Not My Wolf

Title: Not My Wolf
Author: Eden Cole
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal M/M, shapeshifter,
Length: Novella (18.3K words, 54 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Review Summary: A very interesting and absorbing story about a new breed of wolves and how the Alpha navigated loving a man who demanded his submission


As Alpha of his Rocky Mountains fenrir wolf pack, Corey has a lot on his plate. He thinks things are only getting better when his erotic dreams indicate he’s about to meet his mate. His Beta and best friend invites him on a double date, and Corey agrees, hoping this woman will be his one. To his shock and disbelief, he’s attracted to her brother instead—the big, muscular, overbearing man with a southern drawl. Corey refuses to believe that this cowboy is the one meant to be his mate, but the way his body reacts to one touch is making it hard for him to deny. Devin is aggressive, combative, and he won’t listen to any of Corey’s commands. They butt heads constantly, that is when Corey’s not trying to resist Devin’s hard body. But when Devin gets into trouble with a rival pack, Corey will move heaven and earth to get him back and claim him for his own.


Corey was Alpha to a pack of fenrir wolf shifters. Fenrir wolves were descendents of the Norse god Fenrir, and their fur when they changed to their animal form had an electric blue quality to it. They were bigger and stronger than regular wolf shifters, but were fewer in numbers than other groups, which was one of the main reasons why his pack members kept pushing him to find his mate so that he could have children and keep the bloodline going. Corey was just as anxious to find his mate for personal reasons as well. His best friend and Beta, Blaine, kept reassuring him that he would find her some day but the waiting was getting to him. Now he was having hot, sensual dreams about his mate – a sure sign that the meeting was not far away, even though he could not see her face.

Devin was a fenrir shifter but he had no pack because he was not full blooded, and he and his twin sister were outcasts looking for a home. Devin was so determined to find his mate that he moved from Texas to Colorado when he dreamed eight months ago that his mate was there, but so far there had been no leads. All his adult life he had looked for a place to belong and he always thought he would find it when he found his mate. Now he seemed to be at a dead end, but he was still hopeful. In the meantime he had met Blaine and became friends with him although their relationship had not progressed to sex.

One evening Blaine suggested that Corey double date with him and Devlin since Devin’s twin sister could possibly be the mate he was looking for. However when they showed up at the bar Corey was mortified that the person he was attracted to was not Corrin but her twin brother Devin who recognized him as his mate. Of course Corey, not being gay, downright refused to even consider this possibility and eventually left the bar but Devin followed and insisted that he face the fact that they were mates. Corey in full denial insulted Devin about his heritage but that didn’t stop the man from requesting sanctuary with his pack since he and his sister were lone wolves. Much against his better judgement Corey gave in and so Devin and Corrin became members of his pack. However there was trouble looming on the horizon because another fenrir pack was trying to take over the lands owned by Corey’s pack and there were daily several skirmishes which were escalating. Corey, in addition to fighting off Devin’s aggressive advances to claim him as his mate, was now embroiled in a fight for the livelihood of his pack. Devin was determined that Corey would acknowledge him as his mate and life partner and eventually made his move. Corey didn’t have a prayer, as Devin seduced him just as Corey had dreamed. However the danger that threatened the pack moved even closer to Devin and Corey as Devin’s life was threatened.

This is the first book I have read by Eden Cole and I was very pleased overall with the way that she structured this short paranormal story. I thought that the pacing worked and wasn’t rushed , even though the story was only 18K. The characterizations were well done but I didn’t much care for Corrin who was a pale shadow of her twin. The way that the mating struggle between Devin and Corey played out was exciting, as Devin’s could barely contain his emotions – the longing and lust for his mate. The struggle over who was the Alpha in the relationship was a very interesting dynamic. The claiming was of course pure werewolf aggression but there was also love, and if you like weres you will be engaged in that aspect of the story. Of course the sex was hot but not frequent. which was a nice balance. Both Corey and Devin were well drawn although Corey was a gentler version of the very masculine Devin. I thought that the world building was well constructed and just enough for such a short story so that it didn’t overwhelm the characters and the main plot.

This is the first werewolf story that I have read with fenrir wolves and I thought that the breed was exciting. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Touch my Wolf, which is Blaine’s story.



    • I picked up this book on a whim and when I started reading I found the characters enjoyable. Never read anything by this author before so this book was a pleasant surprise.

  • I bought the book yesterday. I couldn´t resist the blurb (can´t help myself I love shifter stories). I `m relieved that you liked it so much.

    • Hi Susanne
      I really liked the story but one reader has said that it’s predictable and to a degree she’s right. Almost all shifter stories are predictable because there’s the mating urge, issues within the pack and the general population, and ultimately the HEA. What I liked was the writing and the protagonists.

  • I put this one on my wishlist from Tam’s review. I really enjoy shifter stories so I’m looking forward to reading it.
    Nice review, Wave! 🙂

    • Thanks Lily
      Eden writes well and that was part of the reason I enjoyed it. I, too, love shifter stories and am now getting back to reading them and sci fi. 🙂

    • Hi sherry
      Most shifter stories are predictable especially the ones with a wolf looking for his mate. I realize that there is a formula, but at times I like to read something uncomplicated and this one fit the bill. I also liked the fact that the author at least had a different breed of wolf in her story. 🙂

  • I am going to buy this based on your review, wish it were longer in pages but it does sound better than some longer length novels I have read, Thanks for the review!

    • Hi rdafan7
      I hope you enjoy it. It’s like most shifter stories but I liked the fact that this was a different breed of wolf. At least the writer showed some imagination.

  • I haven´t read anything by this author but I think I will try first one of her non paranormal titles :asap:
    Thank you for your review 😎

    • Hi Helena
      this is the first book I ahve read by Eden and I might try her contemp. stories if I like Touch My Wolf as much as this one.

  • I enjoyed this one too although I would have liked more info on the other pack who was trying to take over, however on the whole I thought it was well done. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the sequel but we shall see i guess.

    • Hi Tam
      I liked the story and for 18K it was a pretty good ride.

      I would have liked more info on the other pack who was trying to take over

      There was a bit of information which I have highlighted

      One of Fenrir’s sons had offspring not by his mate. That branch had veered off in a different direction and didn’t inherit this land. Now his descendents wanted to return centuries later and claim what wasn’t theirs. While Corey understood their plight of having no place to go, he was not going to give up this land.

      This seemed to be it but I’m hoping that the next book, Touch My Wolf has a bit more since Blaine’s mate is from the other pack.


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