Rinse and Repeat

Title: Rinse and Repeat
Author: Amberly Smith
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Science Fiction/Mystery
Buy Link: Buy Link Rinse and Repeat
Length: Novel (197  PDF Pages)

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: Quite an enjoyable and clever story of a man who repeats the same day to help people in need, only to find himself falling for someone who won’t remember him in the morning.

The Blurb: After reliving the same day sixty-two times, Repeater Peat Harris is about to give up on his latest case: saving Jake Schwinn. In the past, Peat has solved some seriously twisted crimes, caught the bad guys, and kept an emotional distance. But this time, his heart’s involved, a definite must-never-do on Repeats, and he can’t just walk away—even if that means putting himself into the bullet’s path.

A year ago, Jake’s best friend was gunned down, and Jake has been playing bait to catch the killer. But now a wicked-looking hottie named Peat is warning Jake that he’s about to die—again—unless they can catch the shooter. Yeah, right. Then Jake starts to remember the previous Repeats and how he and Peat hooked up….

The Review: Although maybe not a new idea, this is something that I haven’t read in M/M before. College student Peat Harris is a Repeater, someone who for mysterious reasons, relives a specific day numerous times until he figures out what he needs to change to make the day stop repeating. Sometimes it’s to save someone’s life, but Peat never knows for sure. Once he has completed his task, time restarts and he might get a day, a week or maybe months before it happens again.

Those of you who have seen the movie Groundhog Day will have some idea of what Peat goes through. He has multiple chances to learn about the people he is trying to help, and everything resets at midnight until he gets it right. And as in the movie, the people that he meets on those days don’t remember him when the day starts over. So developing any kind of relationship during a repeat is impossible.

When we first encounter Peat, he is just finishing a final repeat day in Seattle Washington and we get a glimpse into what it is he does. Usually Peat gets a break in between his “assignments”, but this time they ran back-to-back and he gets his usual sense of where he needs to go. He is drawn to a skate boarding park in Boise Idaho, where he meets a really cute skater named Jake. Thinking he has a bit of time until he finds his next person to help, Peat jokes around with Jake, and even flirts a little. But to Peat’s horror, suddenly shots ring out and Jake is killed before his eyes. Well hello new client. That’s kinda how Peat’s days go. He just never knows who he’s sent to help.

Amberly Smith took something used and made it new and better. It was fascinating to watch as Peat tries to save Jake, tries to catch the shooter, and when both of these fail, takes Jake’s place and gets killed himself, multiple times. But in the midst of his attempts to make the repeat end and save Jake, Peat has days where he just spends time with Jake, getting to know him, and truly care about him. And amazingly, although they always only have one day together, some of those days are pretty wonderful for them.

The characters of Peat and Jake are really nicely developed and the storyline was interesting. There is also a fun secondary character in Peat’s fellow Repeater Maddie, who is one very cool chick. You would think with the day repeating, that it would be monotonous, but it’s not – the plot moves along nicely and the repeating days are used to develop the characters.

I wondered how Peat and Jake could develop any kind of relationship with Jake never remembering the prior day, but Ms. Smith found a clever way to make that work. As Peat keeps repeating the day, and weeks turn into months, Jake starts to get a feeling of Deja Vu when he meets Peat each morning. This intensifies until Jake actually starts to remember Peat, and some of what has happened. I loved how this made it feel like the guys had developed such a strong connection that it could bridge the strange repeating process.

Overall I enjoyed this book a lot. I found myself anxious to get back to it when I had to stop reading. I wanted to know what would happen, if Peat would be able to save Jake, and if maybe they could find a way to be together. This is a clever and well written story with a happy ending for those of you who love that. I highly recommend Rinse and Repeat.


  • I just read this book today and could NOT put it down. I loved it. Solid romance and smoking sex scenes. Really different story. I will be checking out this author from here on out. Highly, highly recommended. I read ALOT of books and this one really stands out.
    Great review, TJ.

    • Thanks Ethan! I thought this was really well done and different as you say. I didn’t get to read it in one sitting, and found myself anxious to get back to it whenever I put it down. I’ll be watching for more by this author as well.

  • Tj
    I love your review so I think I’ll love this story. Great job on the book. I love the theme and I’m anxious to see how the story ends. A series? I wonder how that will work? Different heroes or different adventures with the two heroes? Lots of great possibilities.

    • Hi, Wave. Question for you regarding the buy link. The link took me to the paperback version of the book, but when I clicked on the Kindle format, your subscription ID wasn’t in the Kindle link. Is there a way for you to link to both the paperback and Kindle formats? I don’t want to purchase the ebook from Amazon if you’re not going to get the credit.

      Or am I completely incorrect and you do get credit for both formats?

      • Hi Chris – I’m sorry that was my mistake. Thanks for telling us. I fixed the link so you should be fine now. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

      • Hi Chris
        We were having problem with my Associates ID yesterday and Christian fixed it (I think) I believe the link is up to the reviewers and I’ll send them a note to include both buy links if Amazon sells both so that at least you guys have a choice – they will probably demand a ‘cut’ lol.

        Or am I completely incorrect and you do get credit for both formats?

        Since I’m brand new to this I have no idea but I’ll ask Val who is an old hand at this.

        Thanks for bringing this up Chris.

        • Yes, just to document it here, she will get credit for everything someone buys on Amazon once they go through her initial link. So feel free to go on a shopping spree. 😀

    • Thanks Wave! I think you’d like this one. I really liked how it was written. A series really opens up a lot of possibilities. R&R introduced another repeater Maddie, so there must be more of them out there. Or we could just follow Peat in some other repeats.

  • I love the premise, although when I read the excerpt I found it hard to get into as the scenes were so short and choppy. Do they get longer as you get into the plot?

    I admit, I’m not generally at my most patient when reading excerpts on my computer late at night, so I’m willing to give it another go to try and get into the flow of the narrative.

    • Hi Josephine – I’m not sure what part you read as an excerpt, but all the chapters are about 10 PDF pages – a few were a little longer and a few were actually shorter. The length of each chapter wasn’t something that I noticed while I was reading, because for me, it felt like that the days were building on the prior one. But perhaps if this bothered you in the excerpt, it might continue to do so. If you do try it, I hope you find that this isn’t the case.

      • I’m pretty sure it was the opening chapter, and there were several short scenes covering different days in succession. I know my attention span isn’t brilliant reading at the computer, so maybe I need to download them and try them on the ereader!

        • I can’t read too much on my computer either Josephine. If that’s the part that you read, then you have a good idea of the rest of the book. As I said they all average about 10 pages.

    • Thanks Val! I love hearing from other readers who have read the same book and can give their thoughts on it – whether they agree with me or not. A series is even better than a sequel! Thanks for letting me know Val.

  • TJ,I have been wanting to read this but was wary of the concept. (Groundhog Day was not a favorite movie, but that probably had much more to do with my dislike of Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell [who should never, ever speak again] than the story.) Your fantastic review, however, has put this squarely in the “must read” pile. Thanks, kid!

    • Hey Buda! GHD was not my favorite movie either, but Amberly Smith took the premise and made something really good out of it. Okay, so there’s no serial killer for you, but these 2 guys do get killed over and over again, so it’s almost the same thing, no? 😉 I think you’d enjoy this. And thanks B.

  • It was a fun read. I quite enjoyed how Peat kept trying different things to get the information he needed.

    The author said there is going to be a follow-up that explains more the whole repeater phenomenon. So I’m looking forward to that.

    • Hi KKM – You mean Peat the Repeater? LOL Not so much while I was reading, but I kept feeling like I was repeating myself as I was writing the review. He explains the origin to Jake in the story – his parents are British. And yes, this is a cool story.


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