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Hi guys

We noticed that some of you still have no avatar of your own. You don’t have to have one and the new standard avatars are quite funny, but if you always wanted to have your own avatar and didn’t know how to get it, here’s a short instruction.

First log in to the site with your userid by clicking on “Community” and then on “Log in”. If you don’t have a userid, this is the ideal time to register. ^^

In the menu bar at the very top of the site choose My Account -> Profile -> Change Avatar.
Now upload the image file you want to use as your new avatar by clicking on the left button, which reads “Datei auswählen” for me but will be in English when you try it. ^^
A window opens where you can select the local image file.
Afterwards click on “Upload Image”.
Next you’re able to crop your new avatar by simply drawing the edges of the selection frame.
Lastly click on “Crop Image” and you’re done.


  • Hope this doesn’t post multiple times…3rd time I try to answer, so I’ll make is shorter and hope.

    I logged in at the link you gave me, it didn’t show any error and brought me to the Home page, still no menu bar or option to access “My Account” or profile. I’m probably missing something, I’m sure.

  • I logged in via the link. It didn’t give me an error message and brought me back to the Home Page, but there isn’t a menu bar or option for me to access my account at top of page.

    I’m sure it’s something silly or simple I’m overlooking. Oh, I also just re-checked my spam/junk folder in case, but no email.

  • I logged in. I didn’t get an error message and it brought me back to the Home page. However, there is no menu or option for me to access my account at the top of the page. Also, and this might be normal, if I check under Community, it still says Log In. I’ve checked my Spam/Junk folder and no email (checked again just now in case).

    Probably something really silly and simple I’m doing wrong or overlooking LOL

  • I registered this past Saturday, and still haven’t received activation email? I do notice that the avatar picture has changed from a shadow to a funny monster-guy, but I can’t change avatar or add to profile, since there’s no menu bar at the top. I’m guessing because registration hasn’t been confirmed.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi Danae
      I found your user. Maybe the email got lost somehow. Did you already try to log in to the site here:

      If this doesn’t work I’ll send you a new password. 🙂

  • Hmmm, I registered yesterday, but didn’t get an activation email yet — I even checked my junk/spam folder. I have noticed that the avatar went from the outline of a person to a funky guy, but that’s it.

    There’s also no menu bar at the top of the page, although that’s probably because of not having ‘activated’. Any idea how long the activation email should take?

  • Oy, I am hesitant to do something creative on my computer, afraid it will punish me by not letting me access the site again or something 😉 Must give myself a pep talk first. Thanks for instructions though 🙂

  • Hi Christian, I have my avatar for my reviews, but it doesn’t come up for the comments.What have I done wrong? Thanks and future apology for wrecking something……..

    • :blush: Oh dear I have just realised that it helps to be logged on! :doh: Then my Avatar comes out to play………..Sorry Christian feel free to have :hysterics:

  • I had already my pic in place. I use the same one everywhere because then other people know it is me on other sites too. :2thumbs:


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