Remember Me?

Title: Remember Me?
Author: Lynn Lorenz
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (95 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn

One Sentence Review: A nice reunion tale of second chances.


For Chad and Jeff, summer camp had been a time of discovering each other and making promises. One of those promises was to stay in touch and keep seeing each other. But Chad never called, and Jeff remained behind to finish high school. Chad broke Jeff’s heart, but both men suffered. Chad couldn’t forgive himself for being a coward and not standing up to his parents, and Jeff wouldn’t let anyone into his heart again to hurt him.

A year after Katrina and ten years after that fateful summer, Chad and Jeff meet again, only this time it’s in the ER of a local hospital. Chad is the attending doctor and Jeff is an assault victim, on the brink of death. Chad is once again swept into the past by the only man he’s ever loved, and like before, Chad makes promises to Jeff—promises he will keep, or else.

When Jeff awakes from a coma, he finds the man who broke his heart sitting in his hospital room. Angry, confused and scared, Jeff has no defense against this man. And he also has no one else to care for him, only Chad.

After all these years, Jeff’s dream has finally come true, Chad is back in his life. But for how long? And is Jeff willing to open his heart to the man who broke it?


I’m a sucker for reunion and second chances stories and I am a fan of this author so I figured that this book would be a winner for me. Remember Me? reminded me a little of a m/m version of While You Were Sleeping — without the whole fall-for-the-brother thing 🙂 — and I found it to be a solid, fairly quick read that I enjoyed.

Set one year post-Katrina, the story opens with Chad, an ER doctor, being paged to attend to the victim of a brutal beating. Chad recognizes the patient through all of the bruising as Jeff, someone he knew from summer camp when they were teens ten years before — someone who he had loved, made a promise to, then didn’t follow through because of fear. Jeff, who was a year or two younger than Chad’s seventeen, had asked Chad to keep in touch after camp ended, but the older teen was convinced by others that continuing to see Jeff wasn’t the best idea. Now all of the feelings of remorse and guilt come flooding back upon seeing Jeff barely alive and in a coma, and he wants to right the wrongs he did, first by taking responsibility for arranging for Jeff’s absence in his own life. He is worried, though, how Jeff will react once he wakes. Once Jeff does regain consciousness, he has a myriad of emotions, from confusion to anger to despair to gratitude to hope. Is there any way for these two to let the past hurt go and make a fresh start?

There were many things to like about this book that was, at its core, quite emotional. I liked watching Chad come to terms with what he did as a younger person to Jeff, his resolution to fix things while Jeff was unconscious, his determination to let Jeff make his own decisions when he does wake and give him space. I liked that Jeff didn’t immediately forgive Chad, that he had to work through his emotions to the realization that although he was pissed for the past hurt, it was obvious that Chad was trying to right the wrongs and Jeff didn’t belabor the negatives. Neither man has committed to other relationships because of unresolved and even unrecognized attachment to the other, and I liked how they realized that in the end. I liked how Chad was to Jeff’s cat, Murray. 🙂

I did have a few niggles, however:

First, the story seemed to race toward the end once Jeff was released. Second, it ended just as I wanted to watch these two try and make their way together. They have challenges that I’d like to see them work on a bit. Third, Chad’s use of the term “baby” wore on me. Almost every sentence out of his mouth contained it in the last chapter plus.


A quite pleasant read with themes of reunion and second chances. Recommended.



  • I quite enjoyed this one too and would have liked to see more of them after they got together. I liked that while Jeff was a bit annoyed how Chad had taken over his life while he was in the hospital, he acknowledged quickly that someone had to and there was no one. He would have been a lot worse off otherwise. Lynn is one of my fave authors.

    • Hi Tam. I agree that Jeff’s acknowledgment of the fact that there was no one left to care for him and that it was dumb for him to throw away Chad the way he felt Chad had done to him was quite smart and survivalist-y, which played into the theme of beating all of the odds of living though what he experienced in the first place.

  • Lynn
    Thank you for reviewing this book since selfishly I want to read it and was waiting for the review. 🙂

    Like you, I’m a huge fan of Lynn Lorenz and I have read a couple of her Katrina stories. One that really broke my heart was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is quite different and I’m looking forward to getting to know the characters.

    As we both know, sometimes the novella format does not fit a story because there are not enough words to give a complete picture, and 95 pages is not a lot for this type of plot. The constant use of the word “baby” in the entire last chapter would have annoyed me as well – I hate pet names.

    • I actually have Breakfast at Tiffany’s on my ereader and I haven’t had the strength to pick it up. I know emotional it is from your review and need to be in that mood.

      I think this book would have benefited from another couple of chapters, but I do understand that length requirements sometimes dictate how the story is told.

      • Hi Lynn, thank you for the great review. I have read and loved Breakfast at Tiffany’s however every other book by this author I stopped short before buying for one reason or another. I think I want to try this one.

      • Hi Lynn so I finished this one and liked it quite a lot, even thought felt than ending was a bit rushed too. I guess one more confirmation that I can totally trust your reviews, our tastes seem to be very very close 🙂

      • I have and I enjoyed it 🙂 The niggles didn´t bother me maybe because I was already aware of them.
        Thank you again for your review and rec 😎


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