Guest Reviewer Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that Sirius, who has been a ‘regular’ on the site for sometime, is our newest guest reviewer.

When I asked her to take on the job of writing reviews Sirius was a bit hesitant because English is not her first language, but I think that with time she will be a wonderful reviewer. Her most important assets are her knowledge of books and her love of reading which will more than compensate for any lack of facility in English. Here’s Sirius’s very short bio:

Sirius started reading books when she was four and reading and discussing books is still her favorite hobby. One of her very favorite gay romances is Tamara Allen’s Whistling in the Dark. Sirius also loves travelling, watching movies and long slow walks.

I would like to welcome Sirius to this crazy site that so many of us consider our on-line home away from home. 🙂


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports - especially baseball
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