Saddle Up ‘N Ride – Anthology

Title: Saddle Up ‘N Ride
Authors: J.P. Bowie, Jan Irving, Simone Anderson, Jambrea Jo Jones, Jaime Samms, Em Woods
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
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Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/Western/Anthology/Menage (m/m/m/)
Length: Novel (338 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

A very nice collection of western-themed romance stories.


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Ride ‘Em Hard Cowboy by J.P. Bowie

The first story in this anthology features Sheriff Joel Harper and Jason Sherwood, an attorney who works with him on a case. This is a well-written and entertaining novella length story. Both main characters are likable and as they work together to clear Joel’s name and catch the bad guys they go from lust to love very quickly. Their relationship, despite how fast it develops, is interesting and fun to read. Ride ‘Em Hard Cowboy is fast-paced, with a plot that flows well and characters that are engaging. A great way to start off this anthology.

Roping His Man by Simone Anderson

Colton Greenleaf heads back home for a couple of weeks time before starting a new job in New Orleans. The first person he sees when he arrives is Hawk, the older man he’s been lusting over for years. Despite a mutual attraction that neither man can deny or hide there’s just too much standing in the way of a relationship. Not only is Colton twelve years younger but he’s also his boss’ son. Add in the distance between New Orleans and Wyoming and Hawk is sure nothing can come of their feelings. In Roping His Man, Colton and Hawk find that sometimes love really can overcome all obstacles. This was a sweet and sexy story.

A Fistful of Emmett by Jambrea Jo Jones

When the ranch Emmett’s worked at for years goes under he’s forced to look for a new job. Kit is trying to make a go of his place but finds he just can’t do it alone anymore. When Kit first meets Emmett he’s shocked at the instant attraction he feels for the other man. Afterall he’s not gay and he’s sure the big cowboy isn’t either. But love has a funny way of blindsiding people and before he knows it Kit’s in love… with a man! This GFY story was entertaining and fun to read. Both men are likable and engaging and their relationship was interesting. A very nice story.

Sing For Your Supper by Jaime Samms

Sing for Your Supper is an interesting, if somewhat confusing, story. Taylor is down on his luck after having been thrown out by his family for being gay. He’s also running from someone who’s out to hurt him. Jobless, homeless and with very little money he’s in desperate need of a friend when he meets Matt at a small town diner. After a great night together Matt sends him to his friend Jim for a job. Feelings develop between Taylor and Jim but just as Taylor is starting to feel safe and happy his past catches up with him. And there’s a surprising twist in his relationship with Jim and friendship with Matt. The writing is solid but I was never able to really connect with the characters and found my attention not as focused as it should have been.

Jack’s Way by Em Woods

After losing his job due to a fight with his violent ex, Ben decides to get away and visit his old friend Matt. There he meets Jack, a rancher deeply in the closet, and sparks fly from the moment they lay eyes on each other. But can anything good come out of the attraction between a city boy and a cowboy? Misunderstandings and closely guarded hearts have to be dealt with if they’re going to have a chance at a happy future. Jack’s Way is a humorous, emotional, sexy, sweet and fun read. I found both men likable and interesting and was engaged in their story from beginning to end.

Straight Cowboy by Jan Irving

In Straight Cowboy we meet Josh, a cowboy hired to find a band of wild horses so that his client Matt can photograph and write about them. As they track the horses Josh finds himself more and more intrigued by Matt which isn’t something he’s used to. Despite a stint the previous summer as a ‘gay cowboy’ in porn films Josh is sure he’s not gay. But then why can’t he stop staring at and lusting over the other man? I enjoyed reading this story very much. The protagonists are both likable and engaging and their relationship was interesting to read. I especially liked the scenic backdrop to Josh and Matt’s love story as the author’s wonderful, descriptive prose shines through. I also felt Ms. Irving did a good job with Matt’s hearing impairment. It was nice change to read a book featuring regular, everyday heroes and not the “perfect” men found in some M/M stories.. Both Josh and Matt are conflicted in their feelings for each other but all was nicely resolved in the end. This is a well-written, interesting and entertaining story.

Overall I found this collection of western-themed stories kept me entertained throughout. I enjoyed some more than others with Ride ‘Em Hard Cowboy, Jack’s Way and Straight Cowboy being my favorites. If you enjoy reading well-written stories about modern-day cowboys, with a bit of adventure, some angst, humor and sexy guys falling in love then this anthology is for you.

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