Any Excuse (Max and Skyler #2)

Title: Any Excuse (Max and Skyler #2)
Author: Acer Adamson
Publisher: M&V Tailz
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Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story 6,000 words
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Summary Review: Another wonderful adventure in the world of Max and Skyler.


In this follow-up to ‘Only Words,’ author Acer Adamson gives us another glimpse at the complicated lives of Detective Maxwell Fielding and his beautiful cross-dressing lover, Skyler Trent. The police department is honoring Max for performing above and beyond the call of duty, and Max has asked Skyler to accompany him to the awards banquet—a huge step for both of them. Nervous about how the unconventional manner in which Skyler dresses will be received by a hotel ballroom full of cops, the press, and the city’s highest elected officials, Max is in for a bigger surprise than he bargained for, and Skyler doesn’t disappoint. 

Max & Skyler Series


I first met Skyler and Max in Only Words reviewed here. In part 2 of their adventures Skyler had hurt his wrist so the story opens with Max applying polish to his nails, a job you would think he would be very clumsy at executing but as he explained to Skyler (somewhat tongue in cheek)  he had done this before for an ex girlfriend. Of course this didn’t sit well with Skyler and he put Max through the third degree which pleased Max no end because he loved that Skyler was jealous about his former lovers. Then he realized that Skyler was really hurt that Max might be considering switching back, so he quickly reassured the man who had fast become the love of his life that that was never going to happen and he wasn’t going anywhere. Clearly Skyler was having doubts about Max’s commitment to their relationship and still wondered how he could be heterosexual one day and gay the next – might he not change his mind again? There was only one way to put Skyler’s mind at ease and Max very quickly showed him why he was the most special person in his life. 🙂

The reason for Skyler getting all tarted up was in honour of their attendance at an awards ceremony for Max, and they were both nervous since this would be their first public appearance together at a function with the big brass. Max was even more concerned because he had no idea what Skyler would wear. Of course Skyler chose this particular time to discuss another matter weighing on his mind – living together. Would Max hold out? And what about Skyler’s outfit for the ceremony? Did Max have any reason to be nervous when Skyler told him that he thought basic black would look great – sophisticated, but not too understated?

This is another terrific and moving short story about the love affair between Skyler and Max and make no mistake, it is a love affair. Although alpha Max tried to appear impervious to Skyler’s charms I wasn’t fooled because he gave away his feelings in the tender way he treated Skyler and showed him how important he was in his life. The interplay between them and power shifts clearly showed who was in charge, but Skyler took pains to make Max feel that he was the big man on their campus. Although going out together in public was a big step for them, it really wasn’t, since they knew they were loved and they didn’t care who was uncomfortable when they showed how much they cared about each other. 

With Any Excuse (Max and Skyler 2) Acer Adamson proves that writing a short story with all the elements that make a much longer story enjoyable – depth, great characterization, wonderful dialogue and prose, is not at all difficult to achieve in the hands of a skilled and talented author.

This couple really pulled at my heartstrings and I can’t wait for Acer to serve up more of the same. Maybe a wedding is next? Definitely recommended!


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