Title: Rediscovery
Author: Ariel Tachna
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: 64 pges Novella
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 rating points

Summary Review:
A very nice idea for an understated romance between ordinary men, unfortunately the overall experience is underwhelming.


Visiting the dealers room at the Houston Gay Gamers convention, Michael Donovan’s attention is caught by a booth featuring leather wear and fetish gear. Though he’s never been drawn to that lifestyle, he can’t deny his attraction to the handsome man staffing the booth, especially when he sees Lee helping to entertain another vendor’s young children. Lee soon makes it clear the attraction is mutual, but can Michael move past his preconceptions about Lee’s wares and get to know the man himself?


At an early point in this novel, while at the convention Michael is browsing a book stall, coming  across a gay romance,

” The synopsis introduced two ordinary men who met in the course of their ordinary lives and fell in love.”

The bookseller goes on to say,

”If you’re looking for a sweet, tender love story, thats definitely a winner……”

The premise of the romance is delightful, it is thoughtful about not judging by appearance, rediscovering the world and love through fresh eyes. However the writing is very understated and I never engaged fully with the characters. I have no idea what Michael looks like, the description of Lee is more detailed- ordinary, but with an extraordinary smile that transforms him.

Michael had a bad experience in college with BDSM lifestyle- this was not a traumatic whips and blood deal, in fact he describes it as leaving a bad taste in his mouth. It still makes him wary of the leather scene. Lee is a leather worker not involved in any kink, and his role in the novel is to challenge Michael’ s preconceptions and lead him gently into a richer more exciting world, “Let me show you the world through a different lens.”

Lee introduces Michael to a new side of his hometown of Houston. They explore their local environment; go walking, bird watch- quietly concentrating on things that as adults they have taken for granted. There is interesting detail about Hermann Park and Brazos Bend State Park. There is a definite sense of this being a real place in which their relationship gently grows to be love.

However there is no real tension in the book once you discount Michael’s distaste for leather in kink.

As I was reviewing this book I kept searching my mind for words, metaphors to describe why it just didn’t work for me. I think that is just the point; maybe I prefer a more intense, adjective heavy style. I blame Harper Fox, Kate Sherwood and Adrien English… 😀 …. for my addiction to intensity in emotional experience.

However it is not just about the dramatic frenzy of experience that I maybe over enjoy. For I can read and reread in ‘Dark Horse’, Kate Sherwood’s description of Danny simply eating a pannini. This is because I really care about everything Danny does. I never got near to that stage of involvement with Michael and Lee.

Returning to the book Michael buys at the convention, the bookseller also describes it as,

” A slow sweet build to a romantic, emotional love scene at the end. Nothing to shock anyone’s sensibilities on a first read . “

Some of that is true of Rediscovery.

Catt Ford’s lovely cover is so in step with the concept of the book.



  • I was of one those people who were misled by the blurb. But as I will read all kinds of books, I didn’t mind. What I did mind about Rediscovery was that it was very boring. They meet, they’re attracted towards each other, they have sex, they move in together … whatever :yawn: :yawn: If you want to read a really good by Ariel Tachna, I very much recommend The Inventor’s Companion.

    • Hi Enny,

      yes I think you have stated what I skated around!

      This is the first I’ve read any Ariel Tachna and I am feeling less keen about her now. I’ll read the Kindle extract of The Inventor’s Companion and see where it takes me. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • No I was thinking just the same.

    I know Lee does describe himself as vanilla, but so does Adrien English. 🙄

  • Hi Raine,

    I read this book last month and had to force myself to finish it. I only did because it wasn’t very long. Like you, I loved the premise, and if I could have seen the passion that both characters are suppose to have (even a banked passion for a simple life) I might have really liked this book.

    As it was, it seemed like a Ariel Tachna was trying to do something different, which is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, not every experience is fit for a story. Yes, going back to your roots, looking at what is around you every day and relishing in childish delights is a wonderful thing and could have been a great addition to a story as a teaching tool from one character to another (like it is done here), but it isn’t enough to base a whole story on. It just … nothing ever happened, you know?

    This was a great review, Raine, thank you. I agree with you about the Catt Ford cover. It is beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks so much Cole, I was beginning to feel like I was being over critical and difficult to please.

      I really wanted to like/love this one.

      • No way, Raine. I probably would have been even more critical because I was really looking forward to it as well.

        Also, I thought that the blurb was misleading in it’s mention of BDSM. It implies that Lee is into the scene that he makes his wares for, which isn’t the case. I know that isn’t exactly stated, but you have to know that people will expect that about the book. Right? Or was that just me?


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