Three years ago on April 8, 2008, I set up a small blog on the advice of a friend. I just wanted a place to review books I wished to read, rather than the stories the sites I was reviewing for decided I should read and review. Since then, the success of the blog has been unprecedented for whatever reason — probably mostly luck!  😆 — and it exceeded expectations I could never have imagined. Christian Otto who became my friend shortly after I set up the blog persuaded me that I should move to a website, when the blog could not cope with the number of people who were trying to log on, and he became my Webmaster.

We were both astonished as the numbers grew and grew and grew  …..  But with success came an incredible workload that was unbearable as I lived and breathed the site 24/7. The behind-the-scenes work and administrivia was and still is exhausting, and staying on top of everything was impossible. Obviously this situation could not continue since it was impacting my personal life and health, so I had to decide whether to shut down the site or get a partner who would be willing to shoulder some of the load. I’m sure you know how much I love this site — I wouldn’t have invested so much of my life in it over the past 3 years if I didn’t — and the decision about what to do has probably been one of the most difficult ones for me, but it’s the right one.

In the end I could not just close the site because it had evolved into a community and was no longer my little online home away from home. This site has become a place that so many of you love to visit every day to talk about books and other topics and meet your online friends. I have been lucky to have many wonderful people here who have invested significant amounts of their time, starting with the guest reviewers, some of whom have been with me for at least 2 years. Two people I have talked about many times, who have devoted major chunks of their own personal time to keep the site running at peak performance are Christian and Aunt Lynn, a guest reviewer that you know well and more recently Christian’s go-to person on some technology, style and design issues on the site, areas where she’s an expert. I’m sure you remember Lynn’s critical role in helping Christian design the new website.

I decided to ask Lynn to be my partner on the site and and I’m really pleased that she has accepted.  :bravo: Lynn is a wonderful and fun person for whom I have a huge amount of respect and regard as a friend and she will improve the site I’m sure over time. She will gradually take over some of the responsibilities that I have been neglecting and, as well, develop new strategies for the site as we move forward, to make it even more responsive to your needs and what you would like to see. The site will always be a work in progress because it is my strong feeling that the minute we think something is perfect and rest on our laurels that’s when it’s in danger of becoming dated and passé , so the more changes the better. I asked Lynn to prepare a short bio and here it is, although it doesn’t do her justice. BTW Lynn’s email is

“As most of you know from my For love of Books interview, I live in Berkeley, CA (go Cal!), am a librarian by education, a web developer by choice, a reader and reviewer by night, and spend a lot of time thinking about and involved in disaster prep so when the Big One comes and in case I survive, I’ll be ready.  I’m a big animal lover; not only do I love animals a lot, I go for huge, hairy ones — my partner and I share our home with a Bernese Mountain Dog and two Maine Coon cats (and their cast-off fur!).  The other love in my life is food, and if I weren’t devoting my life to saving people from their website problems, would love to open a B&B where guests get great grub (not that nasty continental breakfast crap you get at some) as well as a comfy place to lay their head.  I even have the perfect place picked out, but until I hit the lottery or someone wants to back the venture, I’m stuck in weblandia.  🙂

Anyway, I am thrilled to be able to change my role and give Wave a much needed hand.  Yes, I’ll still be reviewing, but it will be less as I take on more behind-the-scenes stuff as well as several things Wave does now on the public side.  Look for good things to come!”

Our main task now is going to be focused on finding excellent reviewers whose skills will match our current wonderful guest reviewers. :drinkin:


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports - especially baseball


  • Now that was a scare. This is the only review site that I frequent. From the amazing job you do Wave I always thought you had more help behind the sences. With thar said congratulations to you and Aunt Lynn.

    • Patty
      Thanks. We hope to continue providing the same high level of reviews and all round service in the future. If not, feel free to kick Christian’s butt – he doesn’t deserve it but hell, these damn green balls are too addictive. 😀 😯

  • Thank you both Wave and Aunt Lynn for shouldering so much work to make things clearer and easier for us readers or sometimes more entertaining … I love this site and visit it almost daily sometimes more for discussions not only for reviews on a lot of interesting topics – all that I appreciate greatly; when I’m interested in a book my first thing is to look here if a review it’s already made :)) … I admire all of you guys who put your passion at such a time consuming but greatly appreciated work giving us such thorough reviews and thoughts. Congrats for a really great job (that’s why all that work !) and good luck for both of you and all the guest reviewers …

    • Thanks for all of the kind words, Mimi. We’ll try our hardest to make this the best site for the m/m community.

  • Wave, I have often wondered how you cope with the huge input you have made to this site, which I appreciate very much. I hope you get some time off for bad behaviour now!

    Lyn and Wave – I wish you a happy and productive partnership, together with your team. Thank you for an interesting boost to each day.

  • OMG! I almost died at the thought of the site closing. This is the only m/m site I go to and I look at it everyday. Without it I wouldn’t know what to do.

    I honestly thought you already had several people behind the scenes helping. To hear that you do so much yourself is amazing. I’m glad things are working out the way they are and I’m not left to fend for myself in this m/m world.

    • Glori, we wouldn’t want you to die or fend for yourself! And we’re glad you’re a daily visitor.

      While the guest reviewers do a lot to help Wave with the many, many books that released (though we need several more to meet the demand, especially since I am taking a step back with this new role), the burden of the admin side is simply overwhelming. I don’t know how she did it this long without collapsing under the pressure and weight of it all. I am going to take some of the day-to-day stuff, plus some other things off her to help.

    • Hi Sue. Was a touch scary, wasn’t it? 🙂 If the plan works, we’ll be around for a good, long time.

  • Omo:) I was thinking you were going to close down this site… My heart stood still for a second.Don’t do this to me, never ever! I am glad to see the site will continue on 😀 I looove this site.
    Thank you for all your hard work and good luck !!!

    • Thanks for commenting, Bogusia. Wave did give everyone a mini-heart attack with the dramatics, but don’t worry, we’re sticking around for a while. Hopefully my help will make a difference for her.

  • A tough decision but the site is so huge and such a valuable and popular resource, I’m glad Aunt Lynn can give you the help to keep things running!

    • Hi Leslie. I knew Wave was thinking of closing shop and I just couldn’t let that happen without trying this to see if it helps her. Hopefully it will.

  • Congrats Aunt Lynn! I’m happy for you! 🙂

    It’s a wise decision Wave! I’m glad you didn’t close the website!! 🙂


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