Most M/M readers know Andrew.  He has countless fans who can’t wait for his next release.         

Hello Andrew, and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed on the site.           

Since we don’t know much about you could you give us the five cent tour of Andrew the writer and Andrew the person?            

I grew up in Western Michigan and I’ve lived throughout the country throughout my adult life.  I currently work full time in the Information Technology department of a large corporation and I decided a few years ago that I needed a creative outlet.  I got the idea for a story and decided to try writing it.  To my eternal surprise, I actually managed to do it and that sparked other stories.  Since then, I have written almost constantly.            

On your website you indicate that you live in historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Why did you choose to live there?              

My job moved me to Central Pennsylvania a number of years ago and when we were house hunting, we came across a wonderful place in Carlisle.  Little did we know that along with the house came a wonderful town, neighbourhood, and even a ghost.   

What made you decide to write gay romances?            

After turning forty, I decided to get into shape and started working out regularly and I needed reading material while I was on the treadmill.  I discovered gay romance and really enjoyed them.  My experience with earlier gay literature was during the AIDS era and it was all so depressing that when I discovered the HEA of gay romance, I was rather hooked.  After reading them for a while, I decided to try writing them and the rest is history.  They always say you should write what you know, I’m gay and my partner and I had our own romance, so writing gay romance was a perfect fit.           

You’re quite a prolific author and I wonder where you get all of your ideas. Do you just have a very vivid imagination that can turn everyday events into plot bunnies?            

Yes.  I have been inspired by works of art, the satyr series was inspired by a sculpture in my dining room.  An Unexpected Vintage was inspired by a news article.  Bottled Up and Uncorked were inspired by my brother’s wine store opening.  For me inspiration is all around and I never know where it will come from.  My partner worked as a pastry chef for over a decade and A Taste of Love was for him.             

So far you have released a total of 29 books since 2008 through Dreamspinner Press, about half of which are full length novels. Where do you find the time to write that much?              

I write each and every day.  My goal is 2000 words a day and it’s rare when I don’t meet that goal.  I’ve written on planes, trains, in cars, in boats, and cruise ships.  There have been times when a story is so powerful that I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  Love Means… No Shame was written in nineteen days and an upcoming story, Seven Days was written in seventeen.  During those times, I felt as though I slept very little, but it’s my opinion that you strike when the muse calls.             

 Each of your books is different and they range from stories about cowboys (A Shared Range) to cooking (A Taste of Love), to wine (Bottled Up and Uncorked) and a host of other subjects. Do you have personal knowledge of some of the subjects for your novels or is it all research?              

I have a personal knowledge of many subjects or I’ve been exposed to many subjects.  My partner was a pastry chef and knows food and my brother owns a wine store.  I have visited ranches and spent part of my life living in the country and working on a farm.  While research is required for details, I do not choose subjects that I’m totally unfamiliar with.              

In your series Love Means …you have released 5 books to date and probably by the time this interview goes live you may have another one ready to roll.  🙂 How did you get the idea for this series which is probably your most popular? Did you plan the entire series before you wrote the first story or do you fly by the seat of your pants?               

Neither actually.  The Love Means… stories were not all planned up front.  I wrote No Shame and then decided to write Courage.  I knew there would be other stories but I let the characters and situations develop organically.  Love Means… No Boundaries came from a Beethoven concert where I found myself watching the violinist and I realized I wanted to write one and then decided to make him blind.   After that, the characters came to mind and I simply built from there.  As of yet, I have not started another Love Means… story.  There will probably be another and I think it will be Arie from No Boundaries, but no other stories are begging to be told.             

Many authors love series books because it means that they have a built-in audience and you obviously are one of those authors who loves to write series books because you have so many. Is there another reason why you write so many series?             

I write series books for the characters.  I never set out at the very beginning to write a series or even a follow up.  I’ll write the original novel and a character will stand out and demand his own story.  Sometimes it will end there and sometimes it continues beyond.   It all depends upon which characters speak to me.            

I asked a few of the regulars on the site to submit questions for this interview, so let’s hand it over to them             

T.C. Blue: Personally, I’d like to know whether we’re going to be seeing the ‘Taste of Love’ guys again.             

This is most likely because I always wonder what happens after the last page of a story. Lol. You will be seeing Billy and Darryl again.  I have finished and submitted A Serving of Love.  This is Sebastian’s story and he falls in love with a judge.             

T.C. Blue: Of all the characters you have written which one do you like most AND which one are you most like!             

I like Robbie from No Boundaries best.  He was the hardest to write because I couldn’t use sight references and therefore I had to think about him more and take more time with him and therefore I think I got to like him best.  The character I’m most like is probably Dan from Spot Me.  I think I used myself as the model for the character although there is a bit of me in all my characters.

Cole has a question about A Serving of Love, the sequel to A Taste of Love that he says is possibly his favourite Andrew Grey book so far. He wants to know if you can tell us about the story, where the characters are going, etc..       

    A Serving of Love is set around the Café Belgie and is Sebastian’s story.  Sebastian is the front of house manager and when Billy and Darryl are on vacation, he’s managing the restaurant.  One evening that week they’re robbed.  The robber is accidentally stopped by a customer.  This customer turns Sebastian’s head and just happens to be a newly elected judge.  This is a coming out later in life, and in the quasi-public life kind of story.  Billy, Darryl, Donnie, and Davey all appear in the story as do some other familiar characters.     

 Larissa loves music and would like to know if you have music playlists that remind you of the books you have written or if music influences your works!     
 I love music as well, but I rarely associate songs with my stories.  The exception is Love Means… No Boundaries.  Beethoven’s Ninth always reminds me of Robbie and helped inspire the story.  I’ve also used music in other stories.  Accompanied by a Waltz has some wonderful scenes surrounded by Viennese waltzes.  

Hope wants to know if you have plans to do any more “Love Means…” books? The ending of the last book speaks about a new arrival (that’s what she’s calling it to keep from spoiling the ending for folks who haven’t read it yet). She wonders if a book will be written around Geoff and Eli and the new one?? 

   I plan to write another Love Means… story.  However I doubt it will center around Geoff and Eli, although their impending arrival will figure in the story.  I just haven’t figured out quite how that will happen yet.          

   Hope is also really interested to know how Len and Chris are doing. Any plans to revisit them?              

I think this next story will probably be the last of the series, so I’m hoping to visit Len and Chris as grandparents.  We’ll have to see what happens.  At this time, I don’t have plans to write a Len and Chris story.  They’re happy together and I think I want to keep them that way.  Besides, I think they’ll make great grandparents.         

Accompanied by a Waltz
is your newest book which will be released this week.  I have seen the blurb but what would you like to tell us about the inspiration for this book?         

 This past summer, Dominic and I took a trip with my parents to the Adirondacks.  During that week, we took a sightseeing boat trip on Lake George.  While on that excursion I got the idea for Accompanied by a Waltz.  Most of the story came to me during that two hour trip.  A few days later, we took a luncheon cruise on Raquette Lake and the rest of the setting for the story came into focus.  At the time, I was writing another story.  I finished it while on vacation and as soon as I returned, I wrote Accompanied by a Waltz in about eighteen days or so.              

You have a few books in production right now. What can you tell us about them?            

After Accompanied by a Waltz, I have A Troubled Range, the follow up to A Shared Range, and Crunch Time, a novella in the gym series.  Both come out in March.  Seven Days is being released in April.  This story is different and revolves around the premise that: Every life has pivotal days that change everything.  This story has seven of them.  A Serving of Love is being released in May and Positive Resistance, the fifth gym series story is being released in June.  I am currently writing a story called Dutch Treat and my next story is already beginning to formulate.

As a writer what do you find are your biggest challenges? Outside of the fans, what are the biggest rewards?             


Continually coming up with new ideas.  I keep trying to add something different and new to my stories.  Sometimes it’s hard because the last thing I want to do is disappoint readers and topping a really great story is damned hard.  The biggest reward for me is knowing that I’ve put a bit of myself in every story.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there like that; so when a story is liked, it’s sort of like I’m liked.               

Do you think that gay romances can only increase exponentially in popularity, or do you feel that the sub genre will hit the glass ceiling soon?      


I think there’s plenty of growth left, but the exponential growth we’ve seen in the last few years probably won’t continue.  The genre will continue to mature which is a good thing because it means it’s becoming accepted and becoming more mainstream.  M/M stories are winning awards and capturing polls alongside M/F stories.  I will say that I think a good story, regardless of genre, will do well, period.  And that’s what we need to strive for.                



As you may know Andrew, we have a few frisky guys in the hot tub who like to fool around with the male authors when they are interviewed, especially Billy who is very flamboyant. I would suggest you don’t let him practice his massage techniques on you since he is pretty bold and you never know where his hands will end up.  🙂                 

Billy wants to know if you like guys and if so, perhaps you could hang out with him in the pool? (I told you he would try his smooth talking lines on you) lol.                  

Yes, I like guys.  I better or my partner of sixteen years will have something to say about it.  I happen to have a pool in my back yard and we enjoy it most of the summer.  (Some nights we enjoy it more than others.)  Sorry Billy, but Dominic says I can hang out around the pool with you.  However, he says you need to keep your hands to home.  He gets jealous and has been known to rip off vital parts.   (Just kidding, Dominic is a teddy bear, but he’s a little possessive.)                

He has another question:  Have you ever done the nasty outdoors? If so, where, and were you caught by a hot looking cop? (Sex outdoors is his favourite.)                 

We have had sex outdoors, see previous question.  However, when we were on our honeymoon a number of years ago, we had a great deal of fun on the floor of an enclosed ski lift in Europe.                  

Billy also likes to undress all the guys who come by and he is hoping for an answer to this question – boxers, briefs or commando? He told me to tell you, if you answered commando, to prove it. (I knew that he was getting a bit out of hand).  🙂                  

LOL and tell Billy it varies.  Variety is the spice of life and I like to keep things spicy for Dominic.                 

He has a red frilly French Maid’s outfit that he uses for entertaining (he doesn’t wear anything under it). He wants to know if that kind of thing would be turn-on for you.                 

Probably not.  I’ve never been big into costumes during sex.  For me I want the real thing.  That’s not to say uniforms aren’t attractive, it should just be a Marine dressed as a Marine.                 

This is his last question. Of all your characters which ones would you like to have in a threesome or foursome? (You know you have fantasized about that Andrew) lol                  

Actually I’ve never thought about it.  I’m not really into three ways or four ways.  I tried writing one once and I could not believe how hard it was to keep track of who had their hands where.  But if I had to answer, I’d probably say Ivan and Maddoc from Pump Me Up and we’re back to that Marine thing again. 🙂                 

Thank you Andrew.                 

Andrew Grey’s Contact Information                 




I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Hi Andrew, great to see you here! A lovely interview, I learned all sorts of new stuff about you :). Congratulations on all the books, but really you deserve success for the concentrated and enthusiastic work you put into it all. Looking forward to seeing you in NY next month for the Rainbow Book Fair! *hugs*

  • I love Andrew’s work and I’m trying to catch up on the older stuff but every time I turn around there’s something new. And now I see there is even more stuff I’ll just have to read over the next few months… This is so horrible, NOT. 🙂

    • Jeffrey

      I’m so pleased I can keep you in reading material. My first story Master of the Revels is out of print. But if you e-mail me, I will send anyone who requests it a free copy. You just have to promise not to hold it against me.


    • Alex

      Sometimes the stories come to me almost completely formed and sometimes I have to work at them. When I started, I wrote three stories the first year. As I’ve written more, I’m able to do it faster because the thought processes are already there. I;ve also been lucky in that I’ve had great inspiration up till now. (Knock on wood)

      Take care

  • Andrew! No frilly red maid outfits for you? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say! 😛

    Lovely interview, to both you and Wave, though I have to say… with as much as you write, I’m starting to feel like a total slacker. *hee* SIX stories coming out in the next four and a half months? Good Lord, man!

    Seriously, I’m thrilled to hear it and huge congrats on being so prolific. Very much looking forward to all your forthcoming offerings! 😀


  • Great interview, Andrew. While I’m a little disappointed to hear the Love Means series will be ending (gasp), you’re such a prolific author I know I’ll still have plenty of your books to read. I am looking forward to all of your upcoming books!

  • Wow! I knew you were prolific Andrew, but I had no idea just how quickly you write. Am I out of line in assuming that you aren’t a self-conscious writer?

    Great interview guys, it was great getting to know more about Andrew 🙂

    • Cole

      I’m a very dedicated writer. When I first started writing I agonized over everything, but now I have a good review process in place, so I write. I don’t go back and I don’t second guess. At least not while I’m drafting. I do that later after others have seen it.

      It seems to work for me.

  • Great interview guys. It was so great to meet you in San Francisco Andrew. And really, the amount of energy you had, it doesn’t surprise me that you manage to get so much written (plus getting meals served on a try doesn’t hurt 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your new books although I’m going to have to get reading if I’m going to keep up with them all. Congrats on all the new releases. Oh and wasn’t it cold in that ski lift thing? Brrrrr.

    • Tam

      Thanks so much. I had alot of fun in San Fransisco. Everyone was so great, I had a ball. I know I’m very lucky. Dominic takes great care of me.

      It was an enclosed ski lift and it was during the summer taking us to the top of one of the mountains.



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