Relentless Love (Relentless Series #2)

Title: Relentless Love (Relentless Series #2)
Author: AJ Llewellyn
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella (107 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: This is the sequel to Relentless Passion, wherein we get to know Alex as he gets his chance at love.

The Blurb: Alex has already lost one lover to his brother Zeca. Now his fickle shenanigans have driven Hugh, his other lover, away as well. Alex desperately wants what his brother has, an intensely passionate relationship, so Zeca shares their father Toppy’s advice—you have to love before you can be relentless. Good advice, if Alex weren’t so afraid to follow it.

When Toppy’s own love life gets a little, um…strange, he escapes to St. Tropez. He takes Alex with him, who finds himself face-to-face with Hugh. Too bad Hugh is already lip-to-lip with someone else. But Alex has come too far to turn back now.

The game is on, and while Toppy gets up to his own sexual shenanigans under the St. Tropez sun, Alex will do anything to get back into Hugh’s life…his bed…his body. He’ll first have to learn to face his fears. Only then can he find relentless love.


The Review: AJ Llewellyn got me again. From the first paragraph of Relentless Love, I had a grin on my face. It’s back to the beautiful island of Capri and St. Tropez for more crazy adventures with my now favorite twins Alex and Zeca and their wacky but very amusing actor/father Toppy. This is the sequel to Relentless Passion, which I loved and reviewed here. You could read Relentless Love as a standalone, but you will have missed so much fun.

The story opens a few months after the first book ended. Alex is very cranky and can’t understand how Zeca can be so damn happy when he is miserable. It seems that Alex screwed up once again and his boyfriend Hugh, who he was with at the end of the first book, left Capri in a huff. Now that Alex has had some time to think, he’s come to realize that he wants what Zeca and Antonio have – a passionate, committed relationship – with Hugh.

I have to say that in the first book I sincerely wanted to smack Alex upside the head for the things that he does, and the way that he treats not only his men, but even his twin Zeca. So winning over my sympathies for him was a Herculean feat for AJ Llewellyn to manage. I can honestly say that Mr. Llewellyn did succeed on that point for me, and had me wishing for Alex, his own HEA.

Of course with their father Toppy around things are always crazy as he manages to get himself into even more hot water, but you just have to love him for his devotion to his boys. He is a really fun character that adds much to these books, and his antics are just as outrageous as in the first book. There is lots of humor that will have you grinning while you read. And happily, Zeca and Antonio are in several scenes, so we get to catch up with them as well.

Meanwhile, we get to watch Alex mature before our eyes. I think what really helped win me over to team Alex was, first off, getting to see how much closer Alex had become to his brother Zeca. He seemed to have realized how truly important family is. Secondly, I was moved by the way it was explained how Alex’s past, specifically with regards to his and Zeca’s mother, had influenced his present behavior without his realizing. So despite being a fun story, there is some good character building that develops Alex into a far more interesting person, and paints his past actions in a more sympathetic light.

Unfortunately, as much as I grew to like Alex, I never really got to like Hugh. I think this was partly because he was not on page much until later in the book, and we don’t get to know him very well. The other part is that when he is on page, some of his initial behavior is not very likable. I understood that he was very badly hurt by Alex’s rejection, but I would have really liked the story better if we got to know more about him. Other readers may not find this to be an issue, so please remember this was my experience.

Despite this, Relentless Love has much of the humor that the first book had and I liked getting to know Alex better. For me, this was an enjoyable follow up to Relentless Passion.


  • My biggest issue with this book was it began right after the first book and so you never got to see what it was about Hugh that reformed Alex.

    Flashbacks or overlapping the timeline would have helped the development of the characters here.

    • Hi Aquina – As I said in the review, I never really felt that I got to know Hugh. It sounds like you had a similar experience. As you say, a little more development would have helped a lot. Thanks so much for commenting.

  • Hey TJ! I wasn’t planning on reading this one because Alex was such a brat, but you’ve won me over 🙂 I do want to see his transformation…

    • Hey Cole! I did like how AJ developed Alex’s character. He actually made me care about what happened to him, rather than wanting to smack him. Let me know what you think afterwards.

  • To wait for your review (always a pleasure to read) was only an excuse, since I enjoyed the first one so much I never had a doubt about buying this one too. No limoncello this time?? 🙂
    Thank you for your review 🙂

    • That’s so great to hear Helena – thank you! Despite my issues, I did still enjoy this story. And of course there’s lots of food and drink, and Zeca’s yummy cappuccinos. Please come back and let me know what you think.

      • When one of the characters have been the baddie it´s a real challenge to make it work for him in the sequel. I actually found myself forgetting about the first vol and caring for Alex getting a happy ending.
        Thank you again for your review 🙂

        • Hi Helena – I was pretty amazed that AJ managed to make Alex sympathetic after his behavior in the first book. I really did care that he got a HEA. I’m glad you enjoyed the book too.

  • Great review TJ. I didn’t like this book as much as the first, but that is partly because I never liked Alex (or Hugh). Though like you, Alex grew on me in this book book. Book Hugh? Gah what a whiny bastard! Sheesh!

    • Thanks Larissa. Yeah, Hugh was kinda tough to like. But as you say, Alex did grow on you. I felt that he redeemed himself from the first book. I really liked that aspect of the story. Sorry to hear this didn’t work too well for you.

      • yes he does, but this must be the first book with major whiny main characters.

        It wasn’t that the book didn’t work for me, it was more that the expectations were too high and that Zeca is just waaaaaaay more cute! 😉


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